Saturday, May 30, 2009

Graduation o9

long time since i've updated.
am absolutely dead tired these past few days i can just drop dead now :(
graduation on wednesday!
totally tired on that day cos work has been such a drag lately and we have nothing to do there.
i just wish that they'd fire me la.
honestly,fire me pls,dun waste my time any longer there where i sit there and amuse myself by surfing starhub to help the perm staff determine her cable tv plan.
i need my sleep and my time back! T.T
so yeah,sums up why i was totally unprepared for graduation.
took a day off but mum dragged me up uber early to eat breakfast with her.
like so fked up la,cos my eyes were all puffy and all.
then i lazed ard (i don't even have time to laze ard!) for once then went to shower and headed to sch.
attempted to put make up but gave up on the eyeliner thingys.
they just baffle me totally. seriously!
anyhow,was a bad day cos period came :(
graduation was fun tho! saw alot of people i haven't met in ages :D
pictures all below,too lazy to caption them tho.
oh and my parents came too :D
qt happy actually cos 1st time dad came to sch (:

after graduation ended,night was dark and everyone went ard taking pictures.
have many more pics but too lazy to post them.
went to shokudo with polymer people + mr ho at city hall for dinner.
trev came along cos he was going to marce's hse after that to watch champions league final.
next day went to work like a zombie :(
tutee irritated the hell outta me on tuesday btw.
long story but in short: she's a major pain in the ass,that spoilt brat!
my other tutee on the other hand cancelled tuition for 2 weeks so it's a welcome respite cos i can actually have more sleep.
somehow la. tskkkkkkkk. her mum is wayyyyyy better than the other one.
many many things to do this june rarhs!
friday had to OT when everyone in CPF went home at 5pm.
dammnit pls,just friggin' irritated with work la.
i dun understand why they hire us when we have zilch to do there.
stayed over at marce's hse ytd cos i was too tired to go home after dinner.
woke up uber early to rush home to shower + eat breakfast and head off for driving.
met with my 1st ever major setback for driving.
i totally killed my confidence driving on the slope cos i kept stalling.
my feet today just didn't want to coordinate la fuck.
just fucking disappointed with myself today. haix.
i carn believe i stalled in the middle of the main road cos i cldn't realise the handbrake & move off.
my fucking car kept stalling la shit T.T
instructor screamed his head off after that but was nice enough to let me drive around only to regain my confidence.
end of lesson,confidence more or less regained but i still have a phobia of the slope.
i still think i need more lessons on that slope to overcome this shitass phobia of mine la.
but how,no time! RARHS.
TP's coming up in more than a mth's time.
it's like i'm running against time instead of with it la shit.
mum's off to indo tmr again,so that means i have to settle alot of things on my own like washing clothes + ironing them + housework.
I ABHOR HOUSEWORK! oh and i hate my tutee too.
went to visit karen today! :D
finally saw her lovely little cepheus so adorable.
made me so maternal la lol. babies are just so cute la :D
left for dinner at bedok blk 85 with bf,trev,nigel and sirong then i came home.
absolutely conked out.
i cannot believe i typed out so many things liao.
shall head to bed now.
nites,peace out.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Live Long and Prosper!

yes,i watched star trek alr and it's cute!
esp the guy who acted as jim kirk.
utter hotness! lol.
well,supposed to have tuition today with chris.
but she cancelled on the pretext that she was not feeling well.
so rubbish la,she just didn't want tuition cos i read her latest blog entry.
not sick at all pls cos the only sickness she'll ever have is love sickness haha!
i think she'll freak if she knows i read her blog on a regular basis.
ytd she called to cancel tuition cos she had her 1.6km run and she was tired.
then she informed me of her marks for science which i've alr found out from her blog.
so i merely feigned surpriseness when in fact i almost blurted out "yah i know!" LOL!
damn funny cos i tried to suppress my laughter.
anyhow,high fever last thursday.
almost died at work cos i kept blowing my nose,freezing even with my jacket on in the office.
friday officially stoned with fever - 38.2 degrees :(
so yeah MC :D :D :D :D
rested by sleeping non-stop at grandma hse and on saturday had to give melissa & vincent's ROM a miss cos i still had a fever.
so sorry cousin! wished i was there tho.
and yep,caught angels & demons on saturday as well with marce,mum and cousin.
sunday was sinhui's 20th (:
we went to k at cine lol.
after that star trek before acc her to funan to get her hard disk.
damn funny la - "PETER" from Tension >.< (ok,internal joke)
this whole week no tuition at all.
feeling darn happy cos i can spend time with marce and actually go home for once.
like before 10pm. if not i'd be stuck outside till damn late.
so disappointed with tutees! tutor them until i sick oso fail.
sian la. nvm,i shall just...endure.
alrighty,i'm gonna go and watch tv!
wohoo missed 3 weeks of mfbbt alr but this week i watched every single episode!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Toilet Break

omfg my legs are damn tired.
i refuse to blog.
much to say,much to do.
oh and i miss my bf loads.
haven't seen him much in the last 2 weeks :(

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Baiyu's 21st + mistersex dinner

picture heavy post!
long time since i've updated hahaha.
this past week has been just busy busy busy busy for me.
don't even have enough time to sleep :(
last saturday went for baiyu's 21st at pasir ris home team chalet :D
met huatjin at amk then we trained to pasir ris and met up with alan.
cabbed down cos we didn't want to walk all the way in.
so sorry cassy for being late! blame your son hahahaha.

party of pink! we spotted them from afar hahaha.

with birthday girl baiyu (:

baiyu and her darling beh huatjin.

alan with his tight and gay vest & baiyu lol!

she catered and had a BBQ as well. it's qt funny to see so many pink people gathered in one place.

with our present! i printed that card last min hahahaha that's why i was late.

alan looks like a rat scavenging for food.

azhar loves him! see,so gay hahaha.

we forced alanb to take off his vest then huatjin took it to wear.

all of us (:

i really miss the classmates!
it's just so much different now that everyone's so busy with their lives.
well, i still meet lilian for lunch 3 times a week and i'll occassionally see the rest once in awhile but it's just different from when we're in sch 24/7.
had so much fun laughing at alan and huatjin at the party la!
alan scared the shit outta randel as usual.
i think he should just leave randel alone la!
later randel take PPO against you then you know lol.
anw thanks for the party baiyu and happy belated to you :D
trained back with huatjin and cassy after that.
met cassy in the morning to go to serangoon broadway to rent our robes!
it's damn ex and i paid for it out of my own pocket :(
lunched at boon keng with cassy then chilled at the cathay's starbucks after that cos it was still early for my tuition.
it has been a long and dreadful week for me at work.
on monday they made us take our temps cos of the WHO alert.
then busy time for me cos kept doing alot of claims.
so somehow i survived the week and ended up with nothing to do on friday.
had to act damn busy in front of my boss la.
i seriously dislike this alot tsk.
if want to slack,oso must act as if got smth to do la.
so anyways,tuition for 6 consecutives if you count sunday's on.
i was so tired on monday that i wanted to strangle my tutee (chris).
then on tuesday it was fine until thursday where i had chris for tuition and i wanted to throw her down the block.
from her blog,i reckon she didn't do well for her english paper.
her mum better not KP me or i'll smack her AND throw her hello kitties down the block :D
oh and vandalise them with permanent marker before doing so.
i swear she will go berserk (:
so yeah,after tuition on friday went to meet kiku,xl,yukee & sham at dome :D
pictures! (sorry kiku,these pics are non-PS)

these people are my life (:
i haven't met shaminah in ages and now she's going off to brisbane in july to study!
but it was definitely fab to meet them again.
i shall channel chris here and say,i HEARTzxc mistersex! :D
ok i honestly have no idea what does the 'zxc' stand for cos i don't know what goes through the minds of P6-ers these days.
after the 3 of them left,xinling and i walked all the way from wheelock to rocher for tauhuey :D :D :D :D :D :D
i had a fab time talking to you slothy dearest!
and i just remembered how we met in P5 at chinese tuition rmb! LOL.
then somehow you magically appeared at crescent and we became classmates in Sec3.
oh btw,tauhuey was great!
i abhor soyabean cos it smells damn bad but this one is damn good!
no taste at all and it's darn soft (sounds wrong haha!)
cabbed home then cldn't wake up today despite the racket the funeral was causing below my block.
it went on for ages i swear,like 4 hours! damn noisy.
suppose to meet marce to help him study for his quiz next week but i was so dead tired i just slept through my alarm for 3 hours.
yes,it rang that long!
i feel so bad that i haven't been spending time with him lately.
i'm either too busy with work or tuition or meeting my friends.
i see my friends even more than i meet my own bf and i feel so sad :(
but it's alrite,i shall make it up to him soon :D
he's going back to taiwan in june and he'll be gone for 2 weeks so i must spend more time with him before that.
rarhs,so many things to do yet so little time!
went for astley's 21st at his place today.
pics up when i get it from him tho.
uber tired now,shall blog abt it when i get the pics.
i had fun today as well (:

Friday, May 01, 2009

Sentosa...and burnt!

sentosa trip today!
feeling really sleepy tho due to the lack of sleep from previous nights.
well,i woke up late as always hahah!
breakfast with my parents then took the mrt down to harbourfront.
twins were there alr,zhiwei & gang late -.-"
samuel drove us in to sentosa.
went back to our usual spot again,at palawan beach.
i'm totally burnt la :(
shan't elaborate much cos i was qt moody ytd and we saw disgusting people.
she's so darn cute la hahaha.

palawan beach (:

super gay pose - zhiwei haha!

this one also another emo kid - samuel. he disappear like 40% of the time la.

all our barang barang! 6 of us + ed's,mark's,linus's,jennifer's and 2 other people whom i dunno lol.

they were playing volleyball and i don't like to play that so i just took pics (:

twins screamed each time the ball landed in the water and splashed on them haha!

the 2 "act hunk" guys lol

stephi hiding among our bags! she's so cute :D

upclose and personal with stephi

us (:

the beach was super duper crowded!
all the banglas and china people swarmed the entire place la.
and we saw the weirdest people there.
even saw a bapok :(
very eye sore! too bad i cldn't take a pic of him.
he was so so so so so sick!
after showering,dropped lilian and litong at vivo while he 4 of us headed to katong for bak kut teh.
after that i brought them to ice cream chefs near st pat's!
went there once with marce,nigel and rachelle and since it's nearby we went there hahaha.
samuel was the driver for the day :D
i want my license and a car plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
they kept looking at the girls there la - the guys weren't very nice plus i was dead tired.
went home by bus after that where i slept and woke up just before my stop hahaha!
back to work on wed - i walked in to find my desk in a mess :(
but it's good to be back at work (:
kinda like my job,now that we're getting along qt well with one another.
thursday had the magnolia ice cream thingy at CPF.
then our bosses were qt nice,treated us to ice cream :D
we all had 2 servings at a go - felt so darn fat after that hahaha.
met marce for dinner after work on thursday.
been very mean to him these days cos he's so darn annoying!
wanted to buy havianas at NUM vivo where i found a design in my size.
since my SP admin card has expired i wanted to use his.
i was so mad i kept biting and kicking him the entire time during dinner.
in the end the design that i wanted was sold out alr la :(
damn upset but oh wells - i have a no good bf who has no common sense -.-"
qt irritated when i cannot find my size stuff so maybe i'll just order it online or smth.
i want my brazil black slippers! rarhs.
my skin is hurting like mad - think i'm sunburnt gahhhh.
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