Monday, September 24, 2012

Le proud owner of iPhone 5 :D

Annyeong! :D
Here for my post again simply cos I'm mad tired and.. I'm too lazy to go wash my face right now and sleep.
I mean what kind of reasoning is that right? LOL anwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Here's my nails for the week~

Pastels & Polka dots

mad love I tell you.
tutee cancelled me on Thursday so I went home instead of heading to Rach's house for dinner (Sorry babe!) and I.... watched Running Man and painted my nails in these.
feel like having different nails and after posting this on Instagram, got my alot of likes :D
among my friends la at least hahahah.
anw that doll-like thingy I'm holding on to is a mini fan actually cos... I was gonna head to bed after painting my nails and it was the only thing I could hold on to so... :)
so had a mad mad mad weekend! /pulls hair
rushed for tuition like mad on Saturday.

OOTD in my tutee's condo's lift hahaha

I... went to queue for iPhone 5! :D
at the whole SG's largest M1 store. smart right? cos largest = most people = longest queue ever.
here's proof:

Where I first started

now I wasn't that keen to get it right away cos.... bf wasn't here.
I cannot do anything Apple related w/o him la cos he's the expert what.
but he bugged me to get it so he could play with it once he came back from taiwan so.... I became the world's bestest gf.
and I queued for 6 hours for him to get the damn phone.
from 4pm till 10pm man. but I swear the service at M1 Paragon is shit I tell you.
or maybe I was angsty and everything just seemed to go against me la huh.
just today the stupid sbs bus refused to come on time and I almost missed my company transport FML.
so I digress.
the lady who served us was so effing slow the staff beside her had alr served 3 other people by the time I paid for the phones.
ok so yeah, anw I'm now a proud owner of the new iPhone 5! :D
and now random food pics to end off the entry.
here's my lunch from Sunday at Tanpopo (mother ex lor this place!)

and.... Kwon Jiyong :D

Annyeong! Ppyeong!~

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why so serious?

i'm actually typing this in the office right now cos:
1. I'm bored
3. Have I already mentioned that I was bored? :)
so anyhow, tmr's TGIF WOHOO!!!!
and then it'll be officially 7 days till I meet my Choi Tabi at SIS and he's gonna marry me on the spot after falling head over in love with me LOL.
i'm just kidding :P
so yeah I've been having hectic weeks esp at work when I was all alone in the office.
colleague went to BKK while boss was still in his hometown.
went to Downtown East for lunch one day and I tabao-ed this!


so pretty right? BUT THE JELLY NOT NICE :(
I think the one I made was better wahahahahaha! 
and more food pics cos I'm trying to be another Lirong on Instagram but it won't happen cos I absolutely refuse to open my account to the public boohoo.

Homecooked lunch by Mum :)

Last Friday's lunch until the stupid technician came in to disturb me and my precious Shinhwa Broadcast episode T.T

so erh yeah remember how I said I scratched and caused a dent in my dad's car last last week?

I... need to repent OTL

so here's the story. not gonna make excuses for my lack of judgement because I still think I'm the worst driver ever and yet I cannot live w/o a car.
was parking at the multi-storey carpark near tutee's place at Woodlands.
there were 2 lots and I wanted to just anyhow park first cos a car was behind me.
went in and ended up between the 2 lots.
didn't realise there was a wall at the back and then BOOM.
needless to say I started swearing in the car all to myself T.T
praying hard that I didn't cause major damage I went for tuition and went home to calm my nerves by leaving  the car at home before heading to my next tutee's home.
so I didn't tell my dad.
cos Rach told me on WhatsApp that it wasn't obvious.
so I wanted to wait till the bf came back and secretly go fix it la.
until my colleague say it was damn obvious. and then the girls also told me it was damn obvious.
so.... I went home to tell my dad about it on Monday.
thankfully, he didn't scold me.
I swear I will be more careful from now on when I drive.
oh and did I mention I got lost while trying to find my way to Katong from ECP on Sat? OTL seriously.
so I finally met the girls on monday for dinner despite our busy schedules.
I think up till Sunday I was still kinda unsure if we were still meeting but nevertheless, miss all of you :)
had dinner at Relish @ my village.
WAH PIANG EH. my 3rd time there, don't remember it being that bad the last time I went but my dad complained before about the food saying that it sucked really badly.
so I asked the girls if they wanted to go and give it a try then they were ok with it.
the food sucked big time. I'm sorry to say but I will never ever return there EVER.


Lirong & Juyin

Hidaya who started work on Monday & me

The empty tables were a sign. Why didn't we take that as the food was not nice?!

My Japanese Curry Katsu burger with what seemed like onion rings. FYI, the onion rings were an additional $3 and IMHO, it's not even worth $0.50 pls -.-"

Lirong's linguine which tasted like... rubber

Juyin's bacon and smth burger hahaha! She also paid the extra $3 for the flour onion rings

Lirong doing her job as Instagram foodie hahaha! (Y)


Worst nightmare 


And last but not least... me :)

ehhh pardon the poor lighting. the lighting was... atrocious LOL and it was using my iPhone 4 mind you.
so you must be thinking I'm bloody critical of that place's food but honestly, I'm not really.
I'm not even that picky with food to begin with.
but when my dad said the food sucked the 1st round, I didn't really agree with him.
then the last time I went with the bf and friends for dinner it was alright.
but this time, really D: if the people from Relish is reading this, please please please do something about the standard of food there!
AND YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. our drinks were never refilled.
yup, not once despite it being empty and the servers were all stoning. haii.
enough ranting, not good for my health LOL.
so we decided to go Udder's for dessert when Lirong's slandal strap broke :O
then she decided to just take the slippers off and walk barefooted to her car to get her slippers.



Lirong can't have any cold stuff so only the 3 of us shared the ice cream.

Cookies & Cream

Sundae which... aiyah wasn't that fantastic la

meeting the girls made me realise one thing: I MISS SCHOOL T.T
since most of us graduated and only a handful are doing FYP, everyone's like uber busy right now.
heck I don't even know what are some of the OG people doing now la hahaha.
but it's always these precious memories and friends that makes my life so much more meaningful and wonderful.

One of the best company ever

kena fly kite by my tutee today so gonna head to Rachelle's place for dinner later after work.
which is like ending in 30 mins wahahha.
tmr's Friday! ARE YOU GUYS HAPPY? :D *sings*
anw, Jiyong's new album is out!!!
makes me respect him so much as an artiste.
I just wish Tabi would be more active now but I know he's working hard filming the movie so that I can drool while watching it.



see you in 8 days oppa!
and remember to smack some sense into that naughty panda of yours wahahahaha!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm a hidden mama shop

Good Monday everyone! :D
had an awesome weekend? spent mine giving tuition, going to church and... giving more tuition hahaha! #sadlife
oh and... I made a dent in my dad's car ytd D:
happened cos I was going down the multi storey carpark and my car the side bua-ed the corner FML.
it was 8 freaking am and I was sleepy sooo... SIGH.
I didn't think it was think bad, prob just scraped off like barely 1cm of the paint but my dad told me there's a dent.
how he noticed I really don't know.
but lucky he didn't scold me wahahaha! HENG AH.
so quiet day at work today.
posted these on Instagram today and... now people think I'm a glutton.

the larger drawer

first drawer

Alan sucks :(

I was just telling my colleague that our office looks more like the pantry than for work can hahaha!
we went to buy more knick-knacks from the value shop at changi city point during lunch.
she offered me Twisties just now and I just happily ate them FML
my throat's never gonna heal.
yes, still coughing. I think my body is undergoing breakdown.
anw the biscuits in the 2nd pic is a present from my tutee! :)
my cute tutee from Woodlands hahah! she bought me a Teacher's Day gift even though I'm just her tutor :')
out of all my tutees, even though she lives the furthest and most out of the way from me, I really do enjoy teaching her the most deep down in my heart.
not cos she bought me a gift la, but that we click quite well and I feel like even though I'm exhausted like eff on Sundays, rushing to her house and all, talking non-stop for 2 hours, she really adsorbs the most and learns off me.
it's just so gratifying and makes me wish I'm like her permanent teacher la.
gonna miss her alot when the darn PSLE ends but as the saying goes, 天下无不散之宴席 :(
gonna head to bed.
work again OTL
I woke up late today and had to take the train to Sengkang cos I missed my bus D:
hope I'll catch the bus tmr!
GD's comeback this sunday! can't wait :D

Friday, September 07, 2012

Office Alone Episode 1

TGIF everybirdy! :D
you have no idea how much Fridays mean to me now as I've entered the workforce.
when Alvin used to post in the WhatsApp group chat 'TGIF blah blah blah', my first instinct was *roll eyes* and say 'Really that great meh?'
now my routine weekly is:


Tuesday: Siannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn why is it Tuesday only

Wednesday: Yes, 2 more days to the weekend *pumps fist*

Thursday: 1 more day till Friday comes wohooooooooooooooo and prays that time passes uberly fast that day


Saturday: Eat, sleep (very sleep deprived), play, watch movies. Basically, do everything that I wouldn't do on weekdays.

Sunday: In the morning still feeling very fresh and all. By afternoon it's like nua time. When evening comes, I'm all 'Shit tmr got work fts D:'

And the cycle starts all over again. #workinglife #lifesucks #cherishschooltime
Ok enough chit-chat hahaha!
today marks the first time I'm in the office.... all alone.
you must be thinking: 'alone only what, scared what? no govt very good mah.'
can you imagine this:

Big^infinity boss: So Paula, tell me what have you learnt so far?

Me: Well.... *ponders about all the blogshopping, facebook, blog reading, drama recaps* Erm....

how to answer OTL OTL OTL
so I was on my toes pretty much.
1 person in the lab yet they made me switch on ALL the lights when I occupy perhaps... 4 metre square of space only.

had to act like I was doing work.
and... I was. like sumpa, doing work but cos it's software based it has to run for some time and in the mean time I.... read more blogs :)

Outfit of the day

I miss wearing cotton stuff.
Working pants are just so... iffy if you know what I mean and tops are just.... mostly sleeveless.
but it was alright I guess being all alone in the office.
gotta get used to it cos next week, Episodes 2-4 will take place cos my colleague's going to BKK and my boss is still on leave.
anyway, sent the bf off during lunch today cos his flight was at 2pm and my office is so bloody near Changi Airport.
I can hear the planes as they take off in my lab.
drove the car back to office for the first time. so scary! T.T
and then when it was time to knock off from work, it was raining cats and dogs.
I was driving at 50 km/h on the expressway cos I was so scared and visibility was poor.
made it home in 1 piece and cleaned my room of the mess the bf left behind :D
so bunch of random pics from my phone just to make this post more lengthy HAHAHAHAH.

Polaroid I decorated of the bff & me at the ettusais foam party

Some nutella thingy from Candy Empire that was going at 3 for $10. Took this pic to text to my Indo cousin cos she wanted something like this but the price is such a rip-off!!

Eelin gave this to me haha! It's nice! But bloody ex here. She says it's uber cheap in europe.

Tried this for the 1st time when out with the poly mates

PB&Jelly, Red Velvet and Chocolate... something. I can't remember :x

Tried the Paradise Dynasty xlbs on Sunday with the bf! YUM TUM! :D

OOTD for Monday in my new Megagamie top and new work pants

now I go to the office toilet to take OOTDs cos... I'm bored HAHAHAHAHAHHA
my colleague goes to the toilet to watch her HK dramas on her phone can.
she does it for like 10-15 mins a time then within like 4 hours, 1 episode finish le LOL
I told her wouldn't it be weird if someone else walked in wondering why someone was sprouting cantonese in the toilet? She laughed.
ending off this post with a TeukHae pic from Teukie's twitter (@special1004) a couple of days back.
I'm going to miss you Teuk oppa T.T


Wednesday, September 05, 2012


hello everyone! it's been ages since my last post.
got reason one: I've been too exhausted by work.
actually those of you who've asked me about work before will be like "huh, so many work to do meh? thought Paula always complains about the lack of work?"
yes,I'm exhausted from having to wake up early and ending work later than everyone else.
top that off with weekly lessons at church till 10+ at night on Tuesdays, tuition till 9pm on Wednesdays and burnt weekends thanks to continuous tuition, I've been exhausted of every single drop of energy.
which explains why you're seeing this right now.
I'm on MC today :(
I've been feeling really sick for the past few days already, coughing really badly since last week, losing my voice over the weekend and a really bad sorethroat and yet I still dragged myself to work on Monday cos... I wanted to save my MC for Friday when the bf flies back to Taiwan.
but come ytd my nose decided to start running really badly, forcing me to become best friends with the tissue box and I caved in after work cos I was feeling like a zombie to go and see a doctor.
2 days MC cos I was having fever and really bad flu + cough.
anw I'm feeling alot better with the good sleep I had last night (medically induced one. all my meds cause drowsiness can!) but I'm gonna make good use of my day off and sleep even more after lunch hehe.
sooooooo, picking off from my last post, a couple of days before I signed my contract the girls and I went for sushi buffet at Hougang Plaza! :D
before that, inserting a random shot of my dinner from the western stall at my house kopitiam here haha!

They ran out of salad so I had this instead

Sashimi! The only ones we had before the store ran out of it :x

Jap food galore!

Lirong the mochi monster! 

She ate all of these! O.O

Her plate of mochi vs mine

it was my first time at that outlet even though I lived near Hougang seriously.
I even got lost OTL
but I don't think I'll go back anytime soon cos they ran out of sashimi after our 1 plate leh.
uber emo after that then no choice just order usual salmon sushi to make do.

Eclairs! :)

I miss my girls T.T
working life is shit cos you cannot suka suka pon.
you have to start counting the number of days of leave/MC you have and utilise them wisely.
sighhhhhh can we go back to Year 1 days?
I'd gladly study my ass off harder for a CAP of 4.0 and above just to do FYP seriously!
ok, moving on.
after signing my contract at the company, met my cousin and her bf for lunch at toa payoh!
she introduced us to this ice cream palour near my tutee's house!
and at night the bf and I and my mum went to watch a movie at PS.
but before that we had dinner at Swensen's.
I'm having STM right now cos I cannot recall wat movie we watched wtf.
that's how stressful my life has been D:

more food pics coming up cos my dad brought me and the bf for dinner the next day (which was National Day) at a coffeeshop at Serangoon Garden.
it was nice! and cheap! with no queue! (eat that, bloody Aston's)

the bf's


went to my dad's office the weekend before I started work to learn some engineering software from his worker.
then we had lunch at the canteen nearby and it was nice!
didn't know duck could be so nice! and at tuas too >.<

met my mum for some office wear shopping that night after meeting my cousin at City Plaza.
busy right? see la, this is wat happens when the bloody company makes you start work immediately after signing the damn contract -.-"
we shopped till uber late and had ramen at Ion.
quite yummy! but I didn't finish mine cos we were the last customers in the store and I was still eating so slowly.
felt abit paiseh uh.

Finally saw the SNSD ad at ION :) Yoona <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

the next day met Jace & bff for brunch at Arbite!
finally tried their brunch stuff.
really yummeh! But remember to make a booking ok.
cos it was perpetually full the entire time we were there!
we shared the 3 dishes cos we just wanted to try everything la.
IMO, the best was their breakfast set.
I didn't like the pancakes cos I'm not a banana lover.
the egg lookalike thingy was mediocre.

headed to town after that to collect my pants for work hahaha.
we went shopping after that!
H&M then A&F! :D
then we just plopped ourselves at eWf at Orchard Central cos we were old and tired D:
shared these 2 sets.
the har jeong kai one was awesome! the chicken! :D

so I've already been working for a month already!
just got my pro-rated pay last week.
awesome feeling to see the bank acc suddenly balloon so much :D
not that I'm earning alot but getting your first pay that feeling is so..... indescribable.
I've been either eating in for lunch or heading out to eat with my colleague.
my dept only has 3 of us: boss and my colleagues + me.
I rmb having to lunch alone on my 1st day cos my colleague was lunching in.
and my boss just dumped me all alone D:
so I became smarter and forced the bf to come and acc me for lunch on some days hahah!
my colleague lunches out sometimes with other people from other depts and their car is full so no space for me :(
but as of now, haven't lunched alone except for the 1st day.
think it'll come soon la cos my colleague's heading to BKK next week and I'm all alone in office for 3 days all by myself.

One of the lunches mum cooked for me!

attended an ettusais event a couple of weeks back.
bff and I went and it was... a waste of our time OTL
we left and went H&M shopping after that.

so 2 weeks back it was my bro's 21st birthday!
he just came back from Brunei after 3 weeks there so dad threw a buffet style party at my grandma's house.
but in the morning I met the poly mates for brunch at Kith Cafe.
It took us a minimum of 10 mins to get the waitress' attention to take our order and when I got fed up, I just walked up to her and told her my order.

My big breakfast

Alan being... Alan hahahah!

the food was alright and my iced Mocha was wayyyyyyy too sweet for my liking :(
what a disappointment given that ladyironchef said it was good.
haiiii nvm, still on the hunt for nice places to makan and just grow fat la hahah!
just a side note, I think Lirong is on her way of becoming the next ladyironchef la.
her IG's pics get so many likes it's so scary! LOL.
scary cos... food can actually garner so many likes hahahahah!
plus she doesn't get fat despite eating 10x more than me (FML seriously).
ok anw, after that it was bro's bday celebration.
food from Neo Garden! cake from Rive Gauche, courtesy of big sister me.

so bloody proud of my bro who's finally an adult luh!
I even gave him a bloody angbao cos I'm working now hahahahhahahah! *act adult only*
still haven't uploaded all the polaroids taken cos I've been too caught up with no time to myself.
but nevertheless, hope whoever is still reading enjoyed this post!
boss is away for 2 weeks so...may blog at work if I get bored given that the only things I do now in office are: blogshop, read drama recaps, blog hop, gossip with my colleague.
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