Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hiatus till I can get unlimited wifi...

Hi all from Leverkusen, Germany!
As mentioned in my previous post, I am currently staying in Germany till end of Oct before moving over to Switzerland in Nov.
I have very limited access to the internet because the apartment that I am staying in only provided me with a usb stick with 1GB of data to use per month and I only have access to wifi in office but because I am not sitting in the office (I work in the lab), I only have access to the office's wifi when I am within the office block which basically means... after I end work.
So please pardon the lacks of posts (if you are my personal friend on my FaceBook you'll be very updated with how I am surviving here in Deutschland) here simply because I have very limited internet access (I do not even check my Instagram and Twitter 24/7 anymore - super sociable now but no friends in Germany FML!).
I have received a few emails and comments left on my entries regarding my Korea Travelogue - I will try my best to reply them as and when I can so please bear with me if you do not hear from me immediately (also because I am 6 hours behind SG time so if you email/comment from SG, remember I am 6 hours behind and probably still fast asleep so please do not expect an immediate reply).
Ok that's all I have to say hahaha! Hopefully when I move to Switzerland and live in my colleague's place, she has unlimited wifi else I am going to jump into the Rhine River (no more Hangang because I am in the Rhine area).
Bye and I'll try and update as and when.
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