Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random Notions

ahhhh i just found these 2 pics in my hp taken on the day of QAS paper.
apparantly our dear class rep/potential uncle got very hungry.
haha,huairen dun come after me with a cai dao hor.

Alan:*eyes cheesburger*Ahh food,glorious food!*stares at cheeseburger intently*

Alan:*chomps*I better stop evil Paula from taking pics of me secretly lest people know how I ate 2 cheeseburgers at one shot for lunch.*drools*

haha this is so funny! been meaning to post it up but i guess it slipped my mind when i went taiwan la.
well,cooped myself at home lately cos i simply cldn't find the mood to go out.
watched ratatouille on sunday tho! :D
i noe,damn slow la me,but it was damn cute!
remy totally reminded me of how jasmin calls eelin a hamster haha.
sorry,dun kill me. i bought u spongebob from taiwan! does that help? ^^
yeah then just pretty much rotted at home la.
wakeup,eat,watch dvd,spree,eat again,watch more tv,sleep.
that's my routine la :D
sch's starting in less than a few days and i'm so not looking forward to it.
whole sem all core modules leh.
plus,taking up korean on fridays. how to juggle!? XD
nvm,persevere. for marce (:
whoever scheduled the timetable isn't helping either.
tues and thurs till 6pm :/
the rest all till 5pm.
friday is officially doomsday for me. 8-5 with only 1 hr break in between.
then 7-9 continue with korean.
i must be mad :(
but oh wells,shall be optimistic :D
i have to be,if not,how to survive.
oh wells,shall return to more bumming b4 i dun get the chance during the new sem.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


stayed home today to bake some cupcakes and since there was no mentoring today,late late sleep in for me today :D
yeah,wanted to bake cookies too but not enuf time le haha.
sorry amelia,next time yeah ^^

wohoo~ choc cupcakes baking in process.

rising up and up!

the cupcake batter. it was almost full leh. imagine how many me and amelia made.

these are just my half and more cupcakes to come!

ta-dah~ the final products.

haha we attempted to make muffins out of it but erh,an accident happened.
so yeah,we had squishy muffins that we threw away in the end.
alien,now u got confidence in my skills leh mah?
lolx my 1st time making cupcakes so was quite afraid it wld be a repeat of the brownies i gave marce last year.
if u dunno the story,let's just say the brownies weren't that tasty as they looked X)
apparantly the cupcakes came out in various shapes sia.
fa gao,hippos and mushrooms :/
so much for baking skills huh.
nevertheless,had great fun today! let's do it again leh amelia!
this time,bring ur mixer can? haha our arms totally died mixing everything leh.
okok,just stopped my summer x summer dvd for awhile to post this online.
the kitten cookies dough still in my fridge leh.
think maybe tmr i'll attempt to make them bah XD
utterly upset i missed the encore for HSM2 cos dad accidently cancelled all the channels on SCV.
turns out the temp ppl who took his call mistook his intentions so i awoke with absolutely nth on tv.
but nvm,made the bro d/l it for me.
ok,really want to resume my dvd watching.
my stomach is still full from the rosemary chicken cheesy cheese bites from pizza hut.
bro and i ate like mad. i seriously need to go on a diet or hit a gym soon.
gahhhh cya.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Taiwan Trip (:

okok,i know i'm super late in posting this up but better late then never rite?
yeah shall brief thru my highly anticipated trip to taiwan (:
hopefully the pics will make up for the boring narration i'm prob gonna type la haha.
alright,here goes!

day 1: 310807

here's me and mum in the background arriving at taoyuan international airport after a close to 4hr flight from singapore. by then we reach it was like dark cos taiwan apparantly has short days and longer nights. fyi,the in-flight meal was :/ i had a hard time swallowing the erh... noodles. oh and i fell asleep from watching shrek 3 cos i spent the night b4 packing and getting too hyped up over the trip hahaha.

we stayed at royal castle hotel along chengdu rd. not some 5-star hotel la,we not that rich. well,it was qt cosy la and this is the room for the next 10 days! :D

xi men ding. the equivalent of orchard rd to taipei youths. of cos it's cheaper then town la but still,this view is damn nice cos it's FOREVER lit up. our hotel was located within this area so u can pretty guess where most of my cash went la huh haha.

tamagoya house. it's this themed restaurant which serves dan bao fan. it's like rice wrapped in omelette yeah and we did go in to eat one of the nights la but no pics tho. i was lazy haha.

we did spend like the remaining time ard 8-ish till 11pm shopping ard xi men ding la and pretty much all the food outlets were closed except for...YOSHINOYA! haha budget sia. anw taiwan's yoshi is super huge set la! take the above meal,it cost me like...$5SGD? yeah it was that worth the money. oh and no salmon/ebi there as well. but they had pork la.

day 2: 010907

breakfasted at dunkin donuts then it's damn nice cos there was this place for customers to eat above the entrance.

another view of the cafe.

we went to breeze centre which had kinokuniya at the upper level so all 4 of us(mum,sH and her aunt,myself went nuts buying things there haha). mum went crazy over comics,sH,her aunt and I over mags + pictorial books. kinda got lost along the way la so we went into this 7-11 shop and asked where breeze centre was the person was like "it's next door(displays a diao face)". i was so pai seh can haha. yeah so after that went to SOGO zhongxiao. there was 3 SOGO dept stores in taipei itself. whole taiwan got approx more than 10 stores and the funniest thing was all the 3 taipei ones where located in the same area.

ah ben! haha he's from bang bang tang btw. the 18 jin bu jin actor. him and da ya were there for some body shop event la. we were so close! omg!

my fav hshmm!! daya!~ omg faint sia.

yeah after that headed back to hotel to prepare for marce's sis bday celebration la.
it was like meet the parents for me la :/
i was scared out of my wits but i survived so yeah (:
went to dozo,this really authentic jap restaurant.
sorry leh sH,i din noe we were gg there at all. haha think i din have an appetite that day due to nerves and the eagerness to see marce! ^^

kim's bday cake. kim's marce's sis btw. this cake is damn nice la! mango! :D

bday girl kim (:

i'd kidnap him home but i think marce will kill me. marce's nephew aining (:

day 3: 020907

morning went to taipei 101 le. went to new york new york first then warner village and finally shinkong mitsukoshi.

marce and me (: outside warner village the doraemon movie promo there. haha.

sinhui and i outside at the main street there. behind us is shinkong mitsukoshi. there are like 11 outlets la T.T

taipei 101! the tallest building in asia.

went to wu fen pu,this place that sells ALOT of clothes at cheap cheap prices in the afternoon after gg to eat lu rou fan. haha no pics cos i was too excited to chiong and buy clothes :D
headed to shilin night market after that. yes,THE shilin night market.
wah utter madness mans. alot of cheap stuff there too! and the food was like PHWOAR!

they had these little stalls like smth similar to our pasar malam la then marce and i went 'turtle-ing'. lolx the whole idea is the hook as many turtles as u can into this pail then the more u get,the bigger ur prize la.

i hooked the biggest turtle of all! :D

now this is what you call a SUPER HUGE zha ji pai. haha.

day 4: 030907

marce drove all of us up to taoyuan's leofu village which is this themepark la. haha and the theme was arabian hence the aladdin lookalike castles behind.

us (:

now we can add another animal name to his list: flamingo XD


behind us is this ride that's like escape's wild wild wet. i highly suspect we copied them :/

leofu village had diff parts of the entire park la so this was the country western one.

bliss :D

marce and i at danshui. we went there after coming down from leofu village la. haha alan! ur xiao lun lun grew up here leh!

danshui lao jie. here's where all the food is la. danshui is this coastal town and qt a hit with the tourists la. we bought like alot of foodstuff here like tie dan,mua chee,meatballs,ah gei and i carn rmb le lolx. no pics either cos i was lazy :/
yeah and this was where they filmed secret. din really explore the entire area except the main food areas la. i noe jay chou filmed the movie at this sec sch in the area la. carn rmb the exact name but saw it in the guide book. exactly from the movie.

day 5: 040907

marce and i went to baxian le yuan a water themepark while sH they all went to shop la. haha but along the way of gg to meet sinhui & co.,marce brought me to guandu wharf.

apparantly,this giant statue is not that famous but u can see it from danshui which is directly across the river. serious haha i saw it myself. damn cool sia.

i look tiny :(

made another pit stop at danshui qing ren qiao(lovers bridge). it's at yu ren ma tou(fishermen's wharf). if you follow entertainment news lately,fan fan and a-mei just held their concerts there. yupp.

us on the lovers bridge (:

night view. we went to had our caricatures done by this lady. wait until night then draw finish. haha so not showing it cos we look bad! lolx.

day 6: 050907

at yangmingshan,taipei's highest mountain.

marce anyhow drive up then the place became damn foggy cos it was raining. does this look like a scene out of silent hill? freaky.

us again at some wen quan place.

mum and i at the wen quan,soaking our feet? lolx it was free wat.

driving to miramar entertainment park ^^ he's not bad. seriously. i meant driving skills la lolx.

mo tian lun from huan huan ai! haha XD

we koped the deco inside the carriage to pose lolx.

i found this highly disturbing as we descended from the ferris wheel. LOL.

night view when it's all lighted up.

miramar! or.. huo shi bai huo ^^

we went to raohe night market after that. here's the bf at the entrance. nth fantastic here altho i did buy alot of snoopy stuff like a clothes hanger and what not la. oh yeah,kiapped alot of things here too! haha gigantic paus!

big and tiny paus (: mine's white. his is brown. lolx.

day 7: 060907

morning went to nei hu where i went crazy buying nike from the factory outlet. haha oh and bought alot of foodstuff as well. all the wang zi mian and what not all came from there.
headed over to wu fen pu again cos we din shop much on sunday and i din take pics again cos i emo marce was leaving for camp that evening le T.T
yeah then he left at abt 4-ish after sending me and mum back to hotel to put our stuff la.
qt happy yet sad cos i finally met him after so long apart yet gotta seperate again la. but oh wells (:
i cheered myself up by gg to dintaifung to eat xiao long paus haha XD

glorious paus~~~~~~ haha i love taiwan man!

went to watch midnight movie with my mum and sinhui.
'no reservations' was so-so la. anw taiwan movie tix damn ex la! but got popcorn + drink la so i guess it was the experience la :/
haha highlight of the trip: EARTHQUAKE.
yeah the room was shaking,my tv was shaking,heck the bed was shaking.
and the first thought in my mind was "is the couple above too vigorous?" lolx.
turned out to be tremors from yilan's 6.6 magnitude earthquake.
scared the shit outta me but it was an experience man.

day 8: 070907

haha finally taipei zoo! i felt cheated cos i watched this show b4 and they said got pandas inside. so i happily went in searching for ervin's relatives but the only thing i found closest to a panda was a "lesser panda". no joke,there was such an animal. haha. oh wells (: maybe china? ^^

haha ron and i at zoo mall b4 breakfast.

koalas. reminds me of weiming. hmmmms... kiku? :D

gigantic turtle! and super WOLS.

the frog was supposed to be the main exhibit but i guess fishie decided he wanted tian ji for breakfast.

sinhui and i. ah... i see ervin joined us too haha.

this is damn cool. reservoir water out of this tap.

elephants anyone?

this looked extremely disturbing too. dun ask me why.


went dayeh takashimaya after that tho. erm,nth much cos it was renovating :/
headed back to hotel after that cos all darn tired le la haha.

day 9: 080907

morning shopped at ximending area. i went nuts at mei gui chang pian hang hahaha. i think they made alot of $ outta me sia lolx. shopped till ard evening then mum and i went shilin AGAIN.
yes,it was too tempting not to go back cos we din walk finish actually that time.
so went there to push/squeeze past alot of ppl.
practically died-ed inside so after like 2-3 hours there mum and i went back to hotel le.

at night sinhui and i went holiday ktv to k la obviously. our milk tea! faints. for both of us sia.

huge room for the 2 of us lolx.

touch screen song list! we 2 swaku then din even noe what the small screen was for haha. apparantly taiwan ktv cos this super cool feature! haha can switch voice de leh. damn funny!~ we laughed like mad when we sang 5566's cun zai in ya tou's voice lolx.

day 10: 090907

CTV is just opp marce's house and wohoo~ calvin! ^^ so gonna watch this show.

went back to ximending for show's and rainie's signings la. pics pls go to sinhui's blog to view cos it's all in her cam. i took video only.

day 11: 100907
early early start to the day.
spent like 3 hours trying to cram everything into my luggages but apparantly it wasn't enuf.
so i ended up coming home with 5 luggage instead of only the 3 i brought there.
4am set off for taoyuan international airport for our flight.
12noon it was back on singapore land le (:


i honestly miss taiwan alot! i think this trip was a really special one for me cos sH and i planned everything la from the start to the booking of air tix and lodging and besties 1st trip leh!
plus,i got to see marce! :D i carn tell u how happy i am to be once again beside you marce. honestly. i love you (:
anw,just wanna say a huge huge thank you to marce for driving us ard and bringing us all ard taipei for that 5 days. really appreciate it (:
to sinhui,thanks for making this a memorable 1st trip for me. hope we have many many more trips to come! ^^ hope it was as fun it was for you la. sorry abt dragging u to the dinner thingy again. i feel bad :(
let's go HK some time to find boy'z! whahahaha.
or korea. u go find TVXQ,i go find my kim jung hoon.
oh wells,i'm sleepy. posting this took like more than an hr.
peace out.
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