Friday, March 15, 2013

Staycation at The Quincy Hotel

Last weekend I booked a room at The Quincy Hotel in celebration for the bf's 25th birthday on the recommendation of my colleague who said this hotel had many good reviews.
read reviews online and decided on this and not Hard Rock Hotel as I had wanted because of its close proximity to Orchard Road and my church (Sunday must go church!) plus the deal was quite good in my opinion because it included breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour and dinner + complimentary mini bar snacks and a bottle of red wine.
Booked the Qool Weekend package and total bill came up to around $337.


checked-in late because the bf was being an idiot at home and we almost missed the complimentary baking class which I had reserved places for as well.
stupid me kept thinking it was starting at 3pm but when we reached at 2.30pm, the staff told us the class was just about to begin.
so we didn't have lunch (hungry die me) and just headed straight in to the baking class!
anw will talk about the baking class below.
here's our room for the night!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bangkok 2013

had a short vacation the weekend before CNY to the Land of Smiles with the mother, bf and friends :)
quite a huge group of us this time - mum, bf, myself, Rach, Nigel, Rach's mum, Trevor and Grace! 8 xD
the reason why my eyes are so tiny is cos.... I didn't have enough sleep D:

Us on the plane with Nigel the photobomber

took Jetstar this time around and when we arrived, the immigration area was FILLED TO THE BRIM with tourists! O.O
we had to wait like an hour before we cleared immigration.
the bf jumped the queue because he had to get Visa on Arrival but too bad, still had to wait for us LOL!
arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport and was welcomed by this.
throngs of Hottests waiting for Chansung who was apparantly still clearing immigration (poor you!) where we just were at haha.

headed to the airport transfer from our hotel and went straight to the hotel.
nano sim cards were out of stock so... no 3G access for me the entire trip.
had to buy a normal prepaid card to put onto my mum's Samsung Note and then the bf and I tethered internet access from there.
things we do for internet access #firstworldpains
our accommodation for the trip: The Residence Rajtaevee

Rooms weren't very good as all budget hotels are but it was sufficient for us.
shared the room with my mother and my bf.
our hotel is situated in this alley that could lead us to either Siam Paragon or Platinum Mall, depending on where we were going so the location, thumbs up!
would had preferred to stay at Novotel or Glow Pratunum but let's leave those hotels till another time.

Longkang outside our hotel

lunch on Day 1 was at this cafe in Siam Paragon cos by then we were famished!

See how long our table was

food pictures! :D


after that we went to search for prepaid sim cards cos... die die didn't want to give up on finding them.
too bad don't have :(
machiam the whole thailand ran out of nano sim cards OTL

Rilakkuma store!

Gerrard's wax figurine to promote the Madame Tussaud's at Siam Discovery 
(which I wanted to go but no one was keen FML)

didn't buy much so we decided to walk over to Amari Watergate Hotel which is opposite Platinum Mall to make suits.
walked past Central World and had a ball at the night market outside.

Sweetened Corn with condensed milk

20 baht coconut drink with this prata lookalike that had banana in between the whole thing

Paul's Fashion located at Amari Watergate Hotel where the bf, Auntie Eileen and Nigel made custom suits

after which, dinner by then at Central World's Chabuton which serves on ramen.
not too bad! by then exhausted max and my injured leg was aching already.

Day 2 was Chatuchak Market day!!! :D :D :D
breakfast at the hotel first!

took this cos of the "autopsied" sentence hahaha. it's like... do you have to die first and undergo an autopsy before you can transfer the voucher? >_<

Breakfast wasn't fantastic T.T

no pics then cos by then very warm already at the market and all I wanted to do was SHOPPPPPPPPP!
shopped with my mum mostly, buying office appropriate clothes while the rest separated and went on their own.
we met up for lunch though after 3 hours initially.

I was really disappointed because the amount of shops at Chatuchak seemed to have shrunk since my last trip in 2011.
either I've grown older and found shopping to be less of an interest or the shops have really diminished in numbers.
I prefer to think it's the latter la lol I still shop alot online in Singapore!

Mandatory shot of my loots from Chatuchak. Very little compared to how I used to buy but happy with my buys though. Really good stuff that I found! :D

For the brother and the bf haha!

my bro very cute. the last trip I went with him, Andy and Xuehui and he was searching for this brand called Old Skull at Chatuchak.
but we couldn't find the store at all despite asking the locals and what not.
so I did ask him if I happened to find the store again would he want any clothes from there?
he said yes so I was like okay la, maybe won't be that heng to find it since we couldn't find it at all the last time.
fate had it that I found the store unknowingly as I walked into the smaller alleys and I was like telling my mum... BUY!
since 4 pieces and above it was 150 baht per shirt.
WHY NOT RIGHT?! my bro's a really fussy clothes person so for him to give the ok for this brand, it must be decent la.
and I bought for the bf despite him being there because I knew he wouldn't buy shit for himself at all.
he doesn't like to shop that much and true enough, he didn't buy lor -.-"
found the other store called Vintage that my bro asked me to buy for him as well and clothes were going at 150 baht wholesale too so.. BUY EVEN MORE.
end up he had like 9 shirts from this trip. despite him not going.
I hope I get Best Sister Award please hahah!
oh and did I tell you I introduced these brands to the guys and girls that they bought plenty too :D #bestsalesperson
cabbed back to the hotel after that to put down our stuff and headed to Asiatique because I hadn't been there before.
took the free ferry from Saphon Taksin BTS station.

met Auntie Eileen's friend and his family for dinner at this seafood restaurant!

Group pic

his son was very in love with my bf so this was the outcome..


things sold there were really expensive for Bangkok's standard so didn't buy anything then.
plus after we finished dinner it was late and everywhere was closing already.
next day we went to Platinum Mall!
the kids from the family came too and we had people communicating for us in Thai!
like a cool huh :)
lunch was KFC and Mango Sticky Rice!

had ice cream from a roadside stall.
10 baht! cheap~ 

Coconut flavour

took a tuk-tuk over to MBK Shopping Mall cos by then my leg was in agony D:
bf's first time on a tuk-tuk!

Just squeeze only. Tuk-tuks are quite dangerous actually D:

dinner was at MK Restaurant!


that night after going back we went to Trevor and Grace's room to play asshole dai dee haha!

Supper! check out the filling omg .

next day we went back to Platinum on our own again and it was less crowded.
so whoever is going to BKK, please go to Platinum on a weekday!
trust me, it'll be a wayyyyy better experience.
lesser pushing and all.
had McDonald's for lunch tho.
wanted to try their pork burger and ham & egg pie!

Dips for your fries that you can buy

Samurai Pork Buger

Ham & Egg pie

next day was our last day in BKK and what we did was to just go Big C Supermarket to buy food (HAHAHAH!) and then Grace & I did alot of last minute shopping at Platinum Mall (I know, again!!!) before we walked to MBK Mall.

Guys Candy Crush-ing; Girls Shopping


Oh look at how large those durians are!

Exhausted max!

Final meal in BKK

alright, not much pics this time again because my injured leg was a bother and there was simply nothing much to take la LOL
all FOOD and SHOPPING >.<
I wanna go back again actually!
didn't cover Chinatown and Sampeng Lane this trip plus didn't visit any cafes nor Terminal 21 at all D:
planning a trip with my colleague, or rather, ex-colleague la since ytd was her last day D: to go next year!
hopefully by then I would have changed a job and gotten a pay raise then lol then can afford to stay at a better hotel and shop to my heart's content too.
gonna blog about my staycation at Quincy Hotel soon, after I find time to upload the pictures.
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