Monday, May 21, 2012

Back from HK! :)

hello everyone! :D i'm back from HK for a week already hahaha!
lazy lazy me as usual. just stay home and nua.
i haven't been sending out any resumes (FML!) since my HK trip and i keep hallucinating that all the good jobs are being taken away by my peers already :(
but i'm just too fearful of opening all the job sites and looking at my resume (which I thought I did alright since I scored well for it for ES) it makes me depressed :/
nevertheless will do a full blown HK trip blog post when I have the time (i'm catching up on my Rooftop Prince episodes now, where got time!? LOL) but just some things that i've been doing daily every since i came back from HK.

this is now on my bf's car seatbelt! :D cute anot~ mine is scrump :)

the immediate monday upon returning i went for facial with my mum and after that we went to town to shop cos i saw the woodstock tee in Uniqlo in HK but there wasn't my size so i wanted to get it in SG.
bought the shirt and then went to shop for more cute stuff at PS :D
saw this bag and my mum was like 'NO!' even before i said anything hahahahahahahah!
i think she knows me too well :x #foreversuckedinbywoodstockandpolkadotsandredthings
my backpack is spoilt from HK (actually not spoilt la but the inner layer is peeling) so i want to get a new one. MCM? ^^ i alr told jace to help me check it in US. if not when I go Korea in July I'll get it!

so i'm not sure if everyone's bf/bro has been sucked in by this lousy game called Diablo 3.
LOL it's the stupidest thing on earth cos bf plays it non-stop daily!
wake up play liao. last thing he does before sleeping is also play this.
60 levels nia wanna play how many times!?
ytd we went to CK's place to watch the Champions League final and the entire time before the match started the guys were all playing this -.-" yucky games.

met up with the Bahasa peeps on Tuesday before my worst nightmare Hidaya flew off to Hainan for 3 weeks.
funny like hell mad love them <3
esp Victor and Teng Wen with their nonsense chatter hahahaha!

Mas Hidaya before she goes to Tiong land

so Eelin was sending me this weblink that replicated Lao Ban's tau huay receipe and I went to try it hahaha!

I don't dare to let other people try cos even though the smell and after taste is the same, the initial taste is different! maybe I should fine tune the way I do this la.
if I do I'll be uber rich muahahahahaha!
so anyway there are so many things I would love to do (now alot of time but I lazy to do wtf right) like for example:
1. Be a domestic goddess like Nigella Lawson
2. Be a fantastic guitar player so I can be cool
3. Learn the art of SLR and be a pro photographer (possible career path if I succeed)
4. Relearn Korean and Japanese so that I can up my language skills and possibly get higher paying jobs
5. Nua and hope a job falls on my lap after awhile :x
6. Strike TOTO 1st prize and not share with other people the pot
ok i'm rambling already :x
just this week I caught 2 movies!
What to expect when you're expecting + 21 Jump Street!
Bought the McDonalds Hello Kitty doll after watching What to expect when you're expecting on Thursday after the movie by forcing bf to have supper at macs.
Mad cute right?!

went shopping with Grace on Friday before our chicken rice steamboat date with the rest.
was super hungry and I finally tried I (heart) taimei!
wah the Sour Plum Sweet Potato damn shiok! must try!
didn't like the drink (some passionfruit thingy) though.
the chicken was good :D

 so finally tried the chicken rice steamboat Grace is always raving about at Golden Mile Tower.
it's nice! go try people hahahaha! something different but a lil ex.
and go early cos uber crowded! we were damn lucky to get our table cos it was slightly empty before the dinner crowd came.

bestie's birthday on Thursday and we had Sushi Tei for lunch at Holland V cos we wanted to go NTU Alumni to sing k.
mad happy for her! she finally got a job :D
i cannot believe i witnessed her accepting the job *cries tears of joy*
she has been searching like mad for a suitable job and i'm really really really happy she finally got a job she likes.
whereas for me...... *emo*

haix. i honestly have no idea what i wanna do with my life.
today my dad showed me an article on whether people wanted to be a Wealth Creator or Wealth Manager.
i've always thought myself to be a Wealth Creator.
my life was full of brightness in poly where I was happy in what I was studying.
I really understood the joy of learning and feeling passion for it.
yet now, having gone through NUS, I'm just really a lost soul searching for something that I feel is long gone from me.
really hope someone can give me a direction soon.
okay, less emo talk.
gonna watch my last ep of Rooftop Prince before I catch up on my Running Man episodes lol.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

소주,맥주,막거리 and.... 박하탕!

listening to Sistar's 'Alone' as i type this entry. super addictive song, go listen! :D
feeling abit woozy too cos drank too much alcohol T.T LOL
today is a v happening day wohoo~
woke up late but die also must change my HKD today if not i don't have time alr.
plus mum always says that we should change our foreign currency on Wednesdays cos the rate damn good (dunno what logic but i just follow hahaha!)
and true enough, TODAY HKD DAMN GOOD THE RATE :D /happy
bf went to pick up some stuff and we passed by Antoinette's at Lavender that area.
everyone must go and try their macaroons! so bloody nice! altho ex :x i did spend $16 on 6 pieces :/

so yummy om nom nom nom~ hahaha! cos i had macaroon craving a couple of weeks back already so bf was like 'just go buy the macaroons while i go pick up some documents' yahoo!
after that went to change my $$ and... discovered treasure hahaha! I FOUND ANOTHER OUTLET OF LAO BAN SOYA BEAN CURD! :D at raffles place mrt~ by accident somemore. really machiam strike lottery leh lol.
so..... macaroon craving + lao ban tau huay craving all fulfilled in a day! :D
i'm ashamed to say i bought 15 at one go cos i treated my tutee's family to 5 and i gave my grandma they all another 5. kept the rest for myself!!!! (and my bf la of cos but all mine wahahahaha!)
so rushed from raffles place to tanjong pagar to give my mum the tau huay then rush to woodlands and then down to Woorinara cos i was meeting Sinhui & Jace for dinner! :D
poor bf was my driver but nvm la, since i'm his maid. we're even now! LOL
after dinner went to Sinhui's house to chill and bought a bunch of Korean alcohol (look below)
and the crazy girls saw the 박하탕 at the mart and bought it.
FYI 박하탕 is the sweet in Rooftop Prince that Yoochun made Park Ha eat lol.
for some reason we always like to pretend we're part of the drama.
last time did the foam kiss from Secret Garden now Rooftop Prince.
wait we Yeon Woo and Hwon and Yang Myeong Gun ok next time? O.O

1st time see her so high over whipped cream

she has a dark secret: she was once addicted to whipped cream lol

evidence hahaha!

major fun with the girls cos i haven't seen them in ages! think the last time was SJ's concert in feb lor.
hahaha and take stupid pics like (look above) dafuq ahhaha no face already but i'm like semi drunk already right now.
anw more fun things to come tmr cos i'm having MEATBALLS!!!! *runs like a Ravin Rabbid*
just something random: i want a minion for my birthday this year lol!
i keep telling my bf that. hope he really gets me a minion for my bday hahaha!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My phone is my life

am bloody bored these days (hence the increase in blog entries) due to unemployment.
somehow i have more 'me' time now than ever, heck i could finish a bloody k-drama in a day lor without having to worry about waking up late the next day.
did i mention i caught up on all my Running Man episodes that i was lagging behind within a day #otakugirl
hahaha! anw pics from the last day of exams :D
went out with the chem buddies to holland v for lunch after TM.
i think i was kinda cranky cos i woke up uber early that day to revise but couldn't remember shit anyways.
had everything with fries :D

shared this with kee :) cos i wasn't hungry
anw not v nice also :x

group pic :) <3 my NUS buddies alot :D

after that juyin and alvin went home but i had alot of time to kill before tuition so i wanted to just stay out la even though i was sleepy like max. $ v impt these days given my unemployment state ugh.
sooooooo ervin suggested going to this place at holland v behind some building.
HAHAHAH funny how i never knew such a place existed before :x

brownie :D

the ice cream was nice! i had the brownie together with the hazelnut ice cream despite my sore throat.
nvm, just whack. paid the price the next day cos i had to go see a doc due to my sore throat and flu.
plus i didn't want to fall sick in HK so better get more fluids in!

here's a pic of my childish bf who was sitting in the children's section reading some Avengers book lol.
oh did i mention we watched Avengers today? :D it's sooooooooooooooooooo good! my fav is now Capt America even though I liked Thor's movie most out of all la. Iron Man was just pffffffft.
kept nudging bf whenever Capt appeared on screen cos he's sooooooo cute /insert lovey eyes
hahah! after that we went to I12 Katong to meet up with Nicole after so long!
omg it was just so awesome sitting there and talking about shit stuff after so long.
happy :)

had Ramen Play for dinner then Max Brennar for dessert.
the waffles was to die for seriously! Apple Pie and Cinnamon waffles :D
shiokkkkkkk :D feeling extremely sinful but nvm la, tmr try and run i think.
on monday i attempted to be more healthy and started to do some skipping rope at home while watching Discovery & Health channel (more on that later).
wah lau i started for like 10 mins then.... gave up and walked to the fridge and took out my Royce chocolates, ate all the last 8 pieces, drank my Pokka green tea and flopped on the bed. #likeaboss
HOW TO DIET LIKE THAT YOU TELL ME!? wanted to lose some weight before i put on more in HK :x
tmr meeting my girls for woorinara, thurs going IKEA for meatballs and friday going buffet with Dream Team LOL.
ok that's it, diet starts after HK!!!!!! grrrrrrrrr.
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