Friday, September 29, 2006

Busy Busy Me

first and foremost..
hahaha. ok as you can see,this is a really long awaited entry.
sorry fans,these days the bed seemed more enticing in a manner than blogging cos i've simply no energy left to sit there and blog abt my days when it has been hell.
twas a hellish week to survive.
well let's pick up from where i last left.
ermmmm spent the last few days of my hols with marce and some cartoon catching up.
the show is freaking funny.
was kinda skeptical at first but stayed in on sat to watch the debut.
bloody nice XD and i caught high sch musical once again.
haha. -thumbs up. great weekend.
then next day went to play the jackpot machine with marce.
ended up with 2 yrs worth of mentos and some other stuff.
i swear i've never seen that much of mentos,so much that i simply refuse to eat it.
(i interupt this moment to announce smth: MATILDA!! AARON SAW ME AND MARCE AND THAT EVIL TWIT ASKED MY FATHER HOW!? *FAINTS* now back to the entry)
went for SI finals after that cos sH gave me tix.
was kinda stoning there while marce self amused himself LOL

the stadium

us (:

someone was darn high la LOL

erm went home darn late after that cos we went to search for food after it ended.
was darn hungry. reached home bloody late and dieded the next day.
cos 9.30am lesson i slept at 3am
sooooooo panda eyes till now cos everyday end late and bloody early lessons.
hate my timetable.
went for the results show on monday tho despite my exhaustion.
hady won which was darn typical even tho i'd rather jon leong.
simply becos it's like taufik all over again.
not being racist here or watever but i still think jon shld have won.
hehe XD energy the next day.
wah damn xiong la. queued from 3-9pm.
and we were darn near the stage la. LOL.

the wonders of technology. new EG logo using my n73.

sH & me (:

had GEMS on wed. wah was darn nervous and everything la.
made a no. of frens from CLS,BE and SB.
haha,got yr 2 and yr 1 de. qt cool (:
hmmmm whole week is supposed to be honeymoon week for us cos the real lessons all start next week.
realised we've got the weirdest of the lecturers this sem.
shall analyse all of them one by one.

`mrs choo: qt normal la. hahaha.

`mok tok cock: mad scientist in making. wonder wat made the sch accept him pls.

`tan kok chee: bloody guy showed us a pic of him in BRIEFS by the BEACH within the 1st 15 mins and made us do YOGA in class. serious. no joke. and he made us write compo on the 1st day of sch. ARGUMENTATIVE!! omg. time to consult kenny (:

`jeffrey whey: he looks like a taller version of mr ho. YES,ava mr ho complete with bowl shaped hair. hope he's good cos i suck at ap chem -crosses fingers.

`liang chen-hua: resembles a 'zhao cai mao'. he carn pronounce the '-th' sound cos it comes out sounding like '-st' instead. 'length' totally became 'lengst' and 'breadth' became 'breaST'. HAHAHAHAHA. it's a wonder he prefers width to breath.

`lau hua huat: he uses a broken fishing rod as a pointer. 'nuf said.

`andrew kon: crazy fella taught us how to wear a labcoat la. one word: siao.

`ting kok eng: haha. whole lecture on character development when he taught us ae&e 1st thing in the morning. and he looks like a mole rat LOL.

`lim swee ling: he pronouces 'character' as 'chalacter' and 'development' as 'deh-ve-lop-ment'. 'time' became 'tam','similarity' was 'similality' and the chocs he gave was lao hong alr lor. think my character from being undeveloped will be negatively undeveloped with such a teacher.

plus there are so many frigging long breaks in between i feel like screaming at whoever planned the timetable pls.
spent ytd playing pool @ moberly and bowling @ gg.
then today during the 4 hr break went moberly to play pool and watch an american haunting. haha.
FYI character development is like CME.
i feel all sleepy even thinking abt it. ughhhh.
my eyebags are getting heavier and heavier each day pls.
oh yah i want to complain abt stupid apple.
bloody hell,sent my ipod in 3 weeks ago for repair.
until ytd i never heard a single word from them when they told me they will take only 3 working days and sms me to come collect it.
wait and wait for 2 weeks oso no word from them.
called them up ytd and they said the nano ran out of stock -.-"
can u imagine how friggin' pissed i was when i heard that!?
i've been living w/o music for the past 3 weeks and they come and tell me no stock w/o even informing me.
then when i call to say why they din tell me subjected to stock availability they said they "overlooked" it.
wtf pls. overlook ur bloody head la.
dunno how to train ur staff say so la.
was darn annoyed that i almost scolded the poor fella on the phone.
shld have gotten creative if not for the nano being free.
worse still,this is my 2nd time sending it for repairs.
wah lau,when i go take my nano tmr and they have feedback forms there i will so give them a negative pls.
haix,this sem hasn't been gg smoothly for me mans.
i feel bloody left out in class la.
dunno,just getting weird vibes.
either that or i'm just thinking too much.
oh wells,we'll see la.
hopefully next week will be better.
i desperately need sleep.
but before that,tag replies.

MATILDA hahaha. stop praising marce le la. he will head swell de. LOL
CONSTANCE why ho li yi after u? u pon again arh? and powerful pau=me (:
EELIN hahahahah. yah surprisingly.
SINHUI haha this reply abit late but nvm la. thanks for the tix anw.
KIKU ask me online (:
FYNETTE oi,chim la u. and tag with ur name la. wat's wrong with that?
JUN LONG yeah linked alr.
SLOTH yeah! i miss you too slothy darling XD okok! ask misters out too. miss u guys. hehe.
ZIHUI thanks (:
SAM haha shld i even feel insulted or honoured? i think i prefer the latter (:

darn tired.
update tmr again ba.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


haix,found out smth that really made me think once again how vile the world can be.
is it really that easy to throw away a 2 yr plus friendship down the drain just for smth really stupid?
sad to say,i saw it coming.
it really makes me wonder whether i made the right decision in helping them patch.
if i could be able to forsee all the consquences of doing so(losing that fren,all that arguements with the rest), then i wish i didn't.
it feels really hurtful to be just dumped aside like that.
and to block me and sH on msn? like so totally wth la.
right now,i feel like i don't even noe her at all.
it seems as tho she's... changed completely as a person.
nevertheless,i wun make it bug me or smth.
becos right now,she's like a complete stranger to me.
all that memories.. are they really all gone?
is she willing to forsake all her crescent frens just for.. her?
this is another reason why i hate making new friends.
you never noe how they'd be like,whether or not they're just a bunch of hypocrites or one who will stand by you when u're down.
i'm just really blessed to have ppl like mistersex and delta ard my life.
and i really miss all of you. really.
so.... come dec we better meet up.
or else i'd die from the harsh reality of this world.
oh a happier note,ENERGY IS COMING NEXT WEEK~~
(: (:
lulu is happy,ye-tai.
you better go with me hor.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm a happy girl! <3 <3

the title says it all. hehe.
he's backkkkkkkkkkk!! :D
yupp,marce is back and i'm like really happy cos it was a total surprise for me.
yeah,the twit told me he'll be back on 21st but he came back today and surprised me.
the whole entire world knew he was coming back except me =X
he even had a welcoming party at the airport LOL.
thot i was meeting moey today to go walk but apparantly he conspired with her to meet me today making me think i was meeting moey and not him.
then i was waiting like darn long outside tcc at lido for moey gg like why the heck is she taking 20 min to walk to lido from orchard mrt.
and so BOOM,he appeared behind me with a bouquet of roses and the first thing that entered my mind was "wah,since when did moey grow so tall?"
HAHAHA XD took me quite a while to register that it was actually marce.
was damn touched he took the initiative to surprise me.
i'm a total sucker for such romantic stuff.
they just make my heart melt alot. lolx.
and ROSES!! (: which girl doesn't love her flowers man? ^^
to come from marce is totally unexpected cos he was the one who proclaimed to the whole entire world that flowers were a waste of money.
so sweet rite? ^^
i'm still overwhelmed with happiness that he's finally back after those agonising 3 weeks away from me :D
was so so so happy to hug him for the first time in 3 weeks.
haha,yah emo emo but i'm still delirious from it.
to think just ytd i was wondering wat to do till thursday where i was thinking of gg to fetch him from airport and brace myself for 'meet the frens' session mans.
LOL. just carn help smiling to myself thinking of it. hehe. mushy but i dun care,blehx.
felt like the world's luckiest girl when he showed up that moment with all my taiwan stuff and flowers.
but the best part was that he was actually there in person!! ahhhhhhhhhhh.

my flowers. pretty? ^^

admiring my flowers :D

taiwan stuff hehe goong~

fahrenheit frenzy XD (another hua chi moment)

haha,i sound like some hua chi(lovesick puppy) rite? LOL
yeah but he's now at aloha with his frens having chalet.
dragged him to watch the banquet just now.
the whole show i was just hugging him and it felt so so nice to be in his arms once more. watching movies without him were just so weird pls(no offence maisie haha)
even daniel wu cldn't entice me from taking my eyes off him.
and he looked so hot in the movie! XD
soooooooo enough abt today.
just came back from malacca ytd.
was like darn tired but had great fun there!
esp with my fav cousin LOL
shopping was alright cos i was more like buying stuff for other ppl other than for myself.
food was GREAT cos i bought dunkin donuts home and like devoured them. sinfully fattening i noe,but fab! and had seafood fest at JB b4 returning to singapore.
butter prawns were darn nice. so was the baby squid and black pepper crab! YUM :D
yeah and the whole trip was darn holy.
kinda felt awkward initially cos i haven't been there in ages la. more like since sec 1 so was kinda weird la.
yeah and the hotel was damn cute la.
got swallows,the birds that make bird nest,staying in there in the open de.
haha. and i was like mosquito target no.1 there pls.
got bitten like mad over the whole weekend.
anw i wanna get back to gaming with moey on MSN.
bloody nice to play la.
haha,we both addicted le.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Shopping Galore

spent wat possibly was my one of my last few shopping trips considering that the hols are coming to an end soon in a week's time.
1 more week of idleness till morning rituals of waking up at f-ing 6am finds me once again.
we actually have 3 days with 8am lessons.
thankfully 1 of them are alternate week kinda thing. so it means more sleep for me.
soooooooooo went out with laura today (:
so proud of myself.
i actually caught up with ppl from sec sch whom i haven't seen in ages(serious) even tho we're in the same sch i.e maisie,sH,laura.
anw,i've now reached a state in which is simply refuse to check my bank acc balance and just keep NETS-ing IT as the slogan suggests.
well,i'm like so not gonna buy anymore stuff at least till 1 term is gone to recoup my losses.
maybe i can find some sorta 1-2 day job next week or smth.
HAHAHA. actually this weekend have de.
just that me gg malacca till sunday. so too bad? :(
smth really funny happened today.
someone from constance part,i'm so sorry i carn rmb much juniors names',there are wayyyy too many of u guys and you all look alike to me at least.
yah,so it was a councillor la. then she walked past me and laura at the mrt station and she went darn loudly "eh,that one senior arh!?" or smth liddat la.
i noe she was frm nc cos she had her collar pin on(i always check. haha.)
then was like waiting to see if she wld greet me or smth la(which they never do -.-")
haha. so she just stared at me as i walked by and laughing to myself cos darn funny la.
am i that unrecognisable meh? -shrugs.
omg,she's like so high class liao la.
her outfit totally spells HOLLYWOOD all over.
haha,it was nice to see my sec 2 taxi partner again.
we used to cab to sch everyday in sec 2 cos... always wake up late. LOL.
anw,alot of stuff happened these couple of days.
all my electronic stuff i.e. ipod,digi cam,hp all died on me.
ipod and digi cam all send in for repair alr.
hp still hanging. n73 sucks. dun buy.
yeah,then there's the whole results thing.
to those who get their ideal grades,just work harder next sem k (:
it's over alr,so no use brooding on it yadda yadda yadda.
seriously,i think it's no point la.
the only thing u can do is just work harder next sem which i hope to do cos laura said stage a alot of physics stuff.
but there's argumentative! my fav! ^^
i still think i shld have pursued a language course like mass comm or media studies.
science was so not my thing la.
i mean c'mon i fall asleep during these lessons in sch pls.
dunno why so enthu suddenly.
maybe it's cos of the fact that my dad intends for me to take over and watever.
seriously,i dun want to.
polymer is so... not my thing after 1 sem of iochem.
i love iochem to bits but then again i haven't touched on polymer yet.
we'll see abt it.
come to think of it,i'm kinda dreading next sem.
the prospect of studying polymers and seperation from 26 in yr 2 makes me feel really sad la.
THAT and the fact that we gotta choose our options.
i dunno how to deal with my dad la.
how to tell him i wanna take IC instead of polymers?
maybe i shldn't jump to conclusions so fast since i haven't taken the module yet.
so i think i shld give it a chance and see if i really like it more than IO.
if not... we'll see how it goes la.
this could only end in 2 ways: happy or sad.
ok,toodles till sunday.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Retainers Hurt Too :(

today everything not going my way la.
must be my unlucky day pls.
my iPOD cannot be switched off. yes,i'm actually serious.
my hp hanged on me for a good 20 mins and i cldn't open the lid to take out the batt till my mum came.
i'm getting more and more broke each day.
my camera conked out on me since the seoul garden dinner.
tmr gonna go fix it at harbourfront.
and worse still,tmr getting exams results :(
that realisation hit me this morning when i woke up.
my teeth is screaming in agony cos my dentist tightened my retainer like mad.
i carn even take it out la! must tug a few times.
oh and did i mention i went shopping by chance and EVERY ITEM I HAD MY EYE ON DIDN'T HAVE MY SIZE!?
wth. headache coming up.
feeling really lousy now.
listening to the tao zhe & jolin duet now.
darn nice la. dunno why critics slammed it.
except for the wedding march at the end it was quite alright la.
it's cheery! (:
anw,think i'll go sleep early and expect my fate tmr.
i still haven't thought of wat GEMs to join!!

Down and out

msn is down :(
been trying since like 6pm?
yeah,thot my com spoil. (hey,it's old and cranky. u never noe when it'll throw a bitchfit.haha.)
so anw,i've been internet shopping for the past...4 hours?
still dun dare buy clothes off the net.
i'm very unpredictable in terms of clothes size.
it cld be XXS-M. yes,that bad.
went out with maisie today.
erm,bugis was boring la. dunno why just no mood to look at the clothes.
maybe cos i wanted to go mango and zara but she din wanna go.
then went PS that area to catch a movie.
watched 'little man'. bloody funny i tell u.
was like half frozen alr in the cinema cos of today's downpour that left me and maisie drenched from top to toe.
met meli at cathay tho. LOL.
yupp so we went sports shopping today.
saw this nike top,bloody cute but bloody see-thru.
decided to save my money for zara/mango.
contemplated this adidas top. in the end no mood to buy it oso.
HAHAHAHA. maybe cos i'm gg malacca on friday so half all the prices kills my shopping mood for now.
oh wells,think i'll go read comics and sleep or smth.
:( sadded.
hahaha,i got a sprain in my neck :/

Friday, September 08, 2006

Lucky fans

oh wells,decided the previous post was too short for the day.
wellllllllllll have i mentioned i bought $200 worth of clothes today? ^^
went to j8 with the mother.
was so pissed with the 2 brats i went to walk on my own.
walked into b.u.m & giordano.
VOILA! 200 bucks gone in a matter of minutes.
i still want that top from mango.
can the bloody mango sale be brought forward or wat?
chomping on my double seasame mochi now.
sinfully fattening,but pau's hungry.
so too bad ^^
feel like gg shopping again but no one acc.
everyone's too busy for me!
(ok,why am i whining when maisie and i made plans to shop next week? haha)
i think i might go swimming alone tmr.
go test my stamina first b4 i humiliate myself in front of others.
shall go to some ulu public pool or wat la.
or maybe not. desperately in need of sleep.
haven't been sleeping well lately.
ANDDDDD my financial woes are getting to me.
the bank account's been depleting so fast in a matter of days a few hundred bucks are gone!
maybe it's time to take up the art of window shopping.
my hands never seem to resist the urge to take out my atm card and just NETS IT.
hopefully i can find some temp job that gives me likee $500 in a matter of just days.
anw,shall talk on smth really mundane.
my dad bought 3 goldfishes a couple of days ago.
and that's after the 8 guppies he bought prior to that had died within less than 24 hours.
why? the man i name father put IONISED water into the fish tank thinking the guppies could live a better live with BETTER QUALITY water.
that's like digging the grave for them la.
so true to it,they died within less than a day.
so the successors(goldfish) are still alive and kicking.
and playing with the darn marbles in the tank at f-ing 4am scaring the shit outta me watching tv a mere 20 metres away.
on the first night i thot there were ghosts or smth la.
or i was simply hallucinating or smth.
oh wells,time to sign off.
shall go find smth to do or go decide whether i shld brave the pools alone tmr.
oh yah,1B26 ppl! STINGRAY FEST ON 23RD SEPT.
we're gonna go eat that in memory of steve irwin.
actually i just feel like eating stingray la.
he's coming back in 13 days! whee~


bloody hell.
nothing's been gg my way today.
asked like a million ppl if they wanna go swimming.
my choice wasn't that wide cos bloody jc are having promos.
and the worst of the worst,matilda went swimming today w/o calling me.
wah,damn sian la.
and worse still.
the mother made me acc her to bishan to with the 2 brats.
they are making my social status head downhill so fast i could die of humiliation.
thank god i din meet anyone from sch or smth.
anw,back to the bloody swimming thing.
mum claims it to be my last attempt at growing.
i simply sit there and roll my eyes.
it's like such a dumb reason rite?
anw,just bought mochi.
shall go polish it off now and regret the fats later.
fats are accumulating :(

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oppsie Daisy

so i haven't been blogging for quite some time.
haha,been too lazy to do so.
anw,no one reads rite? LOL.
yeah let's see at have i been up to recently.
well,went for COMEX exhibition on sunday at bloody expo.
bloody being far and darn squeezy with sticky floors littered with coke.
bought thr brother gaming keyboard which made me $59 lesser.
erm,bought a videocam for myself cos the turtle asked me to.
end up that twit doesn't have a videocam in taiwan and his bro is constantly using his. dumb rite? yes.
went kboxing on monday with sH.
yayness! marina damn high tech alr la.
1 huge LCD screen plus a normal tv in one room -faints.
i shall frequent there more often. haha.
saw Kwon Sang Woo at the face shop outlet at marina.
see,i'm not lying.

oppa! (:

he left his handprint there.

ok,i'm being lame.
we only saw his back and hair.
cos the entire place was swarmed with AUNTIES and AH SOHS old enough to be my grandmother.
went shopping with eelin,meli and yimei on tuesday.
everyone was so sianed out la.
found out my atm card was lost :(
finally bought my havianas so i was a happy girl!
saw alot of nice stuff but uber no cash.
no job=no cash :(
meli was sick tho.
take care girl (:
rotted ytd at home cos i've been living the late nights these couple of days.
everyday sleep ard 4am liddat.
ytd lagi worse,6am!
was watching devil wears prada on my com.
HAHAHAHA. so i woke up darn late today.
then went to see my baby cousin at grandma hse today.
shall attempt to take some pics of him or smth.
anw,i haven't booked part chalet yet!
whose parents from delta o5 are NTUC members contact me ASAP and i mean it.
i dun want a repeat of june mans.
oh wells,i'm off to talk to my baby.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


gahhhhhhhhh. i miss my turtle.
well,ytd was alright i supposed.
erm spent thursday night waiting till 3am for him to come online.
den he din :/ so i went to bed really sadded.
friday had EP at shisheido in town.
met sH first for lunch before gg for lesson at kobayashi.
really wanted to eat at esteller la. my happy soda :(
yeah so went for shisheido.
they had us all dolled up looking like... geishas.
imagine geishas roaming town in broad daylight.
had fun with meli and eelin la.
so helpless at makeup even tho we're girls :/ LOL
went home after that to stone at home cos like... no mood to go out or watever la.
HAHAHA. all my plans are for next week! LOL.
managed to catch marce online at about 9-ish?
yeah was watching mtv my super sweet 16 prior to that.
bloody spoiltbrats la. but it was entertaining.
hell,you can give me $200,000USD anytime to throw a party mans.
thing is,the birthday girl was really... chubby. if you get wat i mean.
anw,the whole makeup thingy made my face itch real bad.
went to bed with a blotchy face =X
shall get the pics from meli another day and post it up or smth.
i din bring my phone out ytd. LOL. forgot to.
soooooo,woke up uber late today.
spent the whole afternoon chatting with marce.
then went to PS to grocery shop for awhile with the mother and cousin.
so now i'm back.
sian,he's not online.
i miss him so much.

oh shit.
time to run.
he's SO gonna kill me when he gets back after seeing this pic.
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