Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy (belated) 9teen Belle!

shoutout to belle:
altho it's 1 day late but it's ok (:
MSTs have officially ended wohoo~
i carn believe we had papers for 5 days consecutively omg.
studying was hell because of all the distractions.
met pervs in the sch library tho. grossssss.
but there was a cute guy too :) (i hope marce doesn't read this)
so anw ytd went out after last paper ended.
btw thursday's paper was >.< cos i was careless.
left too quickly cos everyone was leaving. gahhhhhhs.
so back to ytd. right.
went to lubrizol to collect materials and waited damn long there.
kokwee was damn busy and we were left all alone in the meeting room.
el was even napping -.-"
but thank god he paid for cab fare after that :D
thanks kokwee!
back to sch to put the materials then el and i went town to eat.
wah last time $3 nia now $4! DAY-LIGHT ROBBERY!
but it's still damn yummy tho :(
rice portion was quite small and so was the chicken.
abit heartpain to eat it la grrrr.
nvm,once in awhile only.
went to Apple to fix my iPod.
my queue no. was 10 nos from the one they were serving when i got my no.
and we were rushing for a movie.
service was damn slow! had to wait more than 40 mins before it was my turn.
everyone was fixing their imacs.
goes to show how well the coms are :(
marce pls dun get the imac. i'll kill u,seriously.
out of 10 ppl,only 2 were fixing their ipods and i'm of the 2 incl.
so i digress. back to the service.
bloody irritating cos the girl serving me just kena from this angmoh who practically shouted at her.
so she pmsed and insisted my ipod wasn't spoilt and that it was my files that had probs.
and she ripped my precious plastic protector from my classic.
is she retarded or wat?
if she wanted to connect it using the usb port,there has to be a hole there cos i cut it.
i didn't want to get scratches on my ipod so i didn't take out the plastic covering when i bought it.
&$*&@_#(&@#_)&#*_(@#&(*@&(#*&@*(#&*(_#&(#)&@#(*&#(@* (insert vulgarities)
and she did that just to connect the usb port.
if there wasn't a hole at the usb port there wld i be able to upload songs to my ipod!?
pls use abit of ur brains can!?
pls understand here that i was quite pissed with her.
ARGH. i absolutely hate Apple's service!
was kinda screaming at her alr cos she refused to change a new ipod for me and insisted it was my files.
but how can files that worked perfectly fine in my ipod nano(1st gen) not work in an ipod classic?!
that's like the nano's grandkid alr.
wah so infuriating!
anw we left after god knows how long cos that girl wanted to prove to me it was my files' probs so she uploaded songs into my ipod.
her songs,not mine.
and they contained backstreet boys :/
damn heartache now,just patched up my ipod just now cos i wanted to put back the plastic cover.
i have a good mind to complain but that will have to decide if the prob arises with my ipod once more.
caught Penelope after that.
just in time too T.T
walked damn fast from wheelock to cine. record time sia.
movie's damn nice :D
go watch ppl~ HAHA.
headed to PS after that cos it wasn't time to meet the rest yet.
shopped at daiso and cotton on!
and nihon mura after that for dinner to celebrate belle's bday.
i'll let the pictures say everything.

belle with her strawberry oreo ice cream

make a wish hahaha. check out the candles!

met sec sch frens there.
kency,maggie,sherlene and yunxuan!
saw helen and bf there as well.
we walked to PS again to shop at daiso then at the face shop before el and i walked belle to somerset then came home.
knocked out after watching bbt till this morning.
i wasn't even in the mood to attempt cover pages for my formal reports.
argh,that one is another headache.
MST ended,comes the formal reports.
mentoring handover next sat! i'm the emcee T.T
i carn figure out wat else i have to do but i noe i have tons to do.
arghhhhh still very angry over my ipod :(
on a random note,i watched kungfu panda today!
ervin so zai sia,can do kungfu! HAHAHA XD
met willie and kency(again) in town.
LOL! i keep meeting alot of ppl these days.
so anw tmr class BBQ at mr ho's place.
i shall go and sleep now.
damn broke,anyone got job lobangs to intro?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

3 down,2 more to go!

omg i'm alr in holiday mode.
when i don't even have anymore holidays :(
the nearest one is.....national day!
anw,microdevices left me damn drained.
it's the most retarded thing i've ever learnt other than amaths/gmould/POPRI/TASC
ok,SP makes us take alot of stupid modules.
EEE module but only CLS and MM students take it -.-"
paper was quite alright la,i guess.
i hope in my subconscious mind(sleepy la this morning) i wrote down the correct answer.
i'm so sorry cassy for the wrong answer!
i really thought it was qn10 and i was wondering why u asking me such a qn so i told you the wrong ans :(
gahhh feel so bad abt it la.
oh wells,it's over! cheer up cassy (:
ok,some really stupid pics that i finally uploaded cos i wanted to show marce.

pau - aged 6 yrs. my kindergarten grad pic!
kiku anw recollections ^^

honey chicken chop!

i came home after having breakfast with the class.
knocked out all the way to amk.
almost missed my own stop la cos i was too busy drooling on the train.
dead tired. marce keeps scolding me for studying last min only.
i carn help it,i have absolutely no motivation to study early.
it's either mfbbt/computer/sleep that draws me away from studying.
maybe i can only work under stress.
i rmb how i used to study my pure bio like 3 weeks before paper during prelims.
then i got a B grade i was so pissed.
i simply studied it closer to the actual paper in the end.
ytd after studying in the library had honey chicken chop + shark's fin soup at JE pasar malam with belle and el.
HAHA so damn fattening but i like ^^
so came home and napped for 3 hrs straight.
spent the next 2 hrs spreeing once again cos my mum returned me $ and i have cash now.
then while napping,the deliveryman came!
so paiseh la.
i was in my fbts and the pullstring thingy came loose when i was sleeping.
then i opened the door with this string hanging down so malu la!

my new $799 computer chair! :D

totally enjoying my chair now thanks to dad.
he bought it on sunday for his designer and himself but he wanted interest free installment (which he didn't get in the end cos he didn't have a UOB card) so he bought 1 for me to reach 2K.
apparantly has some posture correcting structure la.
i just noe it's damn comfy and it totally beats my older chair hands down.
this is so wide and the backrest damn nice to sit on.
oh wells,elastomers beckons.
no mood to study but don't we all have to do it?
tas guys.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Simple Life

today was 1st day of MST.
sucked cos it was 8.30am.
good cos it means 1 down,4 more to go.
on the other hand,i awoke with puffy eyes and super bad sinus.
sorry for blowing my nose in class.
my bad for not taking med cos it's drowsy and i was sleepy enuf.
not a good day today.
met matilda today! :D
take care girl! many loves.
after POPRII went to makan then my stomach was churning.
attempted to egest but to no avail.
severe constipation. my gut (no pun intended!) says it's the chicken pie man.
it was the only thing i'd consumed pls.
anw went to library and i cldn't study.
was freezing like siao in the library then sleepy and all so after watching baiyu eat went back home.
but not before gg to JE to buy honey chicken chop! :D
cassy! the pic's in my phone but i'm too lazy to post and too lazy to blog abt how i tempted you to go and eat it hahaha XD
baiyu and i had a good chat all the way on the mrt then i came home.
not good at all.
my eyes are still swollen and all from everything.
life is just so dramatic.
why carn we live life simply?
is it that hard?
alrights. shall go and mug for coatings.
feeling really guilty cos i haven't been studying as hard as i shld.
hope i do ok for tmr.
he reopened the assignment for me but i only managed a pass.
dunno what went wrong.
i swear google is really retarded at times.
belle said the highest u can get for that is 7/10.
i got 5/10 -.-"
ahhhh nvm la,at least my 15% not totally buanged down the drain.
it will all get better in time (:
anw i've resorted to buying from tw sellers because the bf pays for it all :D
revenge is sweet -thinks abt bleeding dry bank acc-
ok,i'm kidding.
i paid him back :(

Friday, June 20, 2008


hahah here's what i'm gonna be like in a few hours.
gonna go out and mug with el and her bf.
today met meili to hug buddha leg la LOL!
at least i understand now.
i hope it'll be like that on monday.
gahhhh gonna fall sick soon.
tc pau (:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


haven't studied for MSTs
ahhhhhh procrastination sux.
i wish MSTs are cancelled.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taiwan trip Part II

i decided to upload my taiwan pics!
beats attempting to start on my formal reports :D
plus it's my slacking day for today so yeah. shall enjoy it while i can.
tmr gg sch for FYP liao.
GRAHS so many things to do!
still carn adjust back to the fact i'm back in sg.
oh wells,here are the pics from day 2 onwards!

day 2 - 02.06.08

my bouquet of flowers (: they are half my height LOL!

we went to have beef noodles at carrefour near his place for lunch and ta-bao for his mum and her colleagues.
had milk tea too yum yum :D
decided to go to 光華商場 to buy comics for my mum.
she gave me a LONG list to get for her.
it's in this place that sells loads of electronics like sim lim liddat de.
just that the shops are all on the ground floor and it looks like a market.
after that we went to 東區 to look for stuff.
i went to 娛樂產房 Showbiz to get the shirts for sH and myself.
walked around that place too cos it's damn huge and they have alot of tiny shops there.
jay chou's store and restaurant is located there as well but we were too lazy to walk cos it was raining and all.

lilian's store! HAHAHA. damn cute la.

and while looking for the parking lot cos we both cldn't remember where the entrance was guess what i found!


obv i din go in la,like idiot liddat.
plus marce would kill me.
haha then we went to breeze center's kinokuniya but it was closed dammit.
walked to SOGO which was quite nearby and found Jill Stuart!

i wanted to get the blusher brush only but it's sold as a compact set.
and it costs bloody close to $70SGD.
didn't want the blusher at all,just want the brush.
so in the end din buy haix.
i saw it on a spree last time,quite long ago.
but didn't get it cos i thot it was abit ex ($30 odd).
now see the actual product alr then it's so ex -.-"
sian 1/2 lor.
marce wanted to get it for me but i decided to save the $ for smth else more useful.
went to the other SOGO branch with the din tai fung for dinner.

belle! 炸醬麵 lehs. FC 1's one tastes nicer tho.

i find this pic damn retarded so i'm posting it haha.

the comics i bought for mum

day 3 - 03.06.08

woke up late again cos someone decided to spend time fixing his PSP.
LOL! and it was raining la. AGAIN.
so sucky pls the weather.
we went to this restaurant next to Miramar called... i dunno the name.
BUT NVM,here's how the thing looks like.

it was raining so i couldn't take the outside. just look at the poster. it looks exactly like that.

at our table

marce and i

LOL all our food! we had this set thingy. ALOT OF FOOD LA.

this is like milk mochi. DAMN NICE!

there's this pond in the middle of the basement. the restaurant's 3 storeys high.

LOL! such a retarded pic.

went to Miramar to shop after that cos i wanted to go to Snoopy Place to see if there are any Woodstock stuff.
bought my loots and we just happened to chance upon this arcade there.
damn stupid cos we went to play in it la!
played air hockey and then this shooting game.
had 3 buckets full of balls but we kept cheating by taking all the balls that bounced back.
so we had alot of extra tries la.

i thot the dolls were damn cute la!
damn kelian everytime kena hit by us la LOL!
we won 2nd prize (somehow) and got this bag that's for kids so i gave it to my mum's friend's daughter when i came back HAHAHA.

doraemon and marce

this is some baseball game that's damn stupid cos the ball floats in the air and u have to hit it at boxes to earn points.

HUGE MOCHI! from some shop at miramar. damn yummy!

left miramar and went to get a Skype phone for Kim at this electronics store.
machiam like best denki only 4 storeys high nia.

haha found this somewhere along the journey to get the Skype phone

lift inside the building. the -1 and all got me laughing like mad la. B1 say B1 la,-1 -.-" like going to hell or smth lehs.

after gg to marce's mum office to pass the phone,went to shihlin night market.
had smelly tofu and 大腸包小腸 there along with 養樂多泡冰 there.
shopped there until past midnight but didn't really buy much also.
by saying that i mean not as much as the other time i went there hor.
HAHA the last time i went taiwan i came back ALOT poorer lor.

day 4 - 04.06.08

no car that day cos marce's mum took it to do her visa and all so we took public transport!
first up,bus~
didn't take the bus the last time,then this time finally managed to take it.
quite cool sia,you can board from the back door de.
and no need pay $ upfront.
marce says can just anyhow pay however much u want de just before you alight.

yay! in the bus to the mrt

zi pai cos i was damn bored despite the short distance

the inside of the bus

alighted at kunyang mrt station and walked opp to have lunch at mos burger.

i wanted the milk bottle so i made marce drink the milk LOL!

took the mrt to go to kinokuniya cos it was closed the other time round.
i wanted to go and get my pictorials XD

inside the mrt. damn empty cos everyone's working.

marce and me

<3 <3 (:

haha after kino we went to wufenpu.
it's this wholesale place with ALOT of clothes.
and they are dirt cheap~
the last time i went there i went mad buying stuff like siao.
this time round,very guai oso.
as i was telling cassy this afternoon,my criteria to whether i should buy that piece of clothing:

1. cheap (slightly ex nvm as long as it's smth i will really wear)
2. good quality
3. confirm,chop passport guarantee will wear one. don't wanna end up with stuff that i will just stuff in my closet and leave it to rot there like the other time.
4. suits me i.e. i don't buy it just cos it looks nice on the bloody mannequin.

back to 東區 to look for SaSa outlets cos we didn't find it when we were there on monday.
had macs for dinner there and i had a really horrible time trying to tell the server what i wanted to order.
i was damn tempted to go like "can i have a fillet meal pls" instead of "麥香魚套餐一份" cos i ordered mcchicken instead of fillet.
LOL! marce laughed at my cheena for damn long la.
i said alot of stupid things over the past week or so.
打油 -----> add petrol. it shld be 加油
(insert action word)先 -----> shld be 先(insert action word)
SO RETARDED LA. and i thot my cheena was quite good one la.
grrrr. another thing was that everyone in taiwan knew i was singaporean just from the way i speak la.
so malu pls,dunno how many times ppl ask me if i'm foreigner cos i'm speaking english to marce.
oh and when i talk to them in chinese.
i miss speaking singaporean language so much :(

day 5 - 05.06.08

woke up late again hahaha.
waited for Kim to arrive with the car and she ta bao yoshinoya for us then we went to the office to makan there.
left to go to ximending after picking up some lady and dropping her off at the office.
1st stop was marce's haircut!
went to this damn beng place called Professional Style
no pics cos i was too lazy to take them and the ppl there looked damn scary.
went to look for Stay Real clothes and didn't buy them in the end cos it's damn ugly la the cutting.
off to Stage to buy sH and Astley's shirts.
got hungry so we went to eat 甜不辣 at the famous stall 賽門甜不辣.

甜不辣 + Stage bag

walked around after that.
nth much to buy also somehow.
only managed to get stuff for sH,her aunt,mum and cousin.
oh yeah,i bought chocs for the class ppl!

roasted marshmellow! YUM :D

cosplay by students at the main road at ximending.

chilled at starbucks after leaving the cd store and went to buy mags after that.
headed to shihlin nightmarket again to change smth that some shopkeeper gave me wrongly.
on the way,we passed by the memorial hall but my pics are blur.
so here's how it looks like.

koped from google de.

no pics from the 1st visit so here they are. crossing the street to get to the shopping side of shihlin.

shopping and more shopping!

walked to the back where there are more foodstalls to eat smelly tofu!
oh and ice jelly too :D
after that we went to this famous ice shop cos we didn't have it the other time despite it being 12 midnight alr.

this is the store's menu

mango ice! marce sneaking a few bites first.

damn yummy! and sinful! the ice is not ice,it's milk. somehow they managed to make it icey and all. damn soft,like snow liddat.

us with the mango ice

candid lolx.

"ice" made out of milk

LOL reached back damn late then KO after awhile cos need to walk up early the next day.

day 6 - 06.06.08

woke up early to leave for taichung.
had a 2 hr odd drive down to taichung,slept on the way there cos damn tired la.
reached at ard lunch time and we went to have lunch opp this mall.

ate at this place. no pic of the place cos damn lazy to take. kope from google again HAHA!

early in the day have alcohol liao. our cocktails. abit sleepy after drinking it.

appetiser! yummy yummy cheesesticks~

my really horrible tasting chicken

marce's salmon

left to find a place to stay after that.
we found this place near tiger city mall.
it's a boutique motel,damn pretty inside!
heartpain sia. super~
close to 200SGD just for 1 night lehs.
but oh wells,it's really pretty inside la (more pics of that later).
after checking in,napped a lil and went to 逢甲夜市 Fengjia Night Market.
it's a famous night market in taichung.

the stretch of food stalls

the ice cream that costs 25TWD only! super huge!

see how much it is~ DAMN NICE :D

we always eat this chicken non-stop! go everywhere see the store,buy! LOL. got damn fat eating it but it's really damn nice~

the room we stayed in

see the nice decor :D

inside the humongous toilet. it's bigger than my own room. and that's just the sink area.

erm sitting area by the window? dunno what u call this la.

tv! uber big too.

the bed. had supper on the bed with marce while watching one million stars. damn shiok pls hahaha!

the balcony area.

marce and me (:

the bathtub. DAMN HUGE. there's a tv in front of it. i spent quite awhile taking a bath cos i was watching bang bang tang in it. it has an overhead shower too from the ceiling la. machiam spa la. for 200 bucks,so worth it pls :D and on the wall behind can control lighting,tv,radio and it has a built in massager. there's another standing shower at the side la but never take pic of it.

haha he wanted to act cool before we left the next day.

the place allows u to park ur car inside.

day 7 - 07.06.08

left the next day to go to 劍湖山 which is an hr's drive away from taichung.
dropped by this place to buy 太陽餅 and 老婆餅 back to sg.
ta bao lunch at some place again la lolx then drive off!
that day was our 2nd yr anniversary :D
then we wore matching shirts -checks- damn cute la haha.
but that morning i had this phonecall from EVA la.
kns kns kns. i'm still hopping mad abt it la!

劍湖山 is in 嘉義市 then this was taken on the way up the hill. damn country la.

long long road up

haha got quite bored. see our lunch in the middle?


super long way up :(

guess what i saw on the way there: pineapples! LOADS AND LOADS OF THEM.

haha reaching le.

i can see the ferris wheel le

yay! we finally reached it alr :D

welcome to 劍湖山 amusement park

lolx one of the mascot's called Ku Ku

on the escalator up to the entrance



see how steep it is!

we took this first and i heard nicholas tell me abt it before.
was damn scared la cos marce made us sit in the 1st row.
and i didn't dare scream cos no one was screaming too lolx.

me and Ki Ki the other mascot. HAHA they spell KIKU when added together!

marce made me sit on this stupid thing.
the max weight for it is 45kg and he threw $ into the slot then it started.
have a good laugh at my expense LOL :(

inside the ferris wheel

came down from the ferris wheel then marce was being stupid again la.
we do alot of stupid things together hahah XD

on the dinosaur

marce was thirsty so we were thinking of riding the dinosaur to the drinks store.
halfway kena from the ppl working there.
she announced via microphone to tell us to go back to the starting place.

marce and his ice cream

bloody funny la. this sink is for ppl to puke into. they have it at every ride.

thai trans show

fake sakura garden

got hungry so we had sausages


made marce go back to taichung to this cafe i found on the net.
damn cute pls!

blythe doll cafe!

kitchen bar top


the thing marce is playing with is smth that tells u the lucky no. for ur horoscope. but u cannot slot $ into it la.

our drinks! green tea in diff flavours~

my kimchi steamboat

marce's curry steamboat

we left after that to go back to taipei.
another 2 hr ride and arrived at 11-ish.
came back to find marce's bro throwing party sia.
HAHAHA we cut short our trip cos of the stupid flight la.
if not we would have gone to gaoxiong alr.
bloody hell. hate EVA.

day 8 - 08.06.08

my last day in taiwan alr.
uber sad and we woke up damn late again.
late late late lunch at the hello kitty sweets cafe.

marce found this on the road! SO CUTE~

we missed the lunch timing at the cafe so only had desserts to fill our stomachs abit.

hello kitty sweets cafe

wanted to get the yakult one but cannot lug back to sg. too many things liao :(

waiting for a table

dessert menu

he was damn paiseh to go in la

inside the female toilet! HAHA.

my yoghurt drink

marce's drink. dunno what's it called tho. but nicer then mine :(

my cake

marce's tiramisu

1st level. we sat at the 2nd level of the cafe.

the kitchen!

left the cafe and went to 新東陽 to get alot of food stuff for family and friends.
went to 通化街夜市 after that cos i've never been there before.
and i wanted to eat smelly tofu before i leave for sg the next day.


decided to eat this - prawn balls

had the large portion one NT100

need to wait for the prawns to be cooked haha so camwhore a lil

ta-dah~ ready le!

haha had my smelly tofu after that,walked ard.
managed for get 1 blouse and left to fetch marce's bro.
passed by CTV and they just finished recording one million stars!
i saw leon from PSS1.
didn't really see the rest cos i couldn't see well in the dark la.
btw,CTV is opp marce's hse.
so while waiting for his bro to come down,i made marce drive pass CTV again LOL!
see if i can spot sugie or jinglun la.
in the end,cannot :(
thank god not lollipop. if not i'll run out of the car liao LOL!
we went to warner vieshow to watch indiana jones.
i didn't watch it in sg cos i thot it was stupid.
but since his bro didn't want to watch prince caspian,we watched that la.
quite alright la,except for the alien part.
so freaky :/ and i din noe it was cate blanchett playing the russian girl.
it was funny tho haha,got shia lebeouf too :D
went back close to 12 midnight then started to pack liao.
cos my flight's 7.40am must reach airport at 5 plus.
slept a lil after packing then set off liao.

day 9 - 09.06.08

it was the most drama day in my life la omg!
i had 2 luggages and 1 carry-on bag la.
wanted to check in all of them cos i was damn lazy to carry anything on board the plane.
then comes the shocking part - my baggage overload by 20 odd kg T.T
i noe confirm overload but din expect it to be so much.
and it's NT400/kg overload lehs!
i almost had to pay NT10K la -sobs-
was damn flustered alr.
i mean i carn possibly not go home without my luggage rite?
as in either one la. damn retarded the airport crew.
super pissed off with them la.
not helpful at all pls. he got the kiampak look oso.
then i kan chiong so i went to draw NT10K from atm (cos i thot might as well pay. cry abt the $ later.)
then my smart bf told me to go find someone travelling light and use his luggage weight haha.
then damn heng we found this liang chen hua lookalike who only had 1 handcarry luggage and he offered to let me use his allowed 23kg for check-in baggage.
that KNN guy still refused to close 1 eye and let the 2kg be invisible la.
so shit pls. i almost smacked him on the face cos he was so kiam pak.
then when we went to wait for my flight at this place,i spilt orange juice all over my BRAND NEW WHITE converse shoes.
GAHHHHH super uber heartpain sia.

inside the lift

last pic before i went in

i attempted not to cry at the gate there but i cldn't hold back my tears.
maybe my sleepyness made me cry lesser but still was damn sad to leave.
i hope he comes back soon!
he said he might be back in july if not dec.
hopefully can come back la.
i alr miss him so much even tho it's only been 1 day odd.
on the plane was uber sad la.
marce called me and we talked a lil until the plane was gonna take off.
then i watched definitely,maybe AGAIN cos the damn magazine cheated my feelings.
it said penelope was showing but it wasn't. damn.
so had my breakfast and had gastric on the plane.
shivered all the way back to sg cos the plane was damn damn damn cold and i packed my jacket in the luggage.
landed and went to get ed's absolut mango.
after that chiong to meet my mum after collecting my luggage and came home.
and here's my loots from taiwan!

mags + pictorials

masks from cosmed + ettusais facial stuff. it's dirt cheap in taiwan leh! so much cheaper than sg omg omg omg. oh i got free haagen daz vouchers from buying the ettusais stuff hahaha.

queen helene masque and scrub! i wanted to get them from drugstore but since i found it in taiwan's SaSa :D it costs the same as the sprees anw.

my clothes stuff from taiwan. this time not so much liao. super guai le hahaha.

food and goodies for family and friends!

tmr got FYP so gonna go and distribute them liao hahaha.
mum alr took half the foodstuffs for grandma ytd and she liked it.
should have bought more HAHA!
and pay for extra baggage :(
well,that concludes my taiwan trip!
i really miss my marce alot and i was truly happy and 幸福 for the days that i was there.
i let go of all my troubles,stress and just immense myself into letting loose.
now that i'm back,i hope can adjust back to focusing on finishing my formals,MST and FYP.
gahhhhs,just wanna go back there again la :(
have fun when u're there ok ys!
alrights,shall go and eat my aunt's bday cake leftovers (matilda! ur mum's cake lol)
cya ppls.
enjoy this post.
and i'm damn broke!
just thought i'd say it out haha.
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