Sunday, February 01, 2015


Hey all! Sorry for being really MIA the entire time.
Let me wish you all a Happy New Year first, may 2015 be a wondrous year for you as always wohoo!
I have big news to announce - I have moved my blog to my own dot com!
Starting from now, this blog will cease any further updates so if you'd like to continue reading my blog do head over here.
Thank you to whoever has been reading this space thus far!
Cya over there!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Etude House Flagship Store

Hellooooooo! I'm fairly excited to share this entry because only then will I be able to move on to my haul entry xD
So approx. 3 weekends ago, after finishing my last Mamacita dance class, the bff and I headed down to Wisma Atria because I wanted to go to the new Etude House Flagship store.
But first, horrible selfies after dance class!

See the glistening sweat lol

Lee Donghae pose xD

Here's the new Etude House flagship store that opened a couple of weeks back at Wisma Atria # B1-20/21/22.
Frankly speaking, I am not a major fan of their products because my past experiences have left me more disappointed than excited really (their lipsticks were drying and the nail polishes cheap but so hard to work with! UGH. Oh and their BB/CC creams just...).
Used to buy them because SHINee and Dara were their endorsers and I wanted to collect their merchandise (HEH.) but ever since they've switched endorsers to Sulli and Krystal, I've stopped being interested in their new collections. Sorry Etude House!
Anyway, Instagram was abuzz with the new opening of this flagship store and I was quite blown away by the sheer size of the entire store!!
It's occupying what used to be GAP (GAP kept their level 1 store) at the basement of the mall, towards the entrance to the MRT station.

And this was what really drew me to the store: Etude House x Disney Princesses Collection.

Display of the entire range from this collection

Just how cute is the marketing stuff for this collection

Here's a quick look of the products launched for this collection.

Pics credit to Etude House.

They picked 4 Disney Princesses and came up with products after each Princess' character. I particularly love the rose blush from Belle's Happy Ending and of course the nail polish sets are just so fitting of each Princess' character!! *insert heart eyes*.
I liked that Etude House put in a ton of effort into the packaging this time around, especially with the nail polish bottle caps haha!
A closer look at the entire product range available.

Snow White Collection

For Snow White's collection, they included a red lipstick, 1 BB cream and the nail polish duo. Everything about Snow White screams red because of her red luscious lips and love for red apples (I made this up haha!).  

Cinderella Collection

Our favourite blue princess who needs to return home at the stroke of midnight had 3 single eyeshadows named after her along with the nail polish duo.
Here you can see how they packaged each nail polish set into a book because.... fairytales came from books first right? LOL.

Belle Collection

Now I was most excited about Belle's collection because of the blushes!! Gosh, that rose embossing is really to die for (Side note: Milani how about making those rose blushes that you have too permanent?). I picked up everything in this collection save for the pink blush because it was too blue toned for my liking.

Jasmine Collection

The bff was majorly excited for the Jasmine collection because her name is Jasmine too xD
A mascara was part of this collection together with the nail polish duo.

The paper packaging were quite easily bent. Wished it was sturdier. 

After paying for all the stuff I picked out in this collection, we went around taking pics of the store. It's really girly and princessy so if you're a huge fan of pink, this should be one of your favourite places to go too hahaha.
Highlight of the decor is the pink pumpkin carriage at the back of the store.
The interior of this carriage really screams pink and all things frilly/girly.

Inside the pumpkin carriage

Fake macarons anyone?

See what I mean when I said they went full out princess mode on the decor

There was also a small section at the back of the store that came with a makeover area. This is not available in other Etude House stores from what I noticed. Pretty impressive on how much though they put into this flagship store. 2 thumbs up!!

There is also a instant photo machine inside the store. Every $20 earns you a pink token that you can use for the gacha machines or take a photo inside the booth.
The bff and I had 4 tokens between us so we decided to just take the pictures as the bracelets were not really to our fancy.

Photos instantly printed out

These are $80 photos okay! HAHAHA bloody expensive but oh wells. At least the machine had the decency to add filters onto our face lol. Would have been nice if we could decorate them like in neoprint machines but I think this would really add on to the waiting time.

All 4 nail polish sets

Between the 2 of us, we both brought home 2 sets each. I bought Snow White and Belle while the bff bought Jasmine and Cinderalla.
Borrowed her 2 sets for review but I kinda like messed up the packaging on the Jasmine one so I bought another brand new one for her since she was keeping it for collection purposes and kept the Jasmine set with crappy box. Also partly because I liked the colours upon swatching them :D.

Books or nail polishes? ^^

Lighting in the store is damn good lol!

Annnnnd.... that's all for a short review of the Etude House flagship store. Do drop by if you're in the area to take a look at the store's deco and items.
I do have to say that when they first landed on our sunny shores I wasn't very into their products but as time went by, they improved several products and especially for this Disney collaboration, I really liked most of the items I picked.
The review of all the stuff I bought will be up next so do stay tuned for that.
Till then, byeeeee!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: Supply & Demand

Hello everyone! I'm back with a review of Supply & Demand which was where I had dinner with an ex-colleague of mine one Friday evening after work.

Supply & Demand
277 Orchard Road #02-13/14 
Orchard Gateway
Singapore 238858
Tel: 67026218
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm (Mon-Sun)

Located at the newly opened Orchard Gateway, this restaurant is nestled in a corner of the mall. You should be able to find it relatively easy once you get there.
Anyway, we did make reservations prior but due to a horrible traffic jam on the CTE, it resulted in us being about 20 mins past our reservation timing.
Was fairly prepared to give up and go elsewhere for dinner as the waiting time is 10 mins if I'm not wrong but we decided to try our luck and heng ah we managed to get our table still :D

We were seated by the window area inside of the restaurant (they have an area outside of the main restaurant, within the mall space) and I have to say I'm impressed by the cosy and homely vibes this place gives off.
And thankfully the sky was still bright when we came so photos turned out quite nicely too!

The menu consists of 2 types of fare - Italian along with Asian and the usual appetizers and what not. My friend and I decided to order a side and pizza to share along with a main course each.
FAT DIE US. tskkkkkkk!

Garlic Truffle Fries

This is really da bomb! I have an obsession with anything truffle - if I see it on the menu, I have to order it without fail lol. And I'm pleased to say this wasn't overly doused with truffle oil or something. The fries are the chunky kind but the balance of garlic and truffle was amazing! I actually ate this the most outta all the food :P

Pollo E Piselli

Cheese infused cream sauce with chicken chunks, green peas, sun dried tomatoes and parsley

One thing I like about this place is that it offers their pasta as appetizers or as a main so you can choose which portion sizes you'd prefer. I went for the main because the waiter told me the appetizer '5 mouthfuls only' and the kiasu Singaporean in me went for the main course because it's only a difference of $4.
I regretted it! Because we over ordered everything and I got jelak after taking 2 mouthfuls (oops!). The sauce is flavourful don't get me wrong, I'm just not the usual cream sauce pasta kinda person. 

Zi char style curry chicken

My friend ordered this based on online reviews. It was really nice and yummy! The curry sauce wasn't too spicy and I quite like it. I think I will order this if I ever visit this restaurant the next time around.

The Morning After 9" Pizza

Here's our 2nd food item to share lol. I know right, 2 girls eat a main course each, share a side and still order 1 pizza?! LOL but I have to say the pizza is really yummy!
Thin crust and baked to perfection, this was not difficult for us to eat despite having a main course each really.
But erh sadly, I was too filled to actually finish the whole pizza. We had about 2 slices leftover :(

Anyway, I had a great meal at Supply & Demand and I won't hesitate to come back because of the nice ambiance and food. Maybe I will ask the girls if they wanna go there and eat lol. I'm pretty sure Lirong is dying to come here (she did mention she really wants to come here to makan).
Do remember to reserve for a table ahead as the place gets really packed very quickly - by the time we left it was close to 7.45pm and the entire place was just bursting with patrons! - or you can always head to their other outlet at Esplanade Mall.
Ok, talk again bye! :D

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I'm still alive... Really!

Hello! Long time no see hehe *shows guilty face*
I've kinda disappeared from this space for a while because.... PROCRASTINATION RULES!
So much so that since my last entry it's been 2 months already and my bf has actually flown to the UK to start his masters already haha!
Anyway, just to have a short update on what I've been up to:

- Had a free 2D1N staycation at Shangri-La resort in Sentosa because I won it from a contest

No really, I won it lol. Even the bf was shocked because... where got so heng right? Anyway, it was good because we stayed there for a night after collecting our new iPhone 6 that day :D

Couplefie on the balcony of the room

Dinner that night was at Chilli's in Resorts World Sentosa. He had the ribs while I opted for the chicken.

It was just a short stay because we checked out of the hotel at 12pm and then went to Vivocity to have Jamie's Kitchen and to buy more stuff for his UK stay.

- Sent him off on the 23rd of Sept to UK for a year

It was really difficult for me when I got home that night - I was silently crying under my blanket lol!
But anyhow, he's settling in really well there and made alot of new friends apparently! I've resigned myself to being sad, lonely and single (physically) every night too. It's just work and home then dance class and church on the weekends.

And he did finish my Rapunzel puzzle before he left lol! Good bf :D
Actually he started this puzzle back in April before he left for Taiwan. It was done approx 30% and I just was too lazy to complete it really. So when he returned in September, I nagged at home to finish it for me so I could frame it up. He finished in within a day O.O What the....?

- Makeover at YSL

I had a dinner function to attend and this really came just nicely! I love the way the MUA did my brows using just eyeshadow but my smokey eyes were... borderlining looking like a panda lol.
But hey, YOLO and I finally did a full out smokey eye look! *\O/*
I have another makeover to use at Anna Sui so... will see how it turns out then too haha! I love doing makeovers because it's so interesting to see the MUAs at work.

- Meet-up with Dream Team for dinner

Yay I finally met my university lab group mates for dinner! Yes, I'm the only female in this group but hey, these buggers do not treat me like a girl lor haha.
We went to Furama Riverfront Hotel to have dinner at Kintamani Restaurant.
It's a Indonesian restaurant and the food is pretty decent albeit at hotel prices.
Had a good chat with the 3 of them - omg my chao ah beng lab partner is getting married in 2016 lol!

We chatted for a good 4 hours, close to 5 actually and then parted ways. Then while I was gonna walk further away to my bus stop, they called me back to take photos lol. Wah lau eh *flips table*

It's pretty hilarious how we actually walked back to the hotel just to get chio lighting and background haha - men can be very narcissistic too ok!
But anyway, I had fun that night! It felt like the good ol' NUS days where we try not to burn down the lab with our reckless behaviour lol.

- Finished dance class from Infinite

Omonaaaaaaa, it's actually my 4th Infinite class for the year haha! I thought I'd be full out 'Infinite dance class only' but erh I'm learning Super Junior's right now too :X
Nevermind, I still call 2014 my year of Infinite dances lol! 

With our instructor who clearly is younger than all of us :/

- MBLAQ's Lee Joon & Thunder may not renew their contracts T.T

Ok this has nothing to do with my life but... I'm so sad really!!!!! T.T
Don't do this to me really, not when I'm so into you guys only now.....
When the news came in, I was in a meeting then after which... I couldn't concentrate at work!
SOBSSSSSSSSS. Ok la, anyway will just hope for the best. Else, I wish you all the best Joonie oppa and Doongdoong! LOL. Machiam my friends ah. HEHEHEHE.
And lastly on the beauty front - I'm so darn broke right now it's not even funny anymore >_<
Went down to Sephora ION to check out the new benefit X'mas gift sets after Mamacita class last Sunday.
The bff stopped me from buying anything. Like really -.-" She told me to go enter their IG competition instead. We both did in the end. You see her caption below.

Gizibeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol!

Here's my entry haha!~

Ending this entry with food obviously - what else is new? xD

Dinner at Itacho a few days back. This is for 4 pax portion omg!

Alrighty, getting into my blogging mojo. Hopefully Carol will be done with my new layout soon and I will officially move over to a dot com site :D :D :D
Till then, bye!
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