Sunday, September 28, 2008

Disaster a disaster

watched bangbangtang till 4am last nite!
so happy (:
hopefully now can carry on with the shows.
really miss my dogdog alot on the show.
and i think youzi is damn kelian but erh,i still dunno how he managed to get into the show la.
now to catch up on hei tang! RARHS.
i'm lagging by 7 episodes liao jialat.
bestie's in taiwan now. so bloody envious.
dogdog~ hahahaha! (marce pretend u didn't read this)
just watched the 藏經閣 MV!
it's damn nice~ carn wait for the OST la.
dogdog is damn shuai in it :D
sinhui come back quick quick with the OST ok ^^
met qinjie today for late late lunch/early dinner at PS.
went to kino with mum before that to get some comics and all 1st tho.
met the paedo and had carl's jr.
after that went to search for some present for his student.
caught disaster movie. didn't want to watch it cos marce said it was stupid and i noe it's stupid la.
the title says so. but since he treat so i agreed la HAHA.
anw the movie is crap!
it shldn't be called disaster movie,it shld be called crap and shit movie.
some guy cldn't stand it he left halfway.
plus some couple brought their screaming daughter into the cinemas.
anyone below the age of 7 shld be officially banned from cinemas pls.
i heard screams more than the dialogue of the movie.
then again,it wasn't that much of a movie.
cldn't get 3/4 of the gimmicks they were trying to portray.
ending was shit as well so in summary:S-H-I-T.
went home after that then pretty much did nth till now.
tmr got it's a brand new week of work with wed as a PH.
pay come in quick!

watch the MV!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


ok long time no post.
been really busy with work.
this week alone alr OT like more than 2 times alr.
and was w/o cassy for 2 days cos she went back to sch for FYP.
(FYI TO EL: Kok Wee says he'll meet us in mid Oct. #&@)(*&#*()!&!(@)
yes,fang wo men fei ji again. rarhsssssss.
damn tired everyday,want to die alr.
now on a super tight budget cos pay's not in yet.
and i have no sideline income as well.
food's really ex at the fc at comtech.
at least $5 a meal. wah lau that's = to $25 a week!
for LUNCH!
got another new colleague ytd.
2 more weeks to sch! carn wait to end work tho.
just want the cash to pile into my bank acc.
it's super thin,even thinner than paris hilton's frame.
oh and my phone died on me on thursday.
out of a sudden.
i swear it's cos it cannot stand the way it's being touched by 'crap' at work (cassy noes who haha!) so it decided to commit IT suicide and screw up the software.
yeah but cldn't go and fix on friday cos town's damn crowded no thanks to F1.
didn't sleep much on thursday night cos was helping sinhui plan her taiwan trip which was in less than 8 hours then.
she went with jace ytd and their itinerary was not even half done omg!
gave me loads of places to go and all la.
thanks sinhui for tabao-ing lunch on thursday! :D
so much nicer than bloody wei xiaobao.
anw yeah went to work on friday like a zombie with less than 4 hrs sleep.
new hawa steamboat with marce,cousin and the new bf.
new hawa cheated my $ la! shall wring zhiwei's neck for intro-ing to me hahah!
walked ard bugis before we went back.
woke up today at ard 10-ish but still damn tired.
went to fix my phone at parkway and to walk ard.
still quite zombie. sorry marce for zoning out a few times.
i am really dead tired from the lack of sleep omg!
using the new razr mum got in june now cos N95 is at nokia now.
and mum wants to use my n95 now T.T
grahhhhhs i am dead tired now.
shall see if i got the mood to pack room or leave it till tmr morning LOL!
meeting paedo tmr for late lunch cum early dinner.
hope he doesn't catch any more kids.
will report him to interpol soon LOL!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Liverpool VS Stoke City

work has been occupying my days as usual.
fried hokkien mee from food republic and old chang kee on wednesday.
the hokkien mee was like all dry by the time i reached marce's house.
damn the bloody bus no.10!
took last bus home after watching stepbrothers at his place.
wah damn tired the next day.
stoned throughout the day at work T.T
tony's really nice,he helps me more than luqman HAHA!
oh yah was late for work on friday cos somehow my alarm died on me again.
either that or never set at all haha!
thursday too tired liao.
friday OT again for 1 hr and a half.
super crazy i tell you! rarhs.
work is piling in non-stop :(
and whenever i get stressed,i eat.
sooooooo snacked alot there la.
popeye's at singapore flyer after work with marce.
YUM to the mashed potato and biscuit :D
was dead bored ytd la.
mum woke me up to go ntuc at amk hub cos she needed food to cook lunch.
spreed there and bought $90 worth of stuff HAHA!
springcleaned the kitchen after that,incl clearing the fridge out and all.
threw away like 5 bagfuls of expired food.
must clear,if not eat up alot of energy.
i think i watch too much energy savers liao -.-
LOL! watched mama mia with marce on com and then we decided to go watch liverpool's match against stoke city.
subway before heading to CHIJMES at the cosafe cafe.

screen showing the live match

us (: i look bad cos i didn't prepare to go town la k. if not i wldn't wear my specs too.

the cafe

LOL! random pic of the other pubs

had a frozen margarita and fries while watching the match.
it was so zzz worthy i gave up watching after half time.
cos it ended in a draw.
basket la! was expecting them to win as well.
can beat man utd but cannot win against stoke city.
it's like a ferrari cannot outrun a......bicycle.
psped diner dash for the 2nd half while marce watched.
came home after that,last train and last bus for me.
quite freaky cos my hse void deck was pitch dark.
and some punks tried to prank me.
ran into the lift tho haha!
now qt sleepy.
maybe i'll go back to sleep for awhile haha.
suppose to have FYP meeting today.
i'm so pissed.
2 times alr! thank god i didn't take leave or anything.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lau Pa Sat

met up with astley and co. on saturday.
went to find astley to go stage to get our stuff 1st haha!
then ervin the panda was late! as usual la HAHAHAHA XD
astley bought the Sophomore II cap and the West Coast t-shirt.
i got my karter cap in tiffany and the poker king shirt :D
ervin came and then alister.
was waiting for the bus to meet the rest at lau pa sat when we saw this!

got a bunch of men and women in red running abt. men were dressed in dresses and shirts. quite disturbing to see at orchard road LOL!

weiping,meryl and alice came to find us and we sat down to makan.
ordered zi char and satay and popiah :D :D
i was STARVING that day cos i didn't have lunch or breakfast beforehand.
ate damn full la see :D


they made me walk from lau pa sat to clarke quay that day sia.
after dinner! oh my poor feet.
for the record i was wearing heels so hence the pain.
left not long after reaching clarke quay with weiping and meryl.
oh yah! junda came to join us after dinner :D

ervin created a new fashion statement: put your umbrella in your bag this way (:

damn funny cos he told us his umbrella hooked onto some woman's bag la!
HAHAHAHAHAHA he carn kill me cos he's in army now so (:
yup both him and astley are in NS alr.
so is cedrick from what i heard.
allen POP liao lor omg! so fast.
sooner or later all of them sending 'red bomb' liao.
meaning wedding invites la rarhs.
we're growing up way too fast.
stained bro's timbuk2 bag on sunday.
officially broke now cos gotta give him $100 for it.
crystal jade with family on sunday and marce :D
yum yum yum (:
i love free atas food haha!
FYP ytd in the early hours of the morning RARHS!
not enough sleep pls.
ponned work and went nihon mura with belle and el after FYP.
went to find marce at ICA to help him pay for his student pass thingy.
POSB after that and then suntec to get his nike bag.
HAHA nike has sale now! 20%!
went home after that but before buying porridge from bedok interchange.
damn nice! got you tiao some more lolx.
ok this is getting boring for me.
we're actually talking through email (me,kok wee and el!)
so random hahaha.
today work got new staff. yr 1 from ngee ann poly.
ok nothing much le,loaning cassy my ds from tmr onwards till.... whenever i want to get it back hahaha.
i shall write up a 'contract'.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


[ M ] arce writes Mystery... OMG THERE WILL BE A SIGLAP MRT STATION says:
my guardian's daughter just called
[ M ] arce writes Mystery... OMG THERE WILL BE A SIGLAP MRT STATION says:
i tot it was u
[ M ] arce writes Mystery... OMG THERE WILL BE A SIGLAP MRT STATION says:
so i say hello baby
[ M ] arce writes Mystery... OMG THERE WILL BE A SIGLAP MRT STATION says:

ok blog tonite if i'm home early.
gg out to meet marce and return my books!
ytd was fun but not the killer heels i wore.
i cannot help if i'm vertically challenged.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


today was exhausting!
had to clear like 10 mountainfuls of correspondence.
i've never seen so much paper in my whole life.
ok,i'm jesting but still *faints*
met cassy's mum for the 1st time today.
talk abt office politics man!
cassy and i were damn bored la.
ok i wasn't that bored,cassy was.
she kept walking in and out of the room like LOL?
i think i have weird colleagues. seriously.
shall ask zw some time soon abt his work there previously.
shirley brought me ard to deliver files.
it's like a forest inside there ok!
i cannot rmb who is who -.-"
they all look the same to me oops?
agreed to lend cassy my ds for her HK trip haha!
altho when she's back i'll be on my way to taiwan alr but decided that psp was more interesting lately.
don't have to buy a new one,just use the bf's WHICH I PAID FOR.
plus i don't really play my ds.
only took it out recently to play on the way to work and keep me awake on the train.
i rmb falling asleep standing 1 day all the way from hougang to harbourfront.
met marce after work (:
went to eat hokkien mee at golden mile.
it was nice for me but marce didn't like it.
he said it was too dry.
no pics cos i was lazy and tired.
had satay and BBQ chicken wing too.
the chicken wing was not nice as well >.<
RARHS feeling really full even tho i ate dinner like 4 hrs odd ago?
went to bugis to walk after that.
i really want a lappy and a new desktop!
and the sony camera is great~ altho sH says it's battery life sux.
went to kembangan to acc marce to go to kelvin's hse.
apparantly they have some overnight mahjong session.
was dead tired so i went home,playing diner dash all the way home.
now rotting in front of my com stinking like mad.
meeting astley and ervin tmr before they head off to army.
will see if ervin is botak and attempt to get a pic :D

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

i saw a chocolate spree online a couple of days back.
then was actually quite interested in the peanut butter cups.
cos read alot of baking receipes that used them so was quite tempted to go and buy it.
was about to order from the spree when i saw that it's acatually available at the cocoa trees.
so while waiting for sinhui to knock off ytd i walked to the shop.
damn tempted to get them but decided when i want to make the muffins then i go buy if not i confirm eat like siao de.
then grow fat :(
i actually tried the 1st pic from candy empire.
DAMN NICE! go and try it :D

peanut butter cups!

caramel flavoured ones

mini ones! omg. i want this!

white choc ones *faints*


actually got quite alot of other products,they even have a clothing line la LOL.
so garfield la the colours.
anw just posting cos i'm craving them now and they're damn yummy!
oh yah cassy was mad today.
she left work early to book her HK tix and to check her passport expiry.
so random lol! but so envious cos she's gg HK!
rarhs,disneyland~ and she's gg with randel in tow too haha.
work's alright except work load keeps increasing non-stop.
muscles still growing fine eng hua! HAHA.
decided to KIV the BTT again la.
scam $! hahaha. tracy and shirley kept laughing at me today -.-" RARHS.
meeting marce tmr! HAPPY :D
tas ppl.
i need to sleep if not tmr grumpy again.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Waraku Pasta :D

just came back from novena after meeting sinhui.
dead tired now.
ytd's BTT was :(
kinda give up on getting a license.
perhaps now is not the bestest time as well la as $ is the factor.
didn't sleep well the previous night due to last min studying and early morning wake-ups for FYP.
FYP in the morning before gg for my test.
went home after that and din really do much except nap and play marce's macbook.
today was a zombie at work.
5 boxes of new files and 3 days worth of correspondence not filed yet! omg.
i shall die tmr once again.
been clocking in OT for 2 days alr cos i need $ and i had to wait for sinhui to finish work anw.
went to the cocoa trees to check out some chocs!
YUM I TELL YOU. i will make those deadly muffins!
headed to novena for the cotton on job.
apparantly they're not hiring at the moment cos they alr did liao.
so we decided to go walk ard the 3 malls (velocity,novena sq and sq 2)
was looking for the 30cm spring roll HAHAHAHA but cannot find :(
sinful dinner at waraku. like finally!
after so long i finally ate at waraku.
and it was ex but yummmmmmmmy~
short post today.
nth's very interesting lately.
blog soon.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Derrick's Unclassified

met marce on friday in the afternoon and went to catch 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'.
chen hsin was sitting next to us and we didn't realise it till the end of the movie when i met her in the ladies!
the movie was damn sick and funny la.
totally M18 and maybe even R21 la.
it was so SATC only more.... liberal HAHA XD
headed to spize after that to eat prata.
crazy fella missed the prata so much so we went there after the movie.
walked ard at great world city after that before going home.
met sH ytd at J8 for derrick's signing.

i just realised my camera could take B/W pictures (belle,B/W is black and white ok!)

derrick with peifen after singing 'wu fa gui lei'

we went to town after that cos sH wanted to get a crumpler pouch for her camera.
and we spent alot of $ at the figurine shop at wheelock LOL!

i bought this! winnie the pooh and chip&dale ones.

sH bought some toki doki one la which was quite ex but darn cute :D
we were at stage as well OMG.
walking in there is equivalent to throwing away $ ok.
saw some stuff that we both liked but it was exxxxxxxxx.
shall wait till she and jace goes to taiwan on the 26th and get it for me.
i typed up a list for her ytd and it's like 2 pages long -.-"
btw still not finalised la HAHAHA. still have >.<
met my mum after that.
was getting some groceries at the taka cold storage when i found this.

lemonade omg!

i was so happy to see it so i bought it but erh,bu she de drink it.
qt stupid rite? LOL!
went home after that then played loco roco before KO-ing at 4am last nite.
marce's loco roco keeps hanging at world 3-7 i am so annoyed! hahaha.
damn retarded la. he keeps laughing at me for playing such games.
i saw baiyu playing it during class 1 day on lester's psp so i asked marce to d/l it for me cos i wanted to try and play it.
then i got addicted to it that i brought his psp home to play.
and then it hanged -.-" RARHS.

my jill stuart facial wash kit

sinhui! this is the JS facial kit i told you abt.
damn pretty rite? LOL. smells great too :D
mum's eyeing the pouch tho. she says it's darn pretty.
anw a couple of things have been happening ard me lately.
imagine my shock to open up my email and find those emails there.
damn disheartening. makes me wonder if i did the wrong choice 2 years back.
whether or not i want to be involved it in,somehow a way or another,my name's in it.
i don't know how things turned out this way but i just hope everyone will ultimately be happy in the end.
dinner beckons. dead hungry.


Hello all (:
be nice and click on the Safra ad ok!
blog tonite,gg out to settle my phone bill stuff.
spending alot of $ lately :(
uber heartache rarhs.

Friday, September 05, 2008


been up since 8am this morning cos supposedly there was FYP.
and thennnnnnnnnn felt smth amiss this morning cos kok wee our supervisor din reply my msg ytd.
so called his hp - reached the voicemail.
called his office (heng i call at home cos his card is at home!) then he told me today's molding cancelled -.-"
RAWR &#(@*&#(*@&_#*!()@*)(@&!(*@&^(*@)&@*(!&@)(!@&*)(!@*&)@(!*&_)@
insert all expletives above.
purposely took leave to go and do FYP then now liddat T.T
super heartache my 1 day's pay gone.
even more heartache cos i spent quite alot of sms and calls to book the molding thing la grrrrrrr.
actually monday cld have gone to work cos marce's flight was quite late.
then the stupid mum's secretary told him wrong flight timing.
end up he landed only at 8 plus at night.
wahhhhh heartache T.T SOBS.
oh wells,i ended up not gg back to sleep cos shower and all alr.
dun want to sleep le la hahaha.
spreeed a lil and ordered mac delivery for breakfast :D
now waiting for marce to come over so we can go to the bank and settle his giro thingy.
i'm quite liking the job now.
as in the people la.
reminds me of RTP :)
miss geok hwee and gang so much la!
too bad they dun hire temp staff or else zao go back liao.
but with higher pay of cos :D
the current working ppl are fun la.
i nth to do they will tell me stupid jokes and all.
but the filing quite tiring lor.
me and luqman will take turns go "rest" behind the cupboards haha!
sleep and stuff damn crap lor.
spent 2 whole hours doing new files ytd. alot of ppl mortgage like mad sia.
i saw alot of cool names too!
found someone called "Happy". serious!
damn cute la LOL.
and alot of ppl are damn rich actually.
young age 1 month earn 4K liao then own condo alr.
ok i shall continue stoning while i wait for marce to arrive :D

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


work is tiring!
omg i keep telling zw how he can tahan working there for so long~
no wonder he quit la LOL.
anw thanks cassy for the job intro (:
i will persevere for my 1K :D
my feet is still aching from sunday,esp ard the thigh areas.
i keep thinking they'll break one day.
i'm gonna morph into she-hulk cos i keep moving damn heavy files and stuff la.
on a happier tone,marce is back (:
i went to fetch him on monday and we had cafe cartel for dinner.
soooooooo happy :D :D :D
class BBQ ytd. haix.
i dun wanna talk abt it.
alrites,feeling qt tired today cos non-stop filing and i found out my leg has 2 paper cuts.
OUCH pls. thru jeans lehs. i dunno how they got there.
meeting marce on friday (:
1 more day to go till we meet <3

Monday, September 01, 2008


went to cut my hair ytd at jaren's new salon.
it's quite cool la but the girl who washed my hair is freaky!
i was quite scared of her :(
yeah a supposed 1 hr haircut lasted into close to 3 hours cos we were damn crap la!
had to wait for jaren to makan 1st cos i was late(as usual) for my appt.
i cldn't wake up from last nite so i decided to go late.
had to brave the huge crowd gg to suntec and after that,we talk cock while he cut my hair.
then had to wait for him to style some sec 4 girl's hair.
after that continue cutting my hair and then somehow everyone was gonna be late so i told him to slowly cut la.
talk talk talk then talk abt supernatural being.
super random can! LOL.
talk until the whole salon left me as the only customer.
we both talk and talk until both got goosebumps and all la.
he was telling me abt his ex-gf and the place they used to stay.
i think m'sia is really not clean man.
all those things happened in m'sia.
the place he used to stay all the stories got some quite funny la hahaha.
after that went to find the rest but apparantly all late -.-"
went to fish&co 1st to wait for the rest.
then all came le then we makaned.

group of 8 (:

they both look stunned

laughed damn long at this pic la. samuel looks funny lor!

crapped alot then we ate till abt 8 plus.
went to mind's cafe at selegie there to play boardgames.
only twins,zhiwei and i played.
the rest....long story haix.
wah all of them damn violent de lor!
u dun see litong and lilian so demure they whack ppl damn hard sia!
my finger kena kiap like alot of times lor LOL.
HAHAHAH XD went to watch wall.e after that.
pls dun watch it on a weekend -.-"
it's even more retarded guru.
i thot it was quite ok at 1st then it went from z to ZZZZ.
ok maybe i was sleepy and grumpy but still not nice IMO la.
sent twins home after that then went serangoon gardens for prata.
it was like alr 2am then >.<
i was so grumpy cos i was sleepy and my nose wasn't helping.
my sinus was getting worser and worser.
then i had to work today! omg madness pls.
went to work like a zombie today.
almost overslept can wth.
made a new friend with a yr1 from DAC hahaha.
we had fun talking and gossiping abt stuff.
you'll see the weirdest things at OG la pls.
somehow i managed to survive 9 hrs w/o food cos i woke up late and cldn't eat before work.
then i din want to stay till 8 so no break for me.
left at 7pm and went grandma hse.
talked to marce after that and came home (:
he's coming back tmr tmr tmr tmr tmr :D
i shall officially resume my status tmr wahahahah XD
not bluffing i got bf ok! LOL so everyone cannot say my bf not here liao.
he's coming back le :D :D :D :D
12 more hours~
ok i shall go sleep alr.
dead tired.
must enjoy his 1st day back before i go work on tuesday again.
tas ppl.
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