Thursday, May 30, 2013

Korea Travelogue: Day 1 - Long-ass flight and arriving in Seoul!

Update Feb 2015: I've moved my blog over to Hop on over there for my trip to Korea in Dec :)

Day 1 itinerary
  • SG>>>>>HK>>>>>Korea
  • Namsan Guesthouse 3
  • Myeongdong (Yoogane and SPAO)
Hello :)
I'm here to write about my Korea trip. Will do it day by day because we really did alot of things since it was a free and easy trip, all planned by us! Ok, mostly me :3
This is my 3rd time back in Korea! 
My first foray to Korea was after my O levels when the only Korean guy I knew then was Bae Yong Jun because my aunt liked him in Winter Sonata and my last trip was in Dec 2011 (which I didn't blog about because... I just didn't >.< maybe I will when I have time because the places I went to were different from this trip)
I really enjoyed my Dec 2011 trip because firstly, I'm a K-pop fanatic and... I really love the country! Plus the company helped too hehe so I really wanted to go back again (and like a thousand more times please FML)
So this time round, it was Lirong, Qiu Lin and Kai Kee's graduation trip.
Initially it was supposed to be just Qiu, Kee and myself because Qiu asked if I wanted to go with them.
I said ok then I invited Lirong and Juyin along because I knew they wanted to go Korea as well.
Weird combination I know since Qiu and Kee are from my SCAMP OG and Lirong and Juyin are from my SOW OG but it's okay. We are one big happy Science fac family :D
But anyhow, it was their grad trip while Juyin and I became the extras on this supposed grad trip.
Advice to all graduating students: GO AND TRAVEL WHILE YOU CAN. WORKING LIFE STINKS.
Took advantage of the Vesak Day public holiday to maximise the time we could have in Korea.
Cathay Pacific had a promotion in the beginning of the year and once we settled the dates we booked the tickets to fly to Incheon via Hong Kong (FOL please the travelling was so long D:)
Flew off on 18 May 1am and I took half day off that Friday to go home and pack because I had been so swamped with work before my trip.
Boss was a bitch to just make sure I finish everything before going and when I came back, he hadn't even checked my work la. IDIOT.

Group shot! 

(I hate love you Chanel & Dior)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back from Korea

I'm back from Korea!
and my face for the past 3 days has been this ---------> D: D: D: D:
I'm really depressed to be back here after 9 days of eating and shopping and spending time with my girls.
I even threw a bitchfit at my boss yesterday for throwing me with all the work.
Ok, I just have issues with him that's all.
Nevertheless, still sorting out my pictures (I HAVE SO MANY SOMEONE KILL ME) so do hang in there for awhile.
I will do a day to day travelogue with directions on how to get to the places we visited (you have no idea how many times we got lost in Korea but thankfully we met nice Koreans who helped us!) once I recall how we got there hahaha.
Till then, leaving you with the pictures of how I trashed my crappy old backpack into the bin at Lotte Dept once I bought my MCM backpack heh.
Yes, that was a YOLO moment for me.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: Tim Ho Wan Singapore outlet!

I finally went to try out Tim Ho Wan at Plaza Singapura's new extension, previously The Atrium.

68 Orchard Road
#01-29 Plaza Singapura

Directions to get there via MRT: Alight at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station either via the North-South line, North East Line or Circle Line! It's an interchange station so it'll get quite confusing so just remember to exit at Plaza Singapura's exit (nearer to North East Line)

I screamed in joy when I first read that Tim Ho Wan was opening in Singapore. 
No more flying to HK for cheap and yummy dim sum!
Last year on our graduation trip, we ate like hungry monsters at the Sham Shui Po outlet in HK, even going back for a second time during our 5 day trip #foodgluttons

May 2012 in Hong Kong at Tim Ho Wan's Sham Shui Po outlet

And yes, I have been dreaming about their baked char siew paus since..... forever.
It's different from our usual pau which is steamed. The crust of their char siew pau... HEAVENLY.
So dear Juyin's bf kindly went to queue on behalf of all of us who were working/busy. Queue was relatively short for the day and he managed to get to the front of the queue within an hour odd.
But they were only willing to seat him if at least 5 out of our party of 6 arrived. *gulps*
Ehmmmm... whysounflexibleweallhavetoworkwhat:(
Ok so I managed to reach there before 7pm, just in time to get the table.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Babies... and food?

heh. ran out of blog title ideas.
just... accept whatever cuteness my nieces are gonna give you along with all the food shown :D
had 2 back to back family gatherings over 2 weekends and it was great to spend time with my loved ones.
especially the 2 new additions - Chloe and Eliza - my cousins' daughters.
here you'll see dear Eliza who is barely 6 months old.
the bf calls her a rocker because she has super stylo mylo hair please - like a rockstar! it's au natural by the way.

Auntie Chris, Eliza and me!

I didn't dare to carry her because she seemed so fragile so let all the aunties carry her instead since they're more 'seasoned' people - look at all of us all grown up already haha!

Cutie pie with all her adorable expressions! Did I mention she looks exactly like her father at birth but now that I see, her eyes resemble her mother my cousin LOL.

Oh and I finally caved in and bought Ladurée macarons!

Takashimaya Shopping Centre, #02-09 and Level 1

I bought the Singapore only box of 8 macarons for $38SGD.
I used to think Antionette's macarons were expensive but Ladurée's beats it hands down honestly.
And the taste-wise? mehhhhhhh. Not impressed.
I was quite amazed at how many people were buying the macarons in boxes of 30 and what not.
How can people spend so much on... flour? >_<
But then again, each to their own tastes I suppose.
Here's my lunch last week before the May day public holiday at Coffee Bean.

Salmon Brioche Egg Ben $11.90 with drink
Quite yummy! Their menu is quite extensive but I tried their risotto today and it was blah. Sticking to this in future!

met up with Laura, Maisie and Sinhui the day after Labour Day for dinner and to basically just catch up.
we had Poulet at Bugis+

201 Victoria Street
Level 4 Bugis+, Singapore
Opening hours: 11.30am – 9.30pm

Mushroom and French Onion soup which were heavenly! Altho the rest preferred the mushroom soup over the French Onion one. We ordered to share.

Iced Lemonade for all of us because Poulet doesn't serve iced water :( You have to pay. Boo.

Prawn Fritters.. which Maisie complained that it was just frozen tempura. Sad to say, a waste of our $7.80.

Signature dish.. Poulet Roti ($15.80 half/$28.80 whole)

For the 4 of us, we ordered 2 whole chickens to share and... disappointed D:
why weren't there any sides? :(
sad to say we didn't really enjoy the meal much and it really wasn't worth the 20 minute queue.
but oh wells, at least we know now! :D *think positive*

Our dessert at Swensen's afterwards. I shared this with Sinhui.

Lunch on Friday at the Indonesian restaurant at Changi City Point with my colleagues.

Strawberry Tart from Tiong Bahru Bakery

Apple Crumble from Tiong Bahru Bakery
so yums I tell you! If only this was served warm and with ice cream... :P

And last Saturday was Chloe's birthday party at a stable my cousin rented.
We got lost and only ended up there in time to take pictures with the cake before it was served LOL.
I didn't ride the horses even though we could because... animals and I just don't go well together.
When the bf sent the pic to his friends, someone comment "wah go see Sarah Jessica Parker bo jio"
anw it took me quite some courage to take the picture cos.. for a moment I freaked out when the horse moved ;__;

And... the birthday girl! Chloe :)

see I told you this entry would be nothing but food and babies hahaha.
Happy birthday little niece!
May you have blessed days ahead :)
Please let Aunty Paula carry you in future without you throwing a fit tyvm HAHAHA.
leaving you guys with a pic of my yummy Ippudo ramen.

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