Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween everyone! (:
many many things to update hahaha.
last saturday went to night safari with marce for the halloween special.
yes,just the 2 of us.
wanted to get nigel and rachelle to go with us but nigel enlisted alr.
so yeah we both act hero and went there.
hahaha but the queue was DAMN long!
luckily we met zhixiang and his group of friends who had a friend working at the night safari.
and we managed to get tix quickly and at staff price! :D :D
anw i'll let the pics do the talking.
it was relatively fun la altho qt ex at $35 entrance fee.
the normal one. we paid lesser than that hahahah!

halloween horrors by the night safari

to the night safari we went!

a screwed version of dracula lol. he tried to scare me!



some character that kept stabbing her doll. damn scary!

this is fake but still damn scary! esp when it's red in colour.

in the rainforest trail

bridge of no return

she reminded me of kiku

while she reminded me of dawn lol!

entering neverland on the train ride

she was THIS close to me omg.

mutated snow white

cinderella. SHE PUT HER ARM ON ME. thankfully she wasn't scary.


zhixiang and marce!

us in front of the giant pumpkin

marce and the stabbing girl

me and some of the night safari staff

marce and joker!

anw as you can see from the pics the actors were very real-like!
i was qt chicken before we went cos i was damn scared.
but i figured out a way to locate a 'ghost' before he attempted to scare us.
so it was that bad hahaha!
i just kept flashing my camera everywhere then they'll be exposed.
anw yup,shall go next yr! see if got improvement or not hahaha.
this year's one qt cool actually :D
anw anw i've been listening to super junior-m lately!


abandon ahdi for him hahaha!
no la but still,he's darn good.
yes,found my motivation to learn korean liao!
lol anw today's shargen and bumblebee's combined BBQ.
hope nth goes wrong x.x

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hydrolysis totally rocks my world. Not.

i'm supposed to be doing a lab report now.
FORMAL report as well.
this sucks. every monday without fail i'd be stuck doing this shitass crap.
why can't i just for once work ahead of time?!
marce stayed over ytd cos my dad went overseas and i was alone at home.
wanted to do my 1131 tutorial for today but i got stuck at qn 1.
rawrs. i'm having runny nose.
i have no idea why and plus,i had to camp in the toilet during tuition!
i swear it's the coffee bun they gave me cos that was the only thing i had within that hour.
so yes,with wobbly legs i went off to meet marce at the arcade to change his taiwan currency to SGD.
he's rich now,yes! NO NEED TO FEED HIM ANYMORE :D
hk cafe at bishan for dinner before i went home to start on my lab report.
half done alr,but no more motivation to continue lol.
i'm itching to take runny nose medication but that would knock me out cold for a good 10 hours.
considering that i have lab at 10am tmr and it's 12.14am i'd better not >.<
and resume sniffing tmr during lectures as well.
oh hahaha! bf is back as mentioned.
he forgot to buy my longchamp bag from HK airport la!
i'm very sad :(
cos he thought HKD50 was SGD50 and that i'd totally bite his head off if he made me pay that extra $50 for a bag.
but no,some idiot forgot to divide it by 5 so in actual fact,that was only SGD10 -.-"
oh well,it'd just have to wait anw.
am very broke! income is coming to an end soon and i feel the panic alr.
how exactly does one go back to the days where there was no income and one feels financially secured at the same time?
LOL,joke pls.
mum's asking for agnes b bag for her birthday.
i was staring at my bank acc and i stoned there for a few minutes.
dwindling amount,sigh.
oh wells,time to hit my stupid report once again.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I cannot drive in rainy weather!

ahhhh this is marce's latest iPod touch that he forced me to order for him online.
yes,he thought for damn long on wat to engrave.
i have a dumb bf lol.
well if it was my iPod i'd let the engraving be something really simple.
but it's not mine haha! i can play with it though heheh XD
so fun i will d/l all the apps to play wohoo! :D
just came back from a driving lesson.
it was raining like mad omg!
lesson went uneventful.
was too tired cos the couple of days have been rushing reports + sleeping late.
gahhh. anw ytd's lab was freaking funny!
partnered fat again then i was washing up cos we were done for the day alr.
then i couldn't take the thing that you use to suck liquids out from the pipette cos fat has this bad habit of pushing it in all the way.
then me being a typical girl couldn't take it out so i gave it to fat to help me take out so i can wash the pipette.
cos the thing was stuck and he used too much force lol.
anw the pipette broke and he cut his finger.
damn scary! then when we went to the TA to get bandages,they ran out of plaster -.-"
so when the TA came back he announced damn loudly
where's the BOY that cut his finger?
ROFLMAO imagine a 21 yr old being called BOY!
we were all laughing like crazy hahahaha.
alrights,am gonna head out to select grad pics + collect my contact lens + go tuition.
meeting paedo for dinner tonite.
i haven't watched my webcasts! F!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Colours of My Life

ok this picture is up because i feel quite inspired by the presentation during freshmen seminar last week.
yes,i still hate stats.
despite attending lectures for about 8 weeks,stats has once again returned to haunt me.
and here i thought taking stats for freshmen sem was just a past time.
general knowledge i would say.
who cares about the stupid chi square and linear regression?
but. i must emphasise the but.
walked into maths lecture today expecting to learn about matrices.
realised it was part of elearning and we were starting stats today.
had a good nap from 8am onwards! :D
the lecturer put me to sleep while talking about normal distribution.
ahhhhh i swear this is bad karma!
i feel horrified that i actually understand the statistic terms he used all thanks to freshmen sem.
because this just means i cannot smoke my way through freshmen sem every thursday :(
oh boo,double boo :(
am suppose to be working hard at my lab reports which are due tmr.
feeling qt tired and...... frumpy.
i feel guilty for playing during elearning.
so do not want a repeat of mid sems i swear!
I WILL MUG! doubly hard.
each time i plan to procrastinate,which is like 999/10 and no it's not a typo error. it's meant to place emphasis on how much i procrastinate,i will think of that disgusting bell curve.
and come up with 10 good reasons why i do not want to be at the lower percentile.
btw,finally,someone from the teaching staff has admitted that NUS adopts the bell curve system today!
alrighty,lab reports i will love you until 4.30am (cos that's when i'll complete you).
sobs,double sobs T.T

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Elearning should be extended.

hahah long time no update!
mid sems are over altho no results out yet.
don't want them to come out too but still >.<
elearning week is over alr ):
because i don't have to go for shitass lectures at 8 freaking am.
altho there was CM1131 lab on tuesday. bloody tiring omg!
been playing these couple of days.
friday caught 500 days of summer with the chem people.
later sinhui and i went to partyworld wohoo! :D
ytd celebrated gambit sept babies birthdays at breeks.
hahaha loads of fun! pics on facebook.
i didn't even bring a camera cos we are such camwhores that we had 4 cameras last night.
AT LEAST. or was it 5? LOL.
anw monday's tmr.
damn screwedddddddddd.
SP comm meeting soon! headache XD
tmr got 2 tutorials not done yet lol.
and haven't watched any webcasts + 2 lab reports due.
i hate lab reports! they are the bane of my life.
assholtic profs rawrs!
had a feeling to blog today.
my last tuition with chris today.
bittersweet feelings.
i was qt sad on the train back home ):
at least i can still see weiwei for a mth cos i'm teaching her sister.
i gave her a farewell gift then she was so happy haha!
hence my bittersweet feeling. i really had great moments with her la.
when i learnt that stressing myself out just makes me more unhappy.
after i let go,i really began to enjoy my tuition sessions with them all.
haix. ok i shall bathe and burn midnight oil again.
jiayou pau!
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