Monday, October 27, 2008

Flea Fly Fo!

ytd was the lime flea market @ *scape.
cassy and baiyu were also there to sell stuff as well.
marce and my philosophy was to just wait for people to come.
sat there to use macbook,play psp and talk haha!
cannot be too despo la,altho i am qt despo to get rid of clothes.
managed to sell quite a few stuff to cover rental and taxi fare and all la hahah.
despite me lowering prices like siao la hahahaha.
but managed to rid myself of 1/5 of all the things i don't want :D
now to work on the remaining 4/5 hahaha.
maybe i'll give some stuff away la.
all too small,i keep underestimating my size.
actually it's just that i bought them when i was erm,slimmer.
now abit fat cos never exercise so... dun really like it la.
all were saying the sizes were too small and all.
marce told me if in future i want to buy clothes must buy bigger cos not everyone's my size LOL!
no more next time pls!
clothes shall be bought with more discretion now.

marce at our booth! 12B ^^

i put my indo skills to good used.
convinced some guy to buy 2 pieces and even he asked me for a discount.
grandma has this saying that all indos are darn rich and stingy.
but nvm la,ytd was on a mission to get rid of clothes so yeah,gave it to him at a cheap price.
dead tired after packing up at 7pm.
dinner at kobayashi with cassy,randel,baiyu,lester and marce.
walked to OG after that where we met tracy!
home after that then peng liao after supper.
went to makan 5 Star Hainanese Chicken Rice at Katong today with marce.
dessert was awfully chocolate's dark choc ice cream!

packaging damn cute la!

wasn't very nice cos after a few mouthfuls very dry on the throat.
think it's the cocao content that's causing it hahaha.
the cathay to get tix for HSM3 tmr then PS before i had this stupid idea to go mustafa.
then when we got to little india station,we realised it was the eve of deepavali :(
it was a brave thing for us to even venture out of the station for 20 secs and then back to the mrt again.
so anw,mustafa's at farrer park station la -.-"
went home and had shark's fin and fried chicken from the pasar malam near my house.
waited for the bus with marce then came home to play cakemania!
it's damn addictive la. go d/l if you have PSP :D
machiam diner dash liddat only u bake alot of cakes hahahaha.
some random pics from my phone,lazy to post them last time.

Jill Stuart eyewear line! O.M.G!

Mango Ice from Ice Monster at Bencoolen

rarhs,tmr got early tuition.
tas ppl! i'm off to bed hahaha.
Nathaniel - says:
confirm got suan me de
` p a u l a. - 阿弟.辰亦儒.敖犬 (: says:
LOL no lor!
Nathaniel - says:
sure got one.. sure say.. just now xz wanted to imitate me saying yo till his laptop hang
he wanted me to suan him on my blog :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



smth very bad happened to me today.
what i've been looking forward to,mentally preparing for close to 4 months is now down the drain.
so bad i cldn't eat dinner and i even threw away my honey chicken chop cos it wasn't sweet anymore.
am damn depressed.
cried buckets,only to be poured even more buckets of it after that.


looks like i'll be sticking ard more often then.
jiayous to el and me :D
time to eat more chocolates and grow fat&grumpy.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Debt Debt Debt!

just something random. Jill Stuart's releasing this on 1/12 in taiwan.
it's LIMITED EDITION = I prob wun be able to get my hands on it.
i'm reaching taiwan only 6/12 :(
by then confirm sold out de.
the skincare trial kit marce bought for me sold out within 2 days.
nvm,i shall turn to other alternatives (Yahoo! Auctions :D)
anw sch's been alrite i suppose,no sch on wed cos tan YY cancelled classes.
met our class tutor on friday and FYP meeting after that.
went to taiwan embassy to do the visa for mum and her friends before gg to vivo for lunch.
daiso and giant shopping followed by a long long nap at grandma's hse.
met marce at ard 9.30 to go chomp chomp for dinner!
hokkien mee + BBQ chicken wing + sugar cane is LOVE :D
rojak was quite bad so pls dun try it if u go to chomp chomp.
ytd met astley and sH at stage.
they tempted me to buy the mickey mouse series :(
but i managed to persevere haha!
novena after that for dinner along with qinjie and then to sembawang to collect notes from sukie.
i go there acc sH nia la hahah XD
want my jill stuart :D
dying to get my hands on alot of things.
shall discuss migration again with marce hahahaha :D
taiwan is such a fun place to live in.
anw been really up late lately cos i'm addicted to Edward Cullen and Bella Swan!
yes,bought twilight,new moon and breaking dawn from borders parkway on wed with marce.
eclipse was OOS so was quite sad la.
pia 2 books in 2 days and now i'm gonna start on eclipse soon after lunch or smth la.
my dark circles are deepening but i dun care! LOL.
i've never been so addicted to a series of books till this one.
not even eragon considering book 3 is out le and i refuse to get it till book 4 comes out.
i'm dying to read it as well but i dun mind la haha.
not my edward cullen tho :D
anw cassy! how was night safari?
tell me abt it.
lunch is here (it's KFC btw) and my nose is acting up once more.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


i'm having a tummyache now.
which explains why i'm not asleep even tho i have a 10am lect tmr with joel lee.
1st week of sch in my last sem at SP.
4 more months and i'm outta here alr.
the feeling's damn surreal.
our final lap.
damn emo la,many conflicting emotions.
i feel like i'm growing up way too fast,thrust into society waiting to be cheated by the open arms of reality.
bloody hell,why can't we all enjoy life more.
yet at times i feel like growing up is good,it represents maturity.
it's too depressing.
don't want to blog liao.
P/S: Looking at my travel and GYL camp posts now. was telling EC how funny we both looked back then,esp him! MAD SCIENTIST :D i miss the good ol times :( can we have GYL part 2 again? ^^

Sunday, October 12, 2008

BP Active Day!

last day of work on Thursday :(
quite sadded,said goodbyes to all of them one by one.
incl shit who kept harping on my BTT.
i will make sure he forks out at least $50 for my treat.
super bhb if i really do pass cos he irritated me the entire 1 mth and half i was there.
shirley,tracy,xuanzhi,tony and i went vivo to makan dinner after work.
wanted to eat kim gary but the queue was horrible so we went to central instead.
shirley and tracy's treat :D thank you~
after makan we sat there to talk cock abit,last min annoyance of xuanzhi by me haha!
keep annoying him like mad la and he became human sandbag.
kena from all of us girls!
daiso after that to get some stuff and damn crap la.
was looking for qianjun's present (she's qianru's sister!) and i finally talked to qianru after like AGES.
think got 3 years liao since we grad from crescent then no contact alr.
anw went home after that to peng and pack for trial camp.
woke up late for BP active day on friday >.<
i was tired! eelin even later hahaha.
reached alr then go stadium to trial followed by lunch at SPGG.
buffet! yum yum yum. ate alot,felt so sinful :(
after that wait for 7421983712980 years before the event started.
but before that camwhore!

slacking at the stadium seat area

peiying and me

eelin and peiying with messy hair haha!

with nicer hair (:

slacking at the bench area!

daniel briefing 1st aiders

afiq playing with the soccer ball. he hit us leh! super kick~

xueqing and me :D

BP staff running on the track. office people have a life too cos they exercise!(and we students don't haha!)

BP staff listening to opening speech by their head.

apparantly business is affected cos of global crisis.

ex-KR cords shujia(big shot wear sunglasses lol!) and afiq(everyday act cute only lol)

BP teams and their "flags" some team very power,came with towels tied on the rod only -.-"

yinzhi with the "BP Olympics torch"

daniel giving briefing

walking to their various stations

briefing and demo at our station (obstacle course)

weather was scorching!
i become oversteamed pau ok. sunburnt now gahhhh.
adults are damn violent! quote from junhao hahaha.
apparantly they are damn competitive till can elbow,knee and everything la just to win.
i'm serious!
even at my station,crazy one lor omg omg.
talk abt office politics pls.
anw left after that go for tuition and then went back grandma hse shower and makan dinner before gg back for trial camp.
reached alr then trial the mass games and all la.
after that was night treasure race.
paired with yinzhi for that day at stadium.
bloody scary to walk to stadium at night can.
lucky still got abit of light from SPGG.
rotted for 3 hrs with yinzhi before 1st grp came.
we both talk and talk until damn funny sia hahah!
DANIEL'S SCANDAL :D "Lady in Maroon"
talked abt KR and stuff la then admire the skyline.
alot of stars,quite romantic actually hahahaha XD
after that end alr debrief then shower then went to find marce on the 1st train last min.
reached his place at 7am,KO till about 2pm.
bloody tired pls!
went to meet sH after that at PS to get my taiwan stuff.
thanks bestie for the wanwan stuff and taidu shirt :D :D
i love you loads! (shhh dun tell marce lolx)
suntec posb after that to replace his atm card then sakae sushi after that.
story another day after i settle it.
oh oh,camwhored at the bus stop ytd with marce.

bus took quite long to come la haha. we went to pass sirong marce's modem to fix.

bo-liao act cute hahahahaha.

see how sunburnt i am.

arcade to kiap winnie the pooh dolls (have 2 of them! staff dun want let me change them grrrr) and a pocket full of mentos sweets.
came home after that and mfbbt then sleep liao.
saw this on mumu's yahoo blogshop!
i want this la! so cute :D
but only available in japan sia -.-"

i'm really gg to migrate out of sg soon.
marce was commenting and saying that i looked uber excited when i got my taiwan things from sH ytd.
then if we go to taiwan and stay confirm very happy de lor lolx.
but i don't really like the earthquakes,typhoons and floods.
singapore's good cos we aren't subjected to mother nature's wrath.
plus sg dollar is strong :D
but place is too small grrr. nowhere to go pak tor liao le lor!
okok,shall go and shower and meet marce.
i wanna get my stephanie meyer books (like after so long!) from borders.
dintaifung for dinner with the family.
wanted to go indonesian restaurant but it closed down!
i dunno why but it did :(
haven't even tried it la rarhs!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Physically Exhausted

called in sick today for work.
cldn't take it last night.
ytd at work was sneezing,wheezing,coughing and what not la.
all ailments all kena except fever.
used up 2 packets of tissue from shirley's stash of tissue paper haha!
woke up with sorethroat today so i was like all "fuck it la,to hell with the $52! health more impt."
msged shirley then peng go back to sleep.
woke up at 8.30 again to call marce to remind him to register his gems.
that fella fell asleep so i had to register for him at 9 bloody am :(
i think he very suay,always kena the 1st slot haha!
and so exciting la,keep refreshing SAS and all even tho i have no more gems to take.
told him to take maths puzzle this sem and then PFP next sem since he took accounting for Os.
then settle all liao for the gems requirement.
anw managed to secure his place for gems liao then i went back to sleep again.
the sleep was so welcomed i tell you!
felt so so so so so so much better after that.
lunched (mum cooked porridge for me) while we watched 'the rocker' on the com haha.
movie was alright and i got to see emma stone again :D
so not a lesbian,just think she's really pretty and cat dennings too :D
cat dennings also has a new movie coming out hahaha shall go watch it soon.
dinner at amk hub before he left to go for his friends chalet.
didn't go cos tmr got work and damn far la!
oh oh! dinner on saturday at this HK teahouse in katong.
it's opp the katong laksa place,really nice :D
no pics cos i didn't save them after taking it.
apparantly that's how motorola works,still trying to get used to it la.
nokia auto saves pics so.... -shrugs-
anw go try! quite yummy desserts too.
had tang yuan in sesame paste yumness!
burnt my hand on the baked rice plate.
f-ing pain,now there's a huge scar on my right hand.
scab is forming but got 1 part is exposed and it's dead painful now.
work is ending for me on thursday cos got BP active day on friday.
will miss the guys there working with me but not crap.
do not like the idea of what he's been doing to everyone all these while.
esp that scam thing. it's like &(*#&*(&!)(@*&!@(*@&!)(* u noe!
so angry la. hopping mad!
alright,shall go and attempt to do some sch stuff la.
what have i been doing the entire holiday!?
oh the horrors.
oh,sinhui's back in a few hrs! carn wait to meet her soon.
and must tell her abt this crazy dream i had hahah.
i miss her so much!
no one to crap with thru sms at work these 11 days.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


我還在尋找 一個依靠 和一個擁抱
誰替我祈禱 替我煩惱 為我生氣為我鬧

幸福開始有預兆 緣份讓我們慢慢緊靠
然後孤單被吞沒了 無聊變得有話聊 有變化了

(你不知道 多麼重要)


幸福開始有預兆 緣份讓我們慢慢緊靠
然後孤單被吞沒了 無聊變得有話聊 有變化了

(你不知道 多麼重要)




this song is really nice! JJ's new song duet with ah sa.
haha saw this on channel V on thursday then ytd was like singing the chorus to myself while filing lolx.
damn retarded i tell u.
work is like zZzz all the way.
something big happened on thursday then friday was like a battlefield.
kept filing the entire damn day ytd and i was so darn pissed la.
xuanzhi and tony went to warehouse at tuas,left me and shirley at FRD.
crap was on MC for 2 days rawr! dead tired.
anw i found something really nice.

Hello Kitty Resort

damn cool,the entire bungalow is like hello kitty themed.
wonder if the bathroom has a hello kitty bathtub or smth lolx.
but bloody ex anw,NT22,000. that's like 1K SGD sia.
but the house is meant for 6 persons so comes to ard 160 odd per person.




3.Hello Kitty渡假別墅專屬限量Kitty絨毛娃娃一隻(15cm)。

4.Hello Kitty渡假別墅專屬房卡。

5.Hello Kitty渡假別墅專屬旅行組一份。

6.Hello Kitty渡假別墅周邊商品八折券。


got breakfast and tea for 6 included.
free kitty doll,room key,some resort free gift thingy and discount coupons?
and objective,A BUTLER FOR YOURSELF.
like machiam taitai life la. LOL! but so darn ex la.
mum told me to go and ask marce to bring me there next time.
and i'm like siao lor,dun want.
i rather go disneyland or woodstock themed places (:
think i'm gonna die next week :(
supposed to go JB with the mother but carn cos i carn take too many days off work la.
then got BP Active+Camp Trial next friday.
madness i tell,i shall morph into super pau next week.
pls catch me when i fall next week.
ok dead bored now,suppose to go and meet my bf but he's still sleeping and i'm being damn lazy.
sH come back soon! LOL.
she called me to ask if i wanted the hey girl autograph board hahahah.
oh,i went to sign up for the new paper big walk for me and marce LOL!
FOC sia,so happy.
we're all damn budget these days,incl me and cassy.
we shared lunch ytd cos want to save $ plus i was quite full due to mac breakfast.
alrites,shall go and shower and call my pig bf.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!

new timetable's out.
not very happy with the combi cos they're making us go to sch on thursday for one 2 hr lect with joel lee.
TYY's teaching a core module so i think we're all gonna die HAHA!
anw marce's timetable is worse so i shldn't say anything la.
EC's too LOL!
gg out to meet marce later to catch a movie.
haven't met him in 3 days :(
hope it's not too crowded hahahah XD
blog when back.
i wanna migrate to taiwan sooooooon.
sinhui tempted me by smsing me to tell me how pretty it is.
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