Saturday, January 22, 2011

Running Man

annyeong everyone!
i'm still up at this time cos it's friday and even though i'm quite tired i don't really wanna sleep yet haha.
today has been a shitty day for me cos i'm really tired.
like exhausted to the bone kind of feeling.
week 2 has just ended,so at least 11 more weeks to go Paula!
you can do it! (i hope!)
spectro 1 was horrible cos i'm beginning to detest his module alot more than i hoped to.
i don't get it why people think that just because we are undergrads,we are 'stupid' in their eyes.
ah perhaps so la,profs are weird. NUS IS WEIRD >.<
yeah came home after having lunch with hidaya and promptly fell asleep for 3 hours lol!
been watching Running Man since I woke up (i've progressed 4 eps alr lol!) and i still feel like watching more hahaha!
even though i have 2 lab reports due next week
anw it's officially 8 more days to SS3 Singapore!

donghae ah~ wait for me okay? xD
back to more Running Man.
it's freaking funny and i'm home alone now so i feel like an idiot laughing to myself lol.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Domestic Goddess

helloooooooooo :D
i've tons of pics to upload today!
well,not tons but more than usual la hoho!
i went to JB last wed(free day from sch!) with xuanzhi for movie marathon at city square and also to get colored contacts!
i think i'll try them out during CNY and scare the shit outta everyone then hahahaha.
anw JB is a darn nice place to live in cos it's damn cheap!
if only it wasn't found in m'sia :(

Nando's for lunch!

kim gary's for dinner

we caught 'Little Fockers' and 'Gulliver's Travels' back to back.
both movies were a tad disappointing but if the tix were both $3.50 a piece who is complaining man! HOHO!
school has been a dread (when isn't it -.-") because of all the 8am lectures!
so we had to click for our spectro 1 tutorials some day at 10.30am.
and there we were all ready,finger positioned on the mouse to 'click' and we all got the slots were wanted.
here's the horrible part,trying to squeeze 4 laptops into a locker with 2 sleeping bags + 2 labcoats.
result? look below.

check out our filled locker

i think we shld get another locker soon haha!
when i was trying to squeeze my labcoat into the locker after anat lab ended ytd it was like *()@&!()*&@(*!&)@( DONE!
quite full liao :(
*coughs* sleeping bags *coughs*
half of gambits went to korean bbq at tanjong pagar last friday!
the not so awesome part was my 1kg weight gain wtf.

korean bbq with gambits! (:

met up with jace and sinhui on sat to go uniqlo and have dinner cos trev and nic cancelled last minute.
we had pasta! YUMMY!
taka B2~ cheap and yummy pasta ftw wohoo! lol.

i wanna get those jeans~

dinner at ambush!


baby scallops pasta

prawn pasta

carrot cake

apple crumble

we went for gong cha after that and took some polaroids and here they are :D

coffee kiss? LOL

it was meant to be a triangle,circle and square lol

final product 1

final product 2

one helluva shot!

feeling damn fat recently i've been wanting to excerise more and hit the gym more often.
we did hit the gym last week (once) and i wanted to go ytd but the gods were not willing cos it started raining when i wanted to go swim ytd.
and then i watched running man till 4am last night and cldn't wake up in time to go swim in the morning suxtobeme.
haha! i met my cousin at hougang for lunch today and feeling damn full and sleepy i came home to NAP FML TYVM T.T
just came back from visiting marce's guardian.
the family kept force feeding me food over dinner and altho i like the food,i dislike the 500g it caused me to gain.
another round of sch tmr (3 lectures - kill me!), i honestly cannot keep up with this 8am thing man.
8am is a fucking unproductive timing pls.
we wake up damn early to get to sch and promptly fall asleep over the lecture.
oh and the worst thing was when i came home at 4pm ytd,i napped cos i was dead tired!
my whole body's gonna be so screwed up by the end of the semester.
ahhh shittiest timetable ever!
anw i shall go to bed early because my head hurts + tmr is another 5.30am morning call.
screw chem dept and their lousy timetable planning.
oh and i just opened an email from my prof that said juyin and i and another girl will be having 1 to 1 tutorial with him every alternate mondays alone.
it's like private tuition la -.-"
oh wells may the chem gods be nice on us.
percy jackson is such an awesome book everyone shld go read it! :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

1st day of school!

hello everyone! :D
it's officially 2011 hahaha ok i know i'm damn late with this but wth man.
i'm blogging because i'm trying to keep this place as alive as ever haha.
i'll post & blog abt my taiwan/japan trip when i have the time or feel like doing it la.
today is the official 1st day of sem 2 in NUS.
officially stinks cos out of 3 lectures,only 1 was useful -.-"
plus had to be in sch by 8am! it's a horror T.T
anyhow left sch at ard 7.30pm with hidaya cos 95 was a bitch and took close to 30 mins to arrive then reached home abt an hr ago.
super exhausted :(
i'm going to sleep soon so here's a pic of the horrible tutorial timings profs in NUS come up with:

and remember,those taking O level results today,NUS IS NOT AS GOOD AS YOU THINK IT IS HAHAHAHAH!
ok i'm blabbering rubbish gd night!
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