Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Retainer Free! (:

my student that i'm tuitioning gave me this on monday.
clearly babies first month celebrations have gone up a notch alr -.-"
that,people is a blueberry muffin with icing.
the tiny feet is damn nice la. but damn hard.
my teeth were dying while i attempted to eat it.

anw saw this when we were at suntec ytd.
HAHAHAH a room named after yours truly (:
i didn't know i was so popular la. jk la.
but this room was situated outside the toilets so maybe it's just a cover-up as the janitor's room or smth.
nevertheless i did the most stupidest thing today.
was in town in the afternoon having lunch with the mother and at the same time trying to borrow books.
had to leave for dental after that to go tighten my retainer.
so went to the bus stop and i saw 175 approaching.
i mixed it up with bus service 5 :(
these 2 are the new additions to the bus stop near great world.
so yeah i ended up in freaking bukit merah,5 minutes till my dental appt.
851 and 16 all ran away when i was running towards the bus interchange.
so in the end waste $ to cab down to tbp :(
but now i need wear my retainer at night only! woohoo~~ :D
no more grossing out ppl with my "fake teeth".
my father calls it that FYI.
oh yah eelin! i went fareast and saw dresses! -eyes light up.
retail therapy next week or i'm turning up at app dinner in labcoat or smth.
oh and we're moving soon.
the feeling's not as bad as the previous one cos at least i noe i wun go hungry there.
i miss the prata,mee goreng,duck & chicken rice there.
and the bro's putting his drum set there.
neighbours beware of waking me up at ungodly hours of 8am on sundays.
prepare earplugs pls cos i'm not professionally trained in drumming.
ok peace out ppl
tmr gg JB! (:

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


omg i went to sch straight for 2 days la.
-faints. yeah so anw ytd was in sch planning nightwalk for FOC.
OMG FUCKING SCARY LA W4 &W5!! oh and mlt 2.
i'm so not gg for trial nightwalk.
nevertheless,i was late for the meeting cos i was slacking at home till 11-ish.
then we went to walk the route and i freaked out. badly.
i made youwei walk in front and afiq behind me so it was like human sandwich and i was holding on to a badminton racket and i was still scared!!
the places i mentioned gave me the creeps till the hair on my back was standing up la.
anw,option's out. yeah so hope my new class is nice.
hope everyone's happy with their new classes as well (:
then like accompanied eelin to sch to hand in her appeal letter this morning.
saw a really funny sight at dover mrt.
skate club dressed up as ninjas and wrote notices on A4 paper,stuck them to their decks and tried to get the new freshies to sign up for their FOC.
omg i think it's such a good gimmick la.
maybe i'll consider that for publicity. hmmmmmmmmm.
but bloody funny and ingenius la!
"will skate for money" & "unemployed power ranger".
went vivo after that with eelin to meet youwei cos he wanted to buy bag.
then that fella was late again. as usual -.-"
so he bought a sling bag from zinc and made me eye a bag as well.
but i'm broke cos my pay's not in yet so i carn buy it yet.
plus,trying to convince my mum to get it for me instead.
save my money. wahahha. so evil.
yeah then we went marina sq to kajiao ervin and youwei and i ended up buying shirts.
i bought it for marce la haha so yah...
pretty much spent the whole day liddat la..
oh and looking for a dress for app dinner!!
why all of them so 'lantern' base one arh!? tmd.
k la i wanna go shower and sleep.
bloody sleepy.
ciao ppl.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mentoring BBQ

wow, never blog for 1 week alr.
HAHAHA lazy me :P
nevertheless,i've been bionic for the past week mans.
lived thru another HELLWEEK of mine.
gosh i'm so like psycho pls. nvm.
lemme see since monday i almost died la.
went ECP on tuesday to finalise stuff for the BBQ.
died of heatstroke + lack of sleep + buttache there LOL.
then while i was sleeping so happily at 12mn,SOMEONE CALLED ME.
omg *&$@&*()&*!&)!@_*
some ppl will know why la. haha.
then i was kinda grumpy on wed morning.
yeah so went NUS for the roadshow then it was damn pathetic.
sinhui and i had to resort to asking our own friends to sign up so it wun look that bad on the sign up list. haha.
sorry eelin XD
anw that place is damn boring la.
i was so mortified by the fact that uni students are so freaking cheapskate la.
$10 oso cannot bear to part with. geez.
oh and we saw snr gowri there! she's in medicine la,future doctor wannabe.
shucks la,she's damn smart.
oh then during the bazaar there was this "dj" walking ard introducing the stalls.
den he was so trying to imitate daniel ong la and he totally failed cos he sucked really bad.
plus,he skipped our booth cos think he din like us la cos we laughed at him for trying to be like daniel ong.
yeah then thursday me and sinhui just sat there and slacked till ppl come up to us then we promote the card.
we were like practising our signatures on the notebook.
wahahahaha,damn lame la.
and we even packed up earlier. hiak hiak.
and on friday we played monopoly there cos we simply cldn't be bothered to promote the card.
in the end the whole gimmick worked cos our game was interrupted MANY times then the sign ups that day was fab man (:
yah BUT sinhui and i all died at kenny's property la.
we both totally bankrupted by him lor.
never ever play monopoly with kenny cos he'll build loads of terraces(houses) then upgrade them(hotels) so whoever lands there will die horribly.
haha so highlight of the week came ytd! :D
yeah was like self-highing there myself la.
i think i was abit siao ytd -.-"
aiyah,pictures say a thousand words.

afiq got bored waiting at the shelter so he wanted us to bury him in the sand. here's ailin and amelia doing the job.

afiq wanted breasts so there you have it. CUP SHAPED ONES. the right one was half gone LOL

me,eelin,peiying,shujia and yimei :D

BBQ committee for this event! woohoo~

us once more. DCP1AB26 rawks pls. haha (:

yeah so had loads of fun ytd cos made loads of new frens :D
then like we were burning tissue paper to build a campfire by the beach,singing camp songs and wat not.
damn fun la haha.
went to bedok interchange macs to makan with some of them after that then we took like one of the last few trains back.
i'm damn lucky cos i caught the last 195 bus home in time so no need waste my $ cab home.
came home damn exhausted but chatted with my darling online for awhile.
even changed my template ytd haha. yah then talked to nas,ben and chinliat online oso till 3plus?
woke up feeling still damn sleepy today la.
went to watch mr bean's holiday with the family at cine.
HAHA make good use of my e2max member privileges man.
$7.50 tix ^^
the movie was so lame pls. i only laughed at 1 part.
but then again,i'm not easily amused.
gosh the trailer looked damn nice la. orlando here i come! wahahha.
anw tmr gotta meet afiq and discuss the nightwalk in the morning.
gahhhhhhhhhhh gonna sleep early tonite like at 9pm or smth.
my eyes are crossing every night pls.

Monday, March 19, 2007

123.... Mu Tou Ren!

gahhhhhhhh. i'm sleepy la.
albeit my 12 hr sleep last night,i was quite irritated to be awoken by my dad this afternoon for lunch.
they waited for me for lunch and knowing me i took my own sweet time to get ready la.
in the end lunch was at 3pm (:
but at least we finished all our food cos we were hungry :D
nevertheless,came home to youtube all the way till just awhile ago.
HAHAHAHA i'm morphing into yimei le.
i'm hooked onto hei se hui mei mei!!
anw,kidsread ytd.
i swear i was considering ponning it but i only went for 1 session the previous week then pon abit not nice rite? so i went :(
and gave up precious sleeptime.
and with a huge humongous zit on my face.
i swear it's hideous!! sH's aunt commented about it on friday when we were closing counter.
so embarrassing la!!! wth wth wth wth.
and there were thousands of ppl at e2max that day.
which means the whole of singapore saw my ugly and big pimple!!!
gahhhhhhhhh. which explained why i stayed home to hide today.
okok dun digress. back to mentoring.
poor eelin kena whack by one of the botak twins cos that fella pulled his hand out of mine and WHAM! into eelin's eye.
so anw went jp to makan after that with yimei,eelin,afiq,adrian,helang and binghui.
then go back sch met peiying and serene.
i so extra la not from app dinner comm.
haha but anw thanks guys for helping me with the campsongs and costume parade thing!
much appreciated~~~~ i shall not torture u for camp then.
mwahahahaha jk la.
anw we sat there for like hours la while they attempted to decorate the mugs for app dinner and i was coaching afiq with his qi li xiang lyrics.
now i got myself in deep shit cos he's bugging me to duet with him.
like wth &#()!*_(&!(*)^*&@^!&*@)_*#()&#*(&@^&#
firstly,i carn sing! got bad memories regarding my voice. kena say i sounded bad b4.
so... singing shall be confined to kbox sessions and in the shower.
secondly,stage fright!!!!
yeah then after that we went to clementi to makan.
went home and knocked out after calling marce. haha.
i feel kinda bad not gg back for march camp lehhhh.
as in for cadets night and muster parade.
but i feel so detached from crescent nc la.
it's like constance batch is the last batch i noe la.
and like... now got 2 new batches of juniors i have absolutely no idea who la.
sian. anw think i've stayed on the com qt long alr.
time to go. bye ppl.
shall attempt to get rid of my pimple.
carn stand them! who invented pimples la.
f it la.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Newfound obsession

i have a certain obsession with a certain fall out boy.
u must be thinking like omg,pau actually listens to english songs la.
erm,yes i do.
only if they don't give me a headache like the stuff my bro blasts everyday.
i'm actually getting kinda sick of chinese songs.
cos that's all my ipod plays every night.
not exactly the nicest thing to wake up to jing wu men pls.
nevertheless,i've been extremely lazy today.
whole family ordered macs cos we were too lazy to prepare lunch.
yes,mother included. she just cooked soup only.
i suggested macs cos my ever so lovely mother wanted to cook PORRIDGE for lunch.
omg la,no way pls. gag pls.
that's the last thing on my mind that i ever want to eat for the next 3 mths.
anw blogger is annoying me pls.
my entries always appear a day later. is this happening to everyone else too? or is it just me?
if it's just me then i'm so gonna write an email to them la.
ok i gtg run and get ready to meet eelin.
gg for mentoring FOC meeting later.
ugh,gotta see ppl we absolutely abhor.
bye ppl.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


marce is out clubbing again.
gahhhhh i really hate it when ppl club.
club = alcohol.
i just have this thing against alcohol la.
i lost my uncle to alcoholism (serious) so i just really dislike drinking excessively.
and knowing that turtlehead,3 bottles is definitely the minimum man.
i mean,abit like half a glass is fine la.
like i also drink abit la but not at the rate where you get drunk la.
wth. oh wells.
anw,been working the past couple of days at e2max.
boredom~~~ haha. sH and i have resorted to going SAS to mock lecturers.
LOL (:
nevertheless,nothing much lately.
too busy to watch movie and nothing to watch alr.
eelin and i wanted to watch norbit then not showing liao -.-"
nvm,jb here i come. hahaha XD
gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mentoring is driving me nuts.
aiyah,long story. ask me if u have nothing better to do.
and kiku+sloth. i carn send the zoo pics via gmail.
dun ask me why,ask my server/lousy computer.
when u go msn,msg me or smth la if i'm off.
see if i can get online or smth.
last resort is i upload everything on imagestation once again.
ok,i'm sleepy.
peace out.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Birthday Wishes for MARCELO (:

u're finally a year older alr so be a good boy okok.
hahaha. nevertheless,i've finally recovered!!
sort of.
i'm still coughing like mad so that's not really counted la.
but watever :D :D
first and foremost,i feel so bad go pangseh-ing mistersex ytd.
ok,i admit was lazy la ok.
bedok not exactly the nearest place on earth you noe.
and kiku wasn't going! only cos nut said azlin was appearing only at 1.30 and not 12.15 like she did.
-glares at nut vehemently.
you still owe me haagan daz pls. i'll remember that for life pls!
all those smses. tskkkkkkkk.
yeah but my mum was whining about how oily and unhealthy malay wedding food normally are then she started saying about whether i wanted to end up sick all over again.
so there you have it.
i only woke up at 11.45am fyi.
so those with pics pls send me (:
much appreciated ppl.
nevertheless,mentoring on saturday was like battlefield pls.
i was half dead due to the lack of proper sleep. (rmb the hourly intervals? yes,it still persists)
but i still had fun la. made friends so it was gd :D
yesterday was mediocre considering my father drove us to KAP there to view some land for his dream bungalow.
in the process we saw a monkey in the nature reserve getting run over by the stupid driver behind us.
imbecile pls. it was damn poor thing la.
never mix animals with civilisation. that's why we gotta preserve the rainforest man.
anw that stupid driver drove off w/o even doing anything la.
idiot. hope he next life become a monkey.
ok,so the verdict is out.
i'm moving out of my house and back to hell i.e. serangoon north
goodbye civilisation,hello malaysia.
5.30ams for 8am lessons :(
fighting for seats on mrt during peak hours on the way home :(
no privacy :(
assholtic neighbours who cannot seem to mind their own business nor their courtesy/manners :(
pls tell me why i have such a father who LOVES to dabble in property prices without even considering the well-being of his immediate family again.
oh wells. went for work today.
very tired. gonna turn in soon.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Bad Bad Days

i'm still not well!!!!!!
-pulls hair out.
ok,i was abit ok till ytd when i felt damn terrible la.
went grandma hse to rot cos my mum wanted me out of the house -.-
she says gg out is good for me (?!)
yeah so off i went thinking i very strong liao.
haha,act hero abit la.
but apparantly reached there alr makan alr then peng sleep alr.
erm then ytd was feeling damn uncomfortable cos i had phlegm and all stuck up my nose and down my throat.
so imagine all the weird noises u hear when i breathe.
yeah then on the way back i felt really ill despite having KFC (wahahahaha!) for dinner.
ok la,just abit of chicken la.
nevertheless,knocked my head against the cab door when i took the cab home la.
then was already having a headache b4 i boarded so imagine the agony i was when i was in the cab.
totally felt like puking la.
in the end reached home to rest awhile on the bed.
woke up like 15 min later to take panadol cos my head was throbbing in pain.
then PHWOAR everything came out pls.
that was how bad it was. one knock and i puked.
then i cldn't sleep the whole nite cos i cldn't remember what i was so bothered.
kept waking up at intervals of 1 hr la.
till now i still dunno wat la.
anw i shall attempt to get well by tonite.
tmr got mentoring.
that's how long i was sick pls.
hope i'm well enuf to go tmr.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Pathetic Me

haix i feel so unwanted pls :(
everyone's too busy for me.
oh wells,not the first alr.
just now in the shower was like feeling very faint,then i realised shit,no one's at home.
then that wave of loneliness just hit me man.
bf stuck in taiwan for the next 2 fucking years and like haven't seen him in ages despite promises to webcam (he left it in the mum's office).
friends... either working or studying.
and then it just leaves me.
all alone.


i can like actually get out of bed for more than 2 hrs :D
no joke,it feels great and horrible to be out of bed man.
anw ytd went matilda's house (i eventually went) for lunch.
so sad la,i look at the mee siam,the fried prawn and the kong ba pau...
i was salivating la. but nope,no fried food for me for at least the next few days..
so only had PLAIN maggi noodles.
i welcome any change from plain white porridge having had that for like 6 days straight pls so maggi noodles never tasted so nice (:
nevertheless,think most of the cousins found out wat happened la.
thanks guys (: much appreciated.
erm,they celebrated my dad's bday apparantly.
more sniffs pls. cos they had mango cake... -salivating.
yeah,i kinda forgot it's his bday on the 7th + release of exam results & option + our 9th mth anniversary! oops? :P
anw so i digress.
the cousins went bowling after that.
so jealous!!! gahhhhh. but my bro very nicely accompanied his frail sister home and let her play his PSP for 2 hrs straight instead of going to bowl which is like his fav hobby with the cousins la.
yeah then my dad cooked yong tau foo knowing my mum carn cook for nuts and i'd prob end up having porridge again for dinner :D
yum! but i only ate abit only la. as in enough to fill the stomach.
watched E! for the rest of the night after that then slept.
oh wells,shall go youtube now. waiting for marce to come online.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I've recovered. Sort of.

gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. MIA due to illness can be highly justified.
the past week has been HORRIBLE i tell you.
it's worse than attending penny's lessons for 2 hrs daily.
the start of the bloody chain began straight after the family BBQ.
i totally had no food that night (sick alr where got appetite to eat sia)
now to think of it,i think i missed out on alot of food. dammit.
yeah so i managed to survive thru the end of it,only to realise like 10 mins after the last guests left that i had a 38.5 temperature (!!!!!!)
and lack of food in the stomach as well.
so..... bed it was for the night.
dealt with the horrible news the next day then like condition totally worsened pls.
heartache + real illness = utter torture.
erm anw so i seriously spent sunday moping ard thinking i was fine alr just that got fever that kind la.
who knew the next day after i went to the doctor,vomitted twice.
no food,medicine,water could last in my stomach for more than 2 hrs.
and i had began to harbour an extreme distaste towards tablets becos they taste bad.
all the future IC wannabes,pls introduce CHOCOLATE or some nicer flavoured tablets pls.
confirm make big bucks from my family pls. the bro carn swallow them too.
tuesday stayed home only to puke further? lolx.
wed went grandma hse. ended up staying there till ytd la.
every meal also vomit out,and it was all liquid!!!
thursday my mother cldn't tahan me puking after every meal despite taking med then she took me to doc then i had a jab ON THE FRIGGIN BUTT.
it hurts pls :(
after that still vomitted once at night after dinner i think.
then survived friday and most of ytd safe and sound w/o vomitting only to do it once after i reached home la.
my roasted duck *sob sob sob*
neverthless,i really learnt smth from this whole experience man.
man(or woman in this case) are always at their weakest when they're ill.
i caught myself crying over marce when no one was awake deep in the middle of the night.
but i've really come to terms with it alr. no joke.
i think it's becos he talked to me constantly while i was stuck in bed, smsing me everyday and talking openly abt it la.
if he din do that,think i'll still be qt affected by it.
because somehow,everyone was too busy to just talk to me abt it and i felt really neglected.
so thank you marce (: i love you!
carn imagine our hp bills tho. lolx.
anw might be gg matilda's hse later.
for lunch(the rest of the family). me,maybe go there to make my prescence known since i carn eat anything fried la.
oh,and i swear i had HUGE cravings for KFC cos they kept playing stupid 30th anniversary ads that had fish ole(my fav) on it and i saw the stupid cousin eating cheese fries.
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