Monday, March 29, 2010

Mugging Fest NOT!

i'm home from school! yay :D
had a long day today as usual from 8am - 6pm.
stayed back in school to mug and had a fun time mugging facebook-ing with jacq,ally & hussein lol!
ok i did study,like 2 chaps :x
and then somehow when you put 3 girls together you just cannot stop them from talking la.
esp when facebook is readily available (hussein's laptop) at our fingertips.
so somehow we ended up studying to looking "cute" guys on their friends list haha.
dad came to fetch me and i reached home like about 2 hrs ago?

i am tempted to get this!
but my bank acc T.T
tmr is pay day for tuition but still owe my mum $ so it's *fly away $*
alrights,time to make up for my lack of mugging in sch.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Super Show 2!

hello! it's been a long week :D
i'm currently feeling really bloated from dinner at the italian restaurant with dad at serangoon gardens.
had vongole with chocolate fondant!
omg it was total love! the chocolate fondant i mean.
i shall learn to bake it soon :D
anw i had the bestest concert experience ever!
never forget it: 20 March 2010
yes i know it was lirong's birthday! [happy belated btw! many loves (:]
i was a good girl because after lab i was suppose to go for tuition but she cancelled on me again. boo.
so i went to grandma hse to collect my "luggage" for KL and made my way to siglap for dinner with marce.
dinner at cafe cartel where he ate a bomb again (HAHA!) and then bought grapes + a 6 pack of nescafe for me to last through the night.
yes i was mugging that night because the following monday i had a CA :/
bloody org chem! *(@!&*(@)&!)*(@!@&@!(*!@&)@!
i shall curse and swear at it later on so i shan't digress.
here's what marce was doing the entire night while i pitifully studied org chem.


lying so happily on his bed somemore!
yes that's the new screen that he bought at the IT fair.
it's bigger than mine btw! the screen hurhur.
anw while he played happily,jace was masking & sinhui was painting her nails,POOR PAULA WAS TRYING TO STUDY!
boo right? i know :(
so yeah woke up at ard 5am to shower and head to budget terminal.
i brought along a can of nescafe,intending to drink it at the airport because i was too sleepy (2 hrs of sleep only,not funny ok!)
1st time at the budget terminal so i thought it would not have food or anything.
like some lok-cock terminal only la. then when marce and i got off the cab,we were stunned.


yes people who haven't been to budget terminal,it isn't as lok cock as we make it out to be haha.
there's mcdonalds there and for the non-muffin lovers,there's a hans there.
yeah so nevertheless,flew on tiger airways with a whole entire bunch of suju fans!
GO E.L.F.S~ keke. reached KL at ard 8.30 or smth liddat.
i cannot remember. i was too tired T.T
anw so we took the bus to the city area and went to KLCC for a&w!
it's been ages since i've been to KL so i was surprised to find it there haha.
oh and they shld honestly upgrade their public transport.
u know how singapore is where you can easily reach the NEL from the usual mrt route?
omg we all thought so too :X
imagine lugging my small pulling luggage up and down several steps + overhead bridges all because the funny mrt lines weren't connected at all?!
they put a line on their transport map but it's a good 15 min walk away OUTSIDE of the station.
yeah so that's how i ended up perspiring like crazy no thanks to the crazy weather there too + all the climbing and all.
stayed at novotel which was opposite pavillion and we could see GM hotel where suju was staying!
ahhhhh my fishy & anchovy oppas :D annyeong~
so after throwing all our luggage at the hotel we went to pavillion to grab a bite and headed to the concert venue.
wah the mrt lines in KL really very confusing! they can compete with korea i think :x
anw reached bukit jalil stadium to a sea of pearl sapphire blue!
hahaha we amused ourselves by buying concert merchandise.
sinhui & i fell into the pit of lee hyuk jae and lee sung min so we were $50 more poorer each.
LOL but anw wanted to go into the stadium alr.
then the guard keep telling us cannot bring umbrella,water,camera and blah blah blah.
we went to the line like at least twice la.
so somehow sinhui ended up strapping her umbrella to her leg,jace hiding her camera in her shorts,stuffing famous amos cookies in between shirts and me hiding my camera in one of sinhui's pants pockets.
LOL freaking funny! i think this moment was daebak! wancheon daebak!
anw our seats were freaking near the extended stage!

jace,me,sinhui & faye

paula at super show 2! :D

those pics were taken after the concert btw lol.
no pics from the concert cos i am too lazy to upload all of them.
let's just say we were close enough to literally see their pock marks + see yesung have a bitchfit hahaha!
ahhh i screamed like a fangirl throughout the concert!
it's been ages since i last did that (i think i only did that in 2003 for energy)
i have always prided myself to be a calm fan but i cldn't help it at the concert.
so yeah we went back to the hotel and while jace & sinhui slept away,i was up mugging for org chem :(
anw i lasted till 5am then went to sleep before waking up at 9.30am.
mugged again while sinhui & jace left for breakfast.
rarhs they went to GM without me :(
but anw they came back and we checked out then went to pavillion for lunch.
after that we shopped awhile before going to the airport.
yeah then home sweet home (:
but i mugged the night again then went to school T.T
so so so so darn tired!
CA was crap cos i didn't know shit :(
so much for mugging.
but i don't regret it honestly.
yeah so this week has been pretty much rushing assignments + lab reports!
no more lab reports till august! HAHAHAHAH!
good riddance to all the cheeko TAs too! muahahahaha!
i'm addicted to online shopping :D

i bought this! damn cute!

went for my 1st SHINee mtv combo class ytd.
learnt 'juliette'. i almost died T.T
ahhh school starts once more tmr.
3 more weeks to finals.
i'm going to die T.T

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh Dear!

As the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland would say
"Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be very late!"
sigh. yes,that never ending sighs from me.
i'm supposed to be mugging for organic chem but the computer has lured me once again haha!
i've finished my lab report (yayness to fatty for saving me again!) & the biochem assignment due next monday.
total awesomeness to doing work ahead of time :D
wish i could say the exact same thing for my stupid quiz!
i'm going to be a happy girl this saturday!
why? take a look at this:

yes will be flying off early on saturday morning with jace & sinhui to KL hahaha.
then concert on the very night itself,i am so excited for it!
the downside is the stupid organic chem test on monday.
at freaking 8.30 a.m. i swear the prof loves to wake up early or smth.
her lectures are at 8am,her quiz at 8.30 am,her final exam at 9am -.-"
i would actually prefer to have lessons at 10am where it's optimal for everyone.
no one comes in late and we are more or less awake (except when we are tonning the night before doing lab reports like all the guys lately).
so yeah,10am is so much better! why choose 8am grrrrrrrrrrr.
throw all the 8am slots to life sci majors pls hahaha!
they never have 8am slots pls.
every sem all chem majors curse & swear because we will always have 8am lectures.
and then everyone just turns up late like without fail i will spot at least 10 people strolling in at 8.30 am during organic lectures.
anyhow,enough procrastinating! i shall go mug.
i came home just now and fell asleep for 2 hrs straight despite setting the alarm for 1 hr later only lol.
all of us came home to KO man.
ervin is sleeping like a "dragon" now.
he's literally a dragon la,born in the year of the dragon >.<
alrights,update when i come back from super show 2 (:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


my shoulders are aching in pain.
yes,the never ending feeling of being stressed.
i cldn't sleep last night.
cannot hang out too much with fatty cos we're all gonna have insomnia once exams are nearing!
it's 1 and a half months away!
to study whatever was taught in 3 months -.-"
mugged in sch for organic chem today.
omg i finally understood what was going on in lectures for the past 10 weeks only today >.<
marce is too busy playing his 2 new PS3 games to talk to me :(
lol jk la,i feel bad for not having enough time to accompany him tho.
dinner with the guys at bukit panjang plaza swensen's lol!
we all had out himbo/bimbo moments haha!
alrights,4am here i come! bloody lab report.
CuI = cui :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday LOVEY!


we went to werner's for dinner (:
altho i don't really like the food there.
but still,impt thing is he likes the cake :D :D :D
had lab this morning then went to 313 somerset to decorate the cake.
i became a live exhibit for every kaypoh passerby.
rushed to suntec to meet the birthday boy for the IT fair.
which as always was crowded with people but he wanted to get his monitor.
so yeah we did.
PLUS,i checked out the DSLRs at canon hurhur.
i shall get it before my birthday! ^^
nevertheless,cabbed back to marce's house to put his screen.
ended up staying there for over an hr cos someone decided to open his screen immediately and fix every nitty gritty detail while his poor gf was half asleep.
lol,evil marce!

anw i really like this pic from the gambit bbq (:

i'm dead tired,tuition tmr.
another vicious cycle of lab reports.
hope i don't collapse once more :x
scamp,night rider,school is taking over my life :(

Monday, March 08, 2010

High on MSG

i am officially high from mono sodium glutamate!
:D :D :D :D :D
i had shaker fries this afternoon with the guys during lunch & i just finished a JUMBO pack of indo mee~
yum yum yum! hahahaha.
i wanted to go & take a nap but i doubt i can hahaha.
shall just channel this sudden energy rush into cleaning my SUPER DUSTY new computer table + room.
new being the computer table,not the room.
i doubt i'd ever get out of this house before i graduate from NUS or smth.
anyhow,yesterday's BBQ was a blast!
i had so much fun laughing at the pranks + talking to the girls (:"
we should have more of such gatherings.
this week marks the beginning of CAs for us.
boo & double boo.
mug hard everyone!

pls click on it!
it's the bestest movie ever! :D

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Through the Looking Glass

met the E&H bffs,hidaya,lirong & juyin ytd after tuition to decorate our pranks for mr kaya buns + fatty :D
all i can say,our masterpieces RAWKS!
today will be so eggciting! hahaha.
caught alice in wonderland yesterday.
it's the movie of the year man!
i hope it wins more awards during next year's globes + academy awards.
the acting of johnny depp was so awesome!
i all along thought he was abit kuku but after watching this,it really changed the impression i had of him all along.
i'm a converted johnny depp fan! :D

i carn wait for today's BBQ! wohoo~

Saturday, March 06, 2010

I'm A Loner

today i met a girl who behind her smiley face,laid a broken hearted girl.
once again, another friend hurt by a guy who simply didn't know how to treasure her.
i am so sick of having so many friends going through heartbreak after heartbreak over guys that are just so worthless.
it makes me wonder,why can't we be stronger?
then i realised,it's called love.
when you love someone,adapt yourself to his presence,learn everything about him and he leaves,your world is shattered.
i experienced it once and it isn't smth that i want to go thru ever again.
so i pray hope that everyone out there will be happier (:

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Skipped a Beat.

i just came home from sports comm & on the train with ally,found out some stuff.
yah like super gossipy i know but still qt shock to realise what had happened.
anw,i had a chilling thought.
"what if my life was devoid of you?"
i am so scared shit my heart stopped for a second.
so darn afraid that my stomach turned a few rounds.
pray hope that never happens because i cannot deal with change.
change is too painful.
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