Saturday, December 26, 2009

SWEAT'09 Huat Arh!

i'm back from sweat camp!
it's one big rock down from my burden and i'm just glad it's over (:
was sick for the entire 3 days of sweat camp due to the really bad sorethroat i had since the thursday before camp.
had the voice of half a man during Day 0 and 1 haha!
anw some pics from sweat! (koped from facebook lol cos i didn't bring my camera)

calvin and me during the mrt game. FREAKING PAINFUL OMG!

Day 2 we went to NCC HQ! yes deltas,i went back to our old 'home'!
NCC loaned us the premises and helped us conduct flying fox,high elements and painball.

some of the comm members outside the paintball area. now everything all upgrade alr!

at SAF Sembawang Yacht Club for wakeboarding & banana boat

juyin,lirong & me on the boat that was pulling the banana boat! haha we didn't bring extra clothes so cannot play the activities

Day 3 we went Sentosa! and all got sunburnt :(

i was reading my book under the shelter hahah cos my station over alr

Sports Comm 09/10

SWEAT! Camp 09

aar on the beach that all of us got sunburnt in >.<

yes we broke camp on the 23rd and i came home to get my books and go town to meet marce.
haven't seen him for a good 5 days before camp so yay! happy (:
went to far east and then we bought tix for princess & the frog!
bf claims the movie is freaking boring cos he fell asleep but i think it's qt alright tho.
met laura,eelin & belle for lunch on xmas eve.
walked ard town and it was freaking crowded! rarhs.
marce came over to my place on xmas eve and we were baking cookies (:

winnie the pooh & tigger cookies!

man in the kitchen haha

xmas was spent trying to recover from camp T.T
i suddenly had a blocked ear on xmas eve so i've spent today & ytd with muffled hearing.
bloody hell,i refused to go out today cos the ear was making me very uncomfortable.
anw i've spent the entire day watching youtube once more haha!
lirong is convinced i am nuts over youtube.
actually,i am la.
SUJU HWAITING!~ was watching SJM videos & i suddenly saw these videos!

so adorable! (:

in my next life, i want him to be my bf! >.<

ahhhhh oh i shall watch more videos.
and happy boxing day everyone (:

Monday, December 14, 2009


pictures from my lousy shitass camera of ced + meryl's 21st!

their bday cake. cassy! it's the same as yours hahah

with alister,shujia,eelin,junda & ervin

just the girls hahaha

my eye wasn't that swollen but still,you can tell it's uber tiny la.
ytd went chat masala with marce,nicole & trevor!
why? they have the greatest naan and butter chicken ever!
altho we ate close to $16/pax it was still worth it.
best thing,it's just opp marce's house hahaha.
haagen daz chocolate fondue after that!
no pics because i was lazy!
nigel joined us after that and it was great (:
ck's hse to watch the arsenal vs liverpool match.
damn angry!! shall curse and swear at glen johnson for a week.
how can he score an own goal?! rarhhhhhhs.
anw i forced marce to sleep badly last night cos arsenal won.
hahaha evil,i know.
he was complaining today that i didn't leave him any space to sleep.
but wth man,i was just annoyed that the aircon was so freaking warm.
he went to play soccer while i came home and rotted the day away.
i feel as in i shld do smth constructive such as clean my room?
lol but instead i spent it on youtube (2 hrs) and watching animal planet (2 hrs) hahah!
i've found my new hobby again! animal planet rocks my socks pls.
just now i was watching this polar bear rescue,damn cute!
i just realised when animals are young,they are freaking adorable.
not so much when they grow older.
same goes for humans i guess :x
lirong & gang are in bintan for 3d2n of fun and laughter under the glittery sun while we spend the next 2 days testing out the camp programme.
rarhhhhhhhhhhhhs. i haven't done my proposal!~
oh wells,i shall shower & maybe attempt to sweep the floor or smth.
it is getting dusty in the room.
and that mountainful of clothes isn't helping at all.
my mum nags at me everyday but i just turn a blind eye on it.
oh wells.
i like being idle.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dubu Love

just saw this new suju video on youtube!
it was shown ytd in korea omg freaking nice!
but but but,don't like fishy's hair at all :(
and hyukjae should do w/o the eyeliner.
it makes him look freakishly weird.
sinhui go see this! hahaha minnie's hair is bad!
hahaha yes another fruitful week where i've been out every single day w/o fail.
it's been so bad on my wallet and my health that i woke up with a swollen eye on friday.
yes,again :x
eye swelled for 2 days alr,now not so painful alr but still,a swollen eye.
haix,need more sleep! bf says all i do nowadays is go out then come home and sleep.
which is true.
i'm exhausted from all the things.
from mugging like crazy 3 weeks back,to sleeping even lesser during exam period and now vacation alr i cannot relax at all because i have more meetings and even more meetings!
at times i cannot help but want to lie in bed under my blanket and disappear from the world.
i think i need to take things very slow now.
my mind and body cannot take it.
too many late nights,plus my wallet is suffering! rarhs.
destitute alr still keep spending like crazy.
the income is so not equals to the output.
i'm facing an ultimate deficit alr!
but on the brighter side,i've met people i haven't met yet (:
like zihui,sinhui and ys on monday! lol we talked till close to 11pm!
but no pics haha. actually i brought my camera that day.
just that very lazy to take pics.
my camera quality has always been shit. 5MP only so i don't really like to take pics much nowadays.
anw ytd was cedrick & meryl's 21st.
met loads of mentoring people that i've never met for like wat... 2 yrs?
HAHAHAHA super long. oh the good ol days.
alrights,am gonna go out now and meet bf.
wait later he scold me for being late again hahaha.
leave you a cute cute pic of dubu (:

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fishy Love

hello! damn long since i've updated.
exams are over alr,for about 1 week!
yahoo! but i'm still tied down with all the committee work ):
shall not talk abt exams because it was depressing.
my December is filled with activities!
plus side,very happening.
down side,alot of money spent ):
considering that i'm destitute now hahaha,it's not exactly a very good thing :x
yup anw went to kitty lab a few weeks ago with marce!

twas qt crappy n a honest waste of $ but i didn't check things clearly so yeah,wasted my $ ):

anw this was a pic of my lecture notes for my open book exam.
hahahah so studious right? (:
dun really feel like updating now.
sleepy sleepy sleepy!
meetings once again tmr rarhs.
dun like this at all :x
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