Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SRRR + Astley's 20th!

SRRR on sunday! CQ20 >.<
woke up DAMN DAMN DAMN early!
5am. never been up so early for so long liao.
earliest oso 5.55am for 8am lessons.
reached CQ at ard 6.45 then went to give out goodie bags.
thanks engchua for helping us keep the S sized shirts!
after goodie bags went to help jiasheng with the girls individual race.
later go rot at HQ there hahaha.
tease engchua like siao abt his wife! LOL!
went grandma hse to shower then after that went to meet the mentoring people at commonwealth.
walked over to astley's place to give him a surprise.
damn sia,was expecting to see him dress damn lok cok.
in the end no leh :(
we watched half of Harold & Kumar then makan alr!

Food prepared by Astley's mum

food was alot la!
his mum kept feeding us non-stop so we were all bloated after that.
i couldn't really walk after that. tummy damn big la! >.<
damn sinful meal la,esp his bday cake.

Birthday boy with the cake from Secret Recipe

we sang birthday song le then eat the cake.
it's like taller than me la T.T
and i dun like bananas dammit!
si ervin! LOL. whacks!
went to astley's room after that to zi pai like mad.
they did alot of stupid stuff on the internet which i won't say out at all.

We all zi-pai in Astley's room

HAHAH! I dunno wth is Astley flapping his arms for.

HAHA this pic is bloody funny.

astley took individual pics with us all but i dun wanna post mine cos mine looks damn ugly and i had puffy eyes from the lack of sleep :(
went home after that then peng liao haha!
oh yah just for the fun of you guys.
here's how my cupboard looked like before i cleaned it the other day.



everyone's damn proud of their own room after seeing mine in the previous entry.
hope u guys feel prouder of having a even neater cupboard as compare to mine LOL!
many many things to do this week!
coatings assignment halfway done only.
coatings formal report not done yet.
i'm gg taiwan this sunday :D
grahhhh hope i don't collapse from exhaustion even before i go taiwan.
i need this escape and FAST.
have to walk away from this hectic life and live a little in taiwan with my dearest bf.
i don't even have the time to plan my itenerary la!
i think i shall just go there then OTOT le la.
maybe sunday when i reach then i discuss with my dumb bf hahaha.
i met amelia today! :D
went to watch made of honour~
so glad to catch up with her la.
we must go out more often hor woman!
oh wells,time to do coatings.
bye all.

Thursday, May 22, 2008





slacking is great!
not the after consequences tho :(
well,the past few day's been a whirl.
many things happening once again,taking me by storm.
everyone has their own secrets,their own 不能说的秘密.
i just feel so sad when things don't go what us humans want it to be.
but oh wells,that's life (:
my musings of life,pffffffft.
LIFE GOES ON,so yup,look on the bright side i guess.

to whoever is reading:
if something bad has happened to you today,yesterday, or any other day
we're all on the same boat called 'Life'
rough it out like the millions of ppl out there.

anw i want to go and pack up my clothes.
it's still... in a mess >.<
don't feel like doing anything impt tonite.
guess i'll just leave it to tmr then.
i'm gg to my maid's homeland tmr for the day!
a&w is love mans.
weekend's packed once again.


i love how you're online everyday now,talking to me (:
1 more week,bear with it!
i don't care how much you loved her and her last time,it's the present and future we should be looking forward to.
just feel like telling you: i miss you and i love you (:
we'll be together,just like before.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Speed Racer!

caught speed racer ytd! it's a damn good movie.
go watch :D i normally wouldn't say a movie's good unless it's really good la.
maybe cos my expectations of a good movie's really high.
when ppl find a movie funny,i can find it damn boring la.
like they say it's funny but seriously,it's so not funny at all.
anw this movie's fab! i got dragged to watch this by my mum cos she wanted to bring my 8 yr old cousin to watch it.
didn't really want to watch it after my cousin told me it was so-so only on sat.
but hey,free movie,who doesn't want la ^^
the effects were qt funny inside and the jokes are funny la!
LOL i laughed thruout the whole thing la.
oh and rain is damn annoying inside.
i didn't like him prior to the movie,i didn't like him even more after the movie.
sorry rain fans but the whole 'woo!' thing just made me want to slap him hahah.
ohhhh and emile hirsch is damn hot!
so cute in the movie,except when he's wearing his helmet.
ughhhh. but in the movie poster he looks damn cute :D
HAHA kinokuniya had 20% off during the weekend and i managed to buy leap years book!
altho i managed to borrow it from SP library just a few days ago,i still think it's worth it to keep the book as a momento la.
i love how she writes all the words and emotions up,so surreal (:
thought i'd post this up of my cousin.
himself,matilda and me are the only ones in the whole family who are of the same age.
so yeah matilda's alr 19 and now his turn.
next is me! -hint-

josh's 19th birthday

we went to his new hse for housewarming cum bday celebration la.
had a great time talking to my cousins there!
miss all of you. let's have more gatherings ok!
ohhhh i saw this at taka kid's dept today.
damn cute! qt cheap too $9.90 but i was broke.
so oh wells :(


uploaded them from my phone alr so here they are,friday's CSW job interview.
1st half of the class in formal!

old airport rd and me

litong and me

huat and me

alanie's damn extra! hahaha. qf and me.

group pic!

alrighty,i shall go and shower and get a headstart on my elastomer assignment.
it's due tmr! omg omg omg.
at least this week only has 2 8am lessons.
good riddance to waking up early! hahah.
i feel like gg swimming.
RAHHHHHHH. do assignments!
1 formal report due this week too.
-pulls hair out-

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy 9teen Birthday Bestie!

Happy 19th Birthday!
May all your wishes come true (incl your Prince+Milk+Hero+Arron)
Hope the last year having '1' in front will be great for you :D
and I love you loads (:

(marce dun jealous LOL!)


went to kbox with sH today :D
happy but... sorethroat+blocked nose never help at all.
gahhhhhs but nevertheless,still great to spend time with her!
we took neos after that haha.
if i had a scanner i'd scan it.
i think we're all getting damn old becos apparantly we were both so out of touch with taking neos la.
now the technology all so high tech sia!
i rmb how we used to take like crazy in sec sch sia.
all the $ flew away then~
caught 'what happens in vegas' after that.
qt funny la.
just cldn't stand cameron's wrinkles.
i'm sorry but it was qt disturbing la :(
after that go walk walk ard town then went home le cos sH went to meet her classmates.
show me how sukie's present looks like!
she took pics from me hahaha.
and she asked me last nite whether u liked chip or dale >.<
i dunno leh,i carn even differentiate the both of them -.-"
hope u enjoyed today and din find it boring haha.
u noe the neos thingy was long ago i think of doing it le for ur bday.
cos good memory mah (:
anw went to joshua's new hse after that for housewarming.
damn nice la! i oso want a hse liddat.
haix,sad memories once again la gah~
came home then i pia xing guang da dao again~
jinglun is damn cute! hahaha.
hope he goes far! feel so proud to have a singaporean there representing us sia.
i carn believed i've survived this week!
haven't been having sufficient sleep,not enuf time to do everything.
everything's just so screw up la.
then ytd was the end of the sch week and had CSW interview.
cldn't really think so much cos of the lack of sleep.
i overslept la! in the end eelin and i were both 30 mins late for meili's class.
i can tell everyone's dead tired la.
commitments and all,though different from one another.
after interview went to have a last min attempt to search for sH's present.
i wanted to get smth else for her de but the shop not open!
grrrrrrrrrr. but anw sH,u noe the 2 woodstocks i gave u i also have!
LOL 1 pair de~
yeah went to sign up for BTT le!
it's a damn long wait la 2 and a half mths :(
oh wells,still have to find sponsership for my driving.
dad's abit PMS-Y these days. dun dare to ask at all.
i want to settle my taiwan tix 1st.
ytd i came home after SSDC then i watched abit of Miracle Of Hands then knock out le!
from 7pm to this morning 9am!
in between woke up to reply smses then go back sleep liao.
dead dead dead tired!
felt so good sia. if not meeting sH today i wld sleep till 5pm la~
i need alot of sleep T.T
ROARS here's FO camp pics! qt funny.
have fun laughing at dearest daniel.


this pic is damn sick la! adrian and qinyi while deco haunted hse.

ppl from xiaoshi's grp kena forfeit! haha watermelon dance :D

nightwalk ghosts! chenhsin,me,eelin and afiq!~


lol after nightwalk. the makeup is still there la!

daniel during dirty games prep. check out the huge bag of detergent we stole! hahaha.

daniel:press all the butter down. press press press~ yahoo!

daniel here again playing with the box. he's so so so quirky! LOL.

lalalala. pingpong balls and daniel.

eelin testing the 'coke' we concocted for the dirty games.

wohoo! add more vinegar~

and even more chilli sauce :D garlic flavour btw

daniel demo for the dirty games.

he was dying to do that the whole day la. check out the happy grin!

before dirty game started

me running after cedrick with a bag of flour hahaha

LOL! cheng gong :D look at his shirt. courtesy of your truly.

during dirty game! let's get dirrrrrrrty~

KODAK MOMENT! eelin's 'pee-ing' (actually it was the water hose la haha)

wohoo! 1st group during amazing race forfeit. chicky dance~

2nd grp banana dance

3rd grp watermelon dance! (Note to EC: Check out Evan!)

after break camp! pohloo,me and eelin. i look damn seh

xiaoshi and me

eelin and me

FO camp was great!
cos not GL this time so can slack :D
alot of highlights but it's a secret (:
oh wells,i want go sleep le.
still owe GDD pics and Magenta gathering pics.
i noe i noe,damn late le!
shall find time ok.
peace out.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


i'm back :D
from a life of 1st level of hell to 18th level of hell.
super duper wuper busy!
i'd upload FO camp pics but since i have to wake up in another 4 hrs or so,i'll do some other day.
if i can ever find time la.
my head's spinning and spinning non-stop.
this is by far the worst week of Year 3 life man.
FYP is starting up,albeit slowly,but steady!
came back from FO camp totally drained cos since last thurs FO camp briefing,sleep has gone from less to LEAST alr.
if you get the gist of it la.
monday 8am biomat cannot wakeup :(
tuesday 10am pract cannot pon :(
wed 8am lects!
tmr 8am pract!
friday 8am tutorials + CSW interview!
madness i tell you,utter madness!
2 assignments due next week - C&AT + elastomers
2 formal reports - C&AT due next week + biomat
MST is coming!
why do i suddenly find myself almost to "vacation" out of the blue?
still have no idea what lectures we are attending this sem.
oh wells. sigh,welcome to year 3 life pau.
i pray i dun fall sick.
probs at home,sch,life,myself.
shall go and sleep now.
just typed finish FYP stuff.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


来吧约定在明天 几多点 不管有几个月台
你总会遇见 你也会给我望见


thot i'd start off with a few pics to view and lighten up my oh-so-emo mood of late.

eelin and in our nitewalk 'costumes'

qi feng during C&AT - mr ho sum seng! LOL

c&at prac was damn funny cos aaron did the where is your school trick on meilianty and he totally whacked her head!
bloody hilarious i tell you hahaha XD
have absolutely no idea why qf is ho sum seng but erh,it was funny enough for me to take it down cos he walked ard with it for DAMN LONG on his labcoat.
nevertheless,another emo post once more from me.
sleepless,once more despite me closing my eyelids every single moment in lectures today.
SLEPT IN GEMS. bloody boring i tell u.
i'm sorry belle for suggesting it to you :(
dead tired i tell u!
i can sleep till june if that was possible but apparantly i can't so that's out of the question.
but i still cannot sleep.
ever wonder why you toss and turn in bed for damn long,feeling the lethargy and all but you just cannot fall into deep slumber?!
i think it's my mind.
something's bothering me damnit!
in fact,alot of things are bothering me!
i cannot let them escape from within me because it would leave me feeling exposed.
everything's just dying to come out but i just cannot let it out.
oh wells,positivity positivity positivity!
pau,u've survived so darn long this way,so just suck it in and chin up (:
on the other hand,tuition's done for the week.
3 more times and i shan't see her till june.
i'm alr hanging on a thin shred of line,unsure of letting go and just let myself drop into deep oblivion.
should i? gahhhhhh.
damn hungry now. skipped dinner again.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


i cannot sleep :(
have no idea why i can't do so.
so damn stressed up! many many things to do but they're not done.
when i get stressed up,i do stupid stuff like SPREE so now officially broke.
officially gonna sink into depression soon.
life's happening in a lot of ways now!
watched iron man with ervin,allen,afiq,junda,jackson and cedrick last wed.
movie was so-so,more of a guy thing so girls pls save $ and go watch a chickflick or smth.
sarpino's at le meridien after that for dinner :D
damn nice to catch up with the whole lot of them.
soon they'll all be bald with no hair and i shall miss how they spend ages in the toilet doing their hair.
i told panda that he must call me when he goes to shave off his hair.
shall make a full documentary on it hahaha :D
kept making fun of him and alister the whole night,bloody funny!
oh wells (: meet up more ppl~
thursday mass outdoor games trial!
sat damn long at esplanade with eelin.
DAMN BORING I TELL YOU. shall bring iPod on the actual day.
friday prep camp!
grumpy pau!
everyone kept laughing at my 'costume' :(
ahhhhhh oh wells.
went home sat morning cos mum told me to go and get smth for bro but i slept till 5pm then she just went out herself.
i slacked the rest of the day at amk hub and youtube.
youtube's my sanctuary btw.
it frees me from all that i need not worry about.
extremely irritable lately.
i feel like strangling my tuition kid everytime i see her.
have no idea how long this can go on for.
need the cash,must persevere! ROARS.
it's not as if i can go out and get a job,what with FYP and all.
tmr last day of tuition for the week,jiayou pau!
blood pressure pls stay extremely low and pray i don't burst a blood vessel or anything soon.
met the FYP supervisor from the company today.
in a sense of the project.
hope we can do it.
i'm gonna stay positive abt everything for now.
time,pls come back to me.
sorry if this sounds all ramblish to you guys.
it's the hormones!

all i wish for is to lead a simple life.
where i lay idly in a relaxed place,with no worries at all.
but this will all be nothing but a far off dream.
june,come quick.
i need my escape away from life - taiwan.
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