Sunday, September 11, 2011

SHINee World Concert

just returned home from SWC 2011 :D wohooooooo~ totally loved the concert!
except for...
1. the crappy security system that refused to let us take pics/videos
2. the constant changing of costumes
3. stupid security walking around stopping people from taking videos and pics.
4. idiotic security... no wait mentioned already.
seriously,while i can understand why no pics/videos are allowed(management don't want to leak out too many things + copyright blah blah), if i don't have anything but memories from the concert, what do i use to reminisce that moment my idol faced me?!
anyhow, enough complaining about the concert.
concert organisation will not and never be perfect.
you can't please everybody. i guess if you're in the shoes of a concert goer like me, just accept whatever it is la.
if not, boycott the concert bah. it's a free world :)


sharing this pic above (cr to kunda's weibo) to signify how old i am.
omfg you're a father of 2 already! /looks at self and emo
just in case you cannot recognise them, they are members of energy (minus niu nai), 5566 (minus shaowei), BAD & 1 member from tension (jimmy!).
hahah the past week has been a terror.
my face is breaking out thanks to all that stress and lack of sleep.
the previous weekend my cousin had her tea ceremony at grandma's place.

Tea ceremony

another new addition to the family!
hope i get upgraded to 'Aunt' soon sia.
must tell my cousins to claim more baby bonuses from the govt ok!
all our parents taxes and what not lol.
some random pics from the week.

Man Utd fans -.-"

alvin wearing his man utd shirt on a day where man utd won the previous night.
they trashed arsenal 8-2.
seriously?! every damn man utd fan 'happened' to wear their jersey that day hahaha!
i kept suaning him about it la.
think i spotted a good 5-6 people in sch wearing the jersey.
oh wells /shrugs
lab last week was a killer!
lasted till 4pm thanks to lousy computer software NUS has -.-"
you'd think that with the amount of school fees we pay we'd get top-class equipment from a top-class university.
no, you get a software that cannot even scan the damn thing even though we tried it for 4 hours!
had to use another group's data in the end. wth la.
met my mum to eat my 1st meal of the day at tanpopo.
not very nice. seriously overrated >.<

Ramen from Tanpopo

Fairmont Hotel mooncakes!

bought mooncakes this year because i wanted to eat them.
i have a secret fetish for snow skin mooncakes xD
anyhow that weekend, despite having a 20% test on monday, it was amelia & kester's wedding.
church + wedding banquet took up the whole day and SS3 3D the next day didn't help with my studying plans.
as always, had to burn midnight oil.

Nails with gold shatter for Amelia's wedding


Cousins table

but i had fun with my cousins & friends that weekend so.. oh wells :)
all work and no play makes Paula a CAP 5.0 student.
but i'm not so hehehe :D
after the test went out to catch Crazy, Stupid, Love with Hidaya & Juyin!
impromptu sakae sushi lunch buffet at *scape!
service sucked really badly so pls dun go there.
chawanmushi took 1 hour to come -.-"

Smurfs playing football wahahaha!

Buffet for 3 :D



The messy eater (GUESS WHO!)

3 storey H&M building

LOL! movie was epic-ly GOOD! pls go watch :D
5 thumbs up for me~ (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)
went to the new H&M opposite cine after the movie.
yes,after mocking the queue some 3 hours ago, we decided to join the queue LOL.
and uh, i came out $77.70 poorer but HAPPIER :D
hidaya & i wore our new tops from H&M on thursday.
ohohohohoh! we had to watch a movie for BI that day.
damn freaking nice~
pls go watch it pple! it's called 'Laskar Pelangi'.
hidaya cried from the start until the end (according to her).
i teared at the ending tho :'(
so much moral values.
makes me ponder about my future and of cos, my present.
anyhow, had VIVA on friday! OMFG!
i couldn't sleep la T.T too stressed.
was majorly afraid. like trembling!
even my lab partner said so hahah! he kept laughing at me la wth -.-"
anyhow, i hope i do ok for this module pls.
i need good scores pls pls pls!
haha been slacking since ytd cos i decided to give myself a break for the hectic week i've had.
ok la,every friday/saturday is self declared off day for me.
honestly, NUS students use weekends to catch up on undone hw.
there's no rest at all!!!! WHAT IS THIS!?!?
well, i have to be good to myself ok.
if i don't be good to my own self,who will then? :D
Paula's law of procrastination hahaha!
alrighty,going to sleep now.
leaving you with a pic from this memorable day!
SHINee World Concert
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