Monday, August 13, 2012


this is how I feel at the moment

this is probably what I'll feel everyday :x

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Life is... Good :)

hey all, long time no see haha.
thanks for still reading the blog despite the lack of updates simply cos... I'VE BEEN LAZY :D
I'm not ashamed of it so.. HAHAHAHHAHAHA.
so picture heavy post cos... that's how I remember what went by during the weeks la :P
I'm learning SHINee's Sherlock dance now every Friday with bff, Juyin & Wanjun.
it' of the most challenging dances I've ever learnt simply maybe cos I'm older now and more retarded in memorising stuff hahah!

so Wanjun showed me this the other day. SO FREAKY!!!
I mean I love my photocards and all, if I had to list 10 things I'd escape out of the house with, they would be on the list seriously.
BUT DOING THIS WTF! delusional fangirls D:
Oh and Adabelle, Alan and I headed to NTU last friday for our dearest Eelin's convocation :)
my 1st time in NTU hurhur IKR. I mean, I almost ended up going there to study lol. 

Eelin :)

Li Tong also graduated that day so here's us with the twins! :D

I met Jun Han there haha! Cos his gf was commencing as well :D
asked him why he didn't turn up for my commencement then he said I didn't invite .__."
no heart say no heart la, what invite LOL
can you tell why Eelin & I are friends? Cos we wear slippers with formal wear one LOL


Her flowers that the 3 of us bought for her




We went to Starbucks at Rochester Park to chill before I went for Sherlock class

Polaroid spam!

so the next day I went to ettusais' birthday event at nex Isetan!
with my cousin la hahaha. not much people turned up tho :x
soooooo she got picked as the model for the staff hahaha!

My toot cousin before makeover

After makeover. Chio anot? ^^

Checking herself out

lol I've been to a few of such 'birthday parties' organised by ettusais cos I've been a loyal customer for some time already.
but this time was the one with the least people. kinda weird D:
then there was a new product being launched so they were explaining it to us as well.
AND I BOUGHT IT (don't judge me) LOL
we had Ya Kun for teabreak after that and chitchat till I went home to have dinner with my family.



Buys from ettusais and freebies

Random pic of pasta from Parma's at Serangoon Gardens

met up with the poly gang again for Korean buffet at Novena.
omg mothereff-ing warm sia. we sat outside and it was just...terrible >.<

dress from Hollyhoque :)

no pics from that day cos I was lazy. plus my iPhone camera quality sucks pls.
I need the new iPhone 5 to release right now pls!
so the next day I watched Ice Age 4 with the bf and my mum before church! :D
pics from our late late lunch.

oh I wanna watch Brave too~ #disneymoviesftw
maybe I shall watch Ice Age 1-3 again la hahaha since I have nothing to do also :x
so somehow this Lirong tempted me with her Instagram pics of KFC and....

dragged the bf to kfc before tuition started


I had an interview on Friday morning at a pharmaceutical company so here's me researching on things for the interview while the bf plays Diablo 3 :/

interview ended after 40 mins. I'mm quite traumatised by it.
on 1 hand, I really want the job. on the other hand, I feel like I screwed the thing up. SIGH.

moving on, bf went to Tampines for a haircut since we were at the east side already after the interview then I went home to nap before heading for tuition.
so far 2 tutees have asked me to go become a full time teacher.
but I simply cannot bring myself to do so.
I think as this unemployment period drags on, I begin to doubt my own abilities and what not and just wallow in self despair seriously.
while I believe this is all part of growing up and the Lord's plan for me, I just cannot get over how despite 3 months of finishing school, I'm still unemployed.
the idea of working for my dad doesn't seem so bad right now honestly.
went for Sushi Tei to have lunch yesterday cos tutee mistook tuition timing and I had 4 hours to kill.

Sashimi is mad love!

then bf dropped me off at grandma's house where I finally opened my Infinite Be Mine albums ^^

I love you Myungsoo yah~

But I got Dongwoo's random card for the solid version. Sighed and prayed for Myungsoo next.

Then... Sungjong appeared D: /crying

Finally.... Namgrease. In other words, NO MYUNGSOO WTF D:

depression but decided to move on with life LOL
today woke up uberly early cos the delta girls wanted to go back school for a grad shoot.
only 7 of us came: Myself, YS, Sam, Huey, Kiku, Jerilyn and Nab.
and I made the bf come to take pics for us hahah!

behind the scene shooting lol

koped from Nab's Instagram. Miss the shit we went through those days <3 p="p">

will upload the pics soon so go fb and see la. lazy to post here.
went to IKEA after that for lunch! :D


hungry like mad, we devoured all our food quite fast lol.
happy to make new friends today with Kiku and Huey's bfs HAHAH!
and Marce finally got a chance to see my alma mater.
prob his 1st time in a girls school also hahah #pianyileta
but I came home after that to concuss cos too tired alr.
woke up and went for dinner with the bf at the kopitiam opp the house.
wanted to eat salad but it was sold out.

garlic herb fish

anyway ending off this post with random pics I saved onto my phone xD

From Ah Shin's Weibo. Time for me to jian fei!!!!!!! 

From Ao Quan's Weibo. Love the dogs! :D


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