Thursday, June 28, 2012


hello everyone! it's been a week since my last entry haha. lazy as usual simply cos I've been busy.
busy doing what right you must be thinking? SOCIALISING.
so anw I went for my bro's Passing Out Parade last Friday with the family and bf!
1st time in Pasir Laba Camp. I've marched in SAFTI a couple of times during my NCC days but I've never been inside Pasir Laba Camp except when there's Army Open House.
I can only recall the horrible army food we tried in year 1 of NUS. yucks pls.
how do they feed our soldiers those kind of food?
soooooo it was a bloody warm day that day.
sweated out buckets just sitting in the grandstand area.

before the soldiers came out

during the parade

so my bro's been training to be a Specialist for 6 months already and he was like whatsapping me his posting.
got posted to 3SIR (wherever that is) and apparently quite tough but oh wells, be strong! HAHAHAH
i mentally support you from the comfort of my bed.

Sgt Jerome (my brother)

both of us together :)

ohana! <3

some of the polaroids I took that day

tell you guys something funny. you see the pouch thingy my bro's wearing on his uniform?
everyone had it apparently. so I was like curious to see what was inside, thinking maybe like magazine or like some army thingy that I haven't seen la.
I mean so poor thing, parade so xiong already still have to carry such things.
guess what was inside? NEWSPAPER.
funny like hell hahahah! I LOL-ed really badly on the spot.
so basically everyone was like carrying a few bunches of newspaper la hahah! poor chaps.
then after the whole thing ended we went to bukit merah for crab! yahooooooooo.
oh and mum and I wanted to go to the toilet at Pasir Laba.
finding a female toilet in an army camp is like striking Toto, super damn difficult lol.

so here's a pic of my raindrop man and the pig playing Diablo

new bedsheets from HK! from Ladies Street.

didn't really do much on Saturday cos I had double tuition and I was like rushing all over the place as usual.
so on Sunday it was Chloe's 1st month celebration!
Chloe's my cousin's newborn daughter, 1st of the next generation in our family haha.
so the whole family gathered at my aunt's place for lunch and to see the princess :)

Chloe's cake


Mum and her grandniece (wtf that makes me Auntie Paula T.T)

so cute right?

haha she's uber cute! looks like a carbon copy of my cousin-in-law.
I think my cousin quite emo that her daughter doesn't resemble her at all.
but nvm la, maybe when she has a son he'll look like her instead lol!
after the gathering went to Settler's Cafe to meet up with some Centaur people for board games.
thought I'd be late end up I was the first to reach D: wat logic right?! hahahah.
so we played games like Jungle Speed, Dix It, Pictionary and Taboo till we got bored.
Taboo was bloody funny.
the word to guess was 'Diamond'.
Marvin: Tetrahedral shaped carbon atoms!
Ally & Alan: HUH?!
Me, Andy and Jun Han laughing our heads off.
you know why it was so funny? cos Ally and Alan are both Life Science majors while Marvin's a Chemistry major.
unless you went through CM1111 you prob won't know wth is tetrahedral carbons lol.
FYI it's really diamond hahahaha!
epic moment pls lol!
then the next day I had an interview T.T this time round at Raffles Place so not that bad.
don't wanna jinx it so not gonna talk about it hahah.
oh and I just went through a fan war from Monday to Wednesday.
FML PLS. had to click for Bigbang Alive tickets on Monday and it was hell.
my computer hanged and bf was clicking pit tix for me while Juyin was clicking for me too at her home.
then end up bought pit D: i got really shit seated tix then emo the whole day until they announced an added day!
so Tuesday 10am war again D: tried for seats and managed to get 3rd row but stupid page hanged again FMLTTM SERIOUSLY.
by then uberly frustrated and wanted to kill people already hahaha.
end up shit seated tix then only bff and I bought pit tix again D:
didn't want to die cos if we went for pit both day prob need 1 week to recuperate man.
not that I don't like to go to the pit and watch concerts.
I like, just not with bloody fangirls who are utterly mad.
trust me, even seated tix are dangerous. some fangirl once stepped over me to rush to Eunhyuk during SS3.
bff almost got crushed and fell off the balcony during SS3 as well.
so yeah in the end resigned ourselves to the fate that we'll prob not get anyone to trade with us seated tix.
then on Wednesday, I decided to try the public sales to see if there were any tix left over.
so yeah, Day 2 pit tix sold to a friend who didn't buy that day (she's gonna IOU till August :( fml srsly) and just sold off Day 1 extra pit tix to a stranger.
I don't mind holding on to tix for friends but at such a huge sum :( it's really heartbreaking pls.
so in total, I am still in deficit of $1617 at the moment O.O
ok enough talk on the tickets, nightmare is half over. Sept 28 and Sept 29 come quickly! :D
so ytd Rachelle asked me to go with her to Ritz Carlton for a 1 for 1 buffet :D

whacked the sashimi like mad

plate of hot food

small area :/

choice of dessert

weird macaroon :(

anw the selection of food wasn't that much plus not very nice in terms of taste.
the soups were good but the cooked food was abit meh for my liking.
the har kow and siew mai zomg so bland and the char siew pau D:
even the desserts were disappointing haix.
but it was the company that made up for it :D :D :D :D
missed dear Rachelle so much!!!!
anw off to bid for more photocards on ebay.
till we meet again.
go listen to the video I posted above.
uber nice! mad love infinite :D

Friday, June 22, 2012

This Summer

hello *waves* long time no see haha!
it's been awhile since i've done an entry. (and no, i haven't done the HK entry. don't know if i will OTL)
just here to update on my summer so far.
i say summer cos i'm treating this as a vacation so far. maybe when i wake up in a few days' time, i may have to go back to school soon!
a peek into my life recently with peektures. LOL ok very lame i know.
just FYI, still unemployed and not really looking very actively.
currently maintaining my 'hit the job recruitment sites once a week and send as many resumes as I deem sufficient then slack for the week' routine.
so a couple of weeks back met the poly classmates for.. a meet-up.
somehow i ended up not having lunch with them and we just walked around orchard.
but it was nice, i miss my poly classmates alot! :)

qf and alan emo-ing hahaha!

went to watch I AM:SM TOWN after that with bff,wanjun and aisyah at PS.
omg i think almost cried at Yesung's part and he's not even my bias D:
when wookie cried, i knew instantly bff will cry.
i think if you're not a fangirl you will never understand the logic behind this really.
when you see your biases work so darn hard off their asses to reach such a status today, it just really touches you when they show you that they as well are humans like you and i.
we all have our vulnerable sides and our own difficulties.
yesung oppa said he became a trainee because his family didn't have enough money to send him to university.
he wanted to earn money to let his family live comfortably. and now look at him :')
super junior lead singer. owner of Handel & Gretel Cafe. asia superstar.
dreams really do come true everyone. do hang in there! :)

watched Snow White and the Huntsmen with the mother, bf, Grace, Trev and Ong at Cathay the following day.
for some reason was so tired i slept till 4pm and this picture you see above was my 1st meal of the day.
yup, hence the extra large portion. this is from Aston's btw!
movie was alright. Kristen Stewart looked like Bella as usual (no versatility bleh) and Chris Hemsworth looked like Thor hahahahahaha. Dwarves not very pretty cute and the queen was just creepy lol.
after that the young people went for supper at Swee Choon cos Grace and I decided to not go home so early cos we didn't want the boys to continue playing Diablo 3.
this game is the worst thing invented ever seriously.
i shld have gone to study how to hack into that bloody system and shut the whole thing down. grrrr.
maybe my life will be less miserable.

this is the bomb pls. their liu sha bao. YUMMEH!

this is Grace forcing Trev to eat all the leftovers hahahah! good job! (Y)

anw the next few pics are my photocards collection.
yes, i collect them machiam like how people collect pokemon cards so to speak.
and they are not cheap! some are even out of print already ok. you want also don't have liao hahahaha.
so i grouped them according to entertainment companies.
basically i just collect T.O.P's, Park Bom's, Donghae's, Eunhyuk's, Lee Teuk's, Onew's and Yoona's.
my priorities are: Donghae, TOP, Onew and Yoona, all my 1st biases from their groups respectively.
i only collect Teuk's and Eunhyuk's if they are damn handsome in it lol. selectively la, cos you have to get the album with it and albums, esp the Japan ones, are just downright daylight robbery TMD.
ok here goes!

YG Collection :) Still awaiting my Still Alive albums (Tabi's and Group) to add on more cards.

Super Junior cards. Mostly Donghae's as you can see. There are a few other cards I'd really like to get but as of now, not much $ so wait first hahahah! Maybe I'll get lucky and get it cheaply.

Onew's minus the Japan and Taiwan Sherlock cards

My Yoona collection <3


the new I AM postcards. I bought the photocards as well but still lacking Yoong's. 

so here's the story of my missing Eunhyuk Mr Simple card.
somehow, for some unfathomable reason, I COULDN'T FIND IT FML.
here's why it was so weird to find it missing: i bought Donghae's, Teuk's and Eunhyuk's together.
if i have the other 2, why not eunhyuk's?! where he go?! omg lor.
hahah i hope you can read what i wrote above. wah damn irritating prease.
and that day i found out my Song Joong Ki pics were missing from my SD card.
not even my hard disk ok, my SD card wtf.
i went up to my bf and told him i suspected a ghost in my house who loves K-Pop lor T.T
stop making all my things disappear please T.T isn't it bad enough i have to deal with the stress of being unemployed or being scoffed at for having crappy grades, now i have to deal with the heartache of missing K-Pop items?!
i cannot.. seriously :(
ok, moving on hahaha! so random.
pics i took at RCIA a couple of weeks back to show Maisie on Twitter! cos i was feeling anti-social and wanted to find something to do.
well, yes, i am attending RCIA now. for what reason, i will blog about it when the time is right hahah.
as of now, i'm learning about this faith and i'm enjoying it really.
just got my bible this week and i can't wait to read it and hopefully God will give an insight on His teachings to me.

last last Friday Billy had tickets to see Singapore vs Malaysia at Jalan Besar Stadium for the Causeway Cup so bf and I ended up going to watch the match.
it was kinda a snooze fest for me if not for the continuous chanting of the M'sia fans.
wah damn steady lor their cheers. damn organised too hahahaha.
qt malu to see Singapore fans to be so quiet lol.
but anyhow we drew with Malaysia 2-2 thanks to late equalisers and i think i knew like 20% more about the S-League players already.
i kept commenting that the Malaysian keeper was like a frog lor.
he LEAPS at everything can! damn good. someone import him here please hahaha!

Nigel's idea of a prank lol

after the match went CK's house to watch the Euro opening match so it was 2 matches for me in a day D:
utterly tired by the time everything ended and exhausted the next day (Saturday now if you don't realise)
so 30th Sports Comm went for Durian dessert at Goodwood Park Hotel.
actually I shouldn't say 30th Sports Comm cos only 4 of us turned up -.-"
even our dear director didn't turn up D:
but it was alright cos it turned into a gossip session hahahahahahaha! digging our way to hell.
cos we had alot of time to kill as the dessert was all frozen and tasted yucky when we tried the frozen durian puff.
so wait we did. and chat we did as well lol.
at the end of the entire thing, we took like 3 hours to wait for a cake and a strudel to defrost lol.
yes, just 2 things since we shared among the 4 of us.

pretty Allyphant ^^

then the next day we went to watch Madagascar 3! we meaning bf and I as well as Grace and Trev.
after that 126 for supper lol!
there's a new outlet at serangoon! but take-away only so... tilt your head for the exact address from the pic below rofl.

then last week went to meet up with pri sch friends :D
met at vivo then we went to try Jo's dessert store again!
but she wasn't in so sad hahahha. but it was alright cos most of us unemployed and just basically self-consoling one another about the lack of job opportunities LOL.
please go try Lucky Dessert at Level 2 if you're at Vivocity :D

sinhui's banana dessert which i didn't try cos i don't like banana D:

polaroid spam! LOL

random pic of sunset at my block one day. nice? :)

oh oh oh last friday we went for the Harry Potter exhibition at MBS Art and Science Museum!
was mad excited about it cos it'll prob be the closest i'll ever be to Daniel Radcliffe & Co. lol.

used this that day. I can has Onew lips too :D

bf stole my specs hahahaha gay right?

Flying Ford car! Mr Weasley's! :D

this was the waterfall thingy at the entrance

so basically wat's inside are all the props and costumes from all 8 movies.
it was
i think my most favourite part was all the Yule Ball costumes and the Grand Hall set up!
they even had Dolores Umbridge's cat crockery lor. damn cool.
and did you know Emma Watson isn't that tall?! i was so shocked can.
it just means i have hope to look taller hahahahaha.
so anw no pics allowed inside even though i wanted to try and sneak a few pics but thought better of it lest i get thrown out.
quite malu if that happened hahahaha.
i bought so many stuff from the store!
chocolate frogs, Harry's wand and the official guide :)
mad love the wand! gonna bring it to commencement and take with my robe hahahaha.
pretend i'm graduating from Hogwarts and not NUS hahaha!
and at the same time attempt to edit my transcript with magic and turn profs into frogs hehehe xD

more pics from the exhibition!

my fav HP movie

bf's choice of his most fav HP movie

a couple of days back otw to send my bro back to camp cos my dad's overseas, bf and i went to Old Airport Road to get Lao Ban! :D :D :D :D

craving! :D i really like this alot alot alot alot x 100000

the next day i was meeting Juyin and Lirong to go for California Fitness so I bought extras for them too.
everytime i queue for Lao Ban i always end up with like more than 10 packets.
but it makes my family happy and me happy as well so.. :)
bro brought his back to camp to eat lor hahaha.
okok, post ending soon. if you're still reading thus far, thanks for being so interested in my life LOL! and do continue bearing with my long-winded post ok.
so after Zumba on Monday, went to teach my Korean tutee and she bought me chocs from Aussie cos she went there for vacation.
damn touched :')

my basil pork fried rice

after that wanted to eat Thai food at my place there with bf and I ordered the fried rice and it was so darn spicy I almost died.
gave up after eating like 3 mouthfuls :(
then ytd went for another session at California Fitness with the girls.
this time it was Pilates! felt like i was giving birth with all that loud breathing D:
Soup Spoon after that! :D
went to Lirong's place to shower and get ready for Gambit dinner at Scotts Square later that night.
after dinner had ice cream! :D

pretty :)

today had Strictly Pancakes at Princep Street.
next time even if they invite me I wouldn't go unless they improve their service please.
it was so horrible ugh. kinda spoiled my appetite after that.

bf fetched me home after that and we went to wash my dad's car lol.
here's him being retarded in the car while the person soaped the entire car hahaha.
we waited after that for Grace to end her facial and met the couple for dinner at 8 Degree Cafe near my place too.

the food was alright.. if you haven't tried authentic Taiwanese food.
i mean coming from me who has been to Taiwan for 5 times over the course of 3 years, I'd say the food was more Singaporean flavored than Taiwanese.
but this meal made me want to cook for the bf! Taiwanese food to be specific haha.
for some reason i felt inspired to do so lol.
maybe i'll do it next week :)
this weekend gonna see my niece for the 1st time since she came into this world.
can't wait! :D 1st time auntie here, very excited hahahaha!
alright, have a great weekend dear readers :D
i'm going for my bro's passing out parade tomorrow for the 1st time with the family.
loving how SAF has actually succeeded in making my family alot closer but at the expense of my bro's time la haha!
oh well. blog soon!
SCAMP 2012 is ending tomorrow. for the first time, i'm actually not a part of it.
feels quite surreal. i guess this is how growing up feels like.
time to face society Paula!
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