Sunday, November 20, 2011


that's my mood now. taking time off now to blog abit cos i'm quite panicky now.
need to calm my nerves somehow.
dad talked to me abt getting a job in polymeric companies today over dinner.
truthfully, i just want to get out now to work cos i hate sch a lot.
don't get me wrong, i love the people i hang out with in sch but i absolutely dislike all that cramming of nonsense in my head.
call me cynical but studying was fun back in those days.
nowadays it's just to get us that stupid paper called a degree.
yeah people always tell me school is always the best times of your life.
I AGREE. i just disagree that studying for exams and causing u so much stress is fun.
isn't our purpose on earth just to procreate?! ugh.
anw tmr is my first paper.
may the gods bless me with the will to last through until tmr.
the vicious cycle of memorizing will resume tmr after that paper for my 2nd paper on wed.
i did attempt to study abit for wed's paper but cannot rmb alr la.
i'm not a genius cos if i were, i wldn't be panicking now :)
and wed's paper has negative marking FML TTM.
&!#(*!(&#(*@&*)&#(!&#*(&(*!&*(&@*(!#&*&#!*( <---- string of curses
i swear tmr this time i'd be watching huan zhu ge ge or smth LOL and not mugging like i shld.
oh wells, i better head back to my books.
everyone, mugstrong :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

You Are The Apple of My Eye

Finally went to watch this movie on Thursday after my bahasa Indonesia test.
In depression cos the test was a killer.
Came home and made bf go out with me to watch movie hehehe.
Wanted to watch this movie and go to Sephora to get new stuff.
Will post the Sephora things if I have nothing to do in the hold :)
Been totally dying ever since I heard from bf that this is a must watch movie!
And of cos dearest 敖犬 is one of the actors inside so must watch :)
Totally melted at the storyline. I strongly recommend everyone who hasn't watched this to really go watch!
And prepare tissue paper pls hahahaha!
I was telling Juyin today how I totally cried at the end of it.
But it's really a very heart warming movie.
So yeah I was thinking that I don't have a very fantastic or novel-worthy love story to share...
But I have an extremely long love story with my entire line of idols!
Thought I'd share it with whoever is reading this hahaha.
Paula's secret fangirl idols.

No.1 in my list... Kian of Westlife.
My 1st love leh omg <3
Started liking him in P5 and I'm really sad that Westlife is going to disband next year :(
Damn sad can. I can still remember all the lyrics to their old songs and they were the 1st band I ever saw live in concert.
I started liking them since their first album and I think I still listened to their songs for like several years after that but I don't really know the recent ones la.
My wish when I was in P5 was to go to Ireland because that was where they were born LOL.
Anw hopefully they'll come SG as part of their farewell tour next year!
WILL DEFINITELY GO :D (If I have the $$ LOL)

Kian Egan

Ok so after Kian I moved on to liking Energy in secondary school.
Quite a huge transition crossing from English to Chinese Pop.
No.2 on my idol list is....Ah Di from Energy.
He was like the majority of my secondary school life.
Ah Di, Niu Nai, Kunda and Shuwei :)
I still remember all those queuing for autograph sessions, skipping CCA and school just to go queue early (crazy, I know hahah) and buying endless albums just so I could go up to sign that extra time lol.
I have like ALL their albums, even the latest one. I have like 4 copies of a certain album la. Wth right? LOL.
Sadly to say, they disbanded already but I'm still following him on Weibo.
At times, I remember the times his voice made me feel so much better back in those days.
Energy4ever! :) We used to sing their songs non-stop at KBox hahaha! Nowadays all I sing is K-pop songs >.<

Ah Di

At that time, Fahrenheit was also very famous hahahaha!
One of the bands I started liking since their debut.
I watched their first ever drama and totally fell in love with Calvin :)
Don't you think he's really cute? That smile :D
I just saw him last year when they came SG for their signing of their latest album.


So moving on after secondary school life, No.4 is 敖犬 from Lollipop.
Energy really laid low after Niu Nai left the band and 敖犬 was part of this upcoming band from the Channel V show.
At first I was like pfftt who is that.
But after watching a few episodes of Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang in Taiwan I was hooked.
Started liking Lollipop in poly. I think the most memorable memory I have of 敖犬 is watching their I Am Legend concert in Hong Kong!
Like totally coincidental that they were having a concert while Sin Hui and I were there on vacation so we decided to get tix to their concert.
First ever concert overseas for me :)
Nevertheless, now that there's only 4 of them in Lollipop F, he's still my ultimate favorite in Chinese Pop together with Calvin from Fahrenheit.


Ok so moving on when I went uni I was quite in between songs then.
It was mainly chinese pop songs for me ever since secondary school but somehow I managed to step into the K-Pop zone in Year 1. And the list grows longer hahaha! SO MANY LA.
My 3 loves from Super Junior: Donghae, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk. HAHAHAH.
I think by now everyone knows who is my favorite.
My DSLR is named after him already LOL.

Dong Hae

Lee Teuk

Eun Hyuk

My bias from SHINee: Onew!


After watching You're Beautiful, I became a fan of Jang Geun Suk :D
He's now one of my favorite K-drama actors together with Joong Ki oppa.
I think the part where he really smiles in the drama is what caught my attention.

Jang Geun Suk

My next bias for K-drama actor: Song Joong Ki.
I first saw him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.
OMG THIS IS REALLY THE AGE OF FLOWER BOYS CAN. (For the record I don't like anyone from Boys Over Flowers)
So charismatic!

Song Joong Ki

Ok, my final 2 idols are actually the ones I started liking in 2011 only.
But they've debuted since 2006 so they've been around for quite some time.



I love how charismatic TOP oppa can be irregardless of how he looks. SO SMEXY PLS XD
And GD was really a surprise cos I was smitten with Tabi at first.
But as time went by, looking through videos of GD&TOP during their promotional period, I think I fell under the charms of Kwon Jiyong too.
I'm like a closet GD stan but if you make me choose who I like better, TOP or GD, I truly cannot choose.
Both are equally precious to me :)
But,there's always a special one in my heart.
You will always be the apple of my eye :)



Wednesday, November 09, 2011

To be a man

My brother enlisted today. 2 weeks later, hopefully he comes out a man :)
Quite sad actually to see him go through such a thing called army.
But oh wells, hope he enjoys it inside.
Although we don't really talk much to each other, Jie Jie still loves and care for you alot :)
Be safe my dear brother!
Anyway am super full from eating Botak Jones just nw. Think my arteries are totally clogged nw wahahaha!

Shall go and study for my bahasa Indo test 2!
Haven't started, totally lepak after oral test ytd lol.
I had a ball of time watching 康熙來了. Funny max pls! After tmr it'll be full blast mugging!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Till you come back, everyday is yesterday

very addicted to this song!
truthfully i've never heard any of tablo/epik high's songs before tablo joined YGE.
then i listened to 'Bad' from his latest album then went like, hmmmm not bad.
after that part 2 of his album came out and i admit i only listened to this song cos taeyang was singing in it.
go listen to it~
anw today was my bahasa Indonesia oral test.
ytd had a mini panic attack as well as 1 hour before the actual thing.
can't believe 1 whole damn semester just fly by like this already.
1 more semester to go before graduation.
had many great memories from BI2 this semester despite the ibus treating me as invisible -.-"
our project presentation was fun! :D

at our final group rehearsal

going through our lines

before the whole presentation thingy started

after everyone was finished! with our 2 friends from Indonesia & Ibu Yenty

yup despite not being in Ibu Lucy's group this semester (ya, me & hidaya have a secret liking for her la lol cannot meh) we got quite a good group too this semester :D
did a skit on Sumatra and all we could think of was the Orang Utan lolololol!
anyhow am very sad to see bahasa indonesia end so fast because out of all my modules, this is still my 1 true love: languages :)
chem modules suck ttm btw lol. <------- pls agree with me
maybe i'll go take level 3000 next sem.... *ponders*
the thought of going to Batam is very tempting haha!
better than having to memorise tons of bahasa Indonesia that normal people wouldn't understand la.
ok, am quite bored now.
just downloaded the Blogger app on iOS!
hopefully it'll make me blog even more.
i swear i cannot live without my iPhone EVER!
in the event of a fire i'd grab my iPhone and charger first followed by all my SME photocards (internal joke haha!).
after that then grab my wallet if there's time i suppose LMAO.
alright, bro is going to enlist tmr.
can't wait to see his botak head later during dinner :D
P/S: if you are reading this, do click on the nuffnang ad on the left ok :D i'm quite broke!

Monday, November 07, 2011


To all the haters in the world who called Daesung a murderer and GD a druggie, this is for you.
Because without all that hate, VIPS wouldn't vote like mad just to win it for them.
May this be the start of many more good things to come :)
P.S: Week 13 just started, tons of assignments and CAs this week.
Pray I survive till the end of exams! PEACE OUT.
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