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Korea Travelogue: Day 4 - Everland and Gangnam

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Day 4 itinerary

  • Twosome Place (For our coffee!)
  • Everland
  • Yeolbong 열봉 (Dinner)
  • Jaws Tteokbokki (Dinner No. 2)
  • Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall
Wah today super hardworking lol /pats self on back/
Day 4 was a 'xiong' day for us haha! We planned our trip in such a way where we had 1 very packed day while the next was more relaxing and then the cycle repeats.
So Day 4 was our 'xiong' day because the day before we went shopping till super late.
Early morning and the first thing we did was... Get coffee!
I'm such a caffeine slave I could barely function in Korea without my daily cuppa because I was so exhausted.
Holidays are not meant to be like this T.T sobs.
Ok, nevermind, let's go for Day 4!



After getting coffee, we went in search of food lol.
Because we didn't want to eat the food in the theme park, we decided to buy food to tapao in.
And yes, it's possible to bring food in because there are designated areas for picnics within Everland itself.
Some of us wanted to buy bread while the forever hungry people (Juyin and me) wanted 김밥/kimbab (rice rolls) so we split up to get the food.

The rest went into Tous Les Jours while Juyin and I went to Kimbab Heaven (김밥천국) to buy our 김밥

Auntie is making the kimbab for us freshly on the spot. Menu at Kimbab Heaven. This outlet is at Exit 4 of Myeongdong Station if I didn't recall wrongly.

Started our long journey to Everland.

Take the subway to Gangnam Station. Exit either at Exit 6 or 7. Walk to a traffic light and cross the road to the bus stop in the middle of the road. Board Bus 5002 to Everland.

Ok latest newsflash. Bff just sent me this via Whatsapp because I had complained to her how TMD far Everland was. There's a train station connected directly to Everland now so yay to more accessible options to Everland (and FML for being there too early -.-). Read all about it:
Now excuse me while I go and curse and swear about the bus ride again lol.

The journey to Everland was... horrible D:
It was so squeezy on the bus and the aisle only had enough space for 1 person.
When someone wanted to go past me to alight, I kinda got dragged along as well :x
It took us approximately 40 minutes on the bus to reach Everland.

Yay! We finally reached.

You have to swop to another shuttle bus to get to the main entrance of Everland.
Bought our tickets at 35,000 KRW each because we had discount coupons for tourists.
Usual price was 44,000 KRW so we saved 9,000 KRW which is alot! Click here for the discount coupon.

By then we were all hungry ghosts already cos none of us had breakfast so we decided to eat at the main entrance HAHAHA.
Poor park staff told us we couldn't eat but we just acted blur.
Sorry poor chap! We were really starving plus we didn't dirty the area so no worries :)

Kimbab! This and pumpkin porridge is like my favourite Korean food. Ok, I like samgyupsal alot too :3

No prizes for who this belongs to :D


Tons of pre-schoolers were there too. All no need go school one ah lol.

We stayed around the front to take loads of pictures lol. Even going into the Pororo store to camwhore ^^



Walked to the safari area first to digest our food hahaha.
Joined the queue at Lost Valley which Running Man visited in Episode 141 with Jessica from SNSD and Eun Ji Won as guests.
So happy! I can finally see Ko-shik the talking elephant (Joooooooo-ah?) and Samba! LOL.



Queue was hideously long! We were told that the queue would take 2 hours at the start but we all decided to see how fast it'd be before deciding whether we wanted to continue queuing.
And true enough it was relatively fast! Took us around 1 hour odd to get to the safari bus plus there was animals all around to entertain us while we queued.

Nothing to do just take more pictures lol

Amphibious vehicle! We went into the water with this.


SAMBAAAAAAAAA! /shout like Kim Jong Kook/ LOL!

We saw Kwangsoo I mean, giraffes xD

The staff fed the giraffe food from our vehicle so the giraffe was really up close to us.


Oh, hello there!

I kinda freaked out when the giraffe came to my window so I didn't pat it lol.
It was THAT close la :/

We headed to play some rides afterwards because we got sick of the animals.
And... find some food again lol.

Churros and hot dog!

The first ride we took and the only one Lirong and I took because we got giddy after this (OLD AGE T.T)

While the 3 of them went to queue for the next ride, us camwhoring since we had nothing to do lol.

Spot Qiu, Kai Qi and Juyin!

Up away you go lol!

Enough rides for the day afterwards. Had to go off because Kai Kee and Qiu were rushing to meet Kee's friend at Sinchon plus the journey back to Gangnam was damn long can.
But not before going to the gift store to camwhore homg.

Walk a white tiger anyone? Haha.



Puking girliness all day rofl hahaha.
Ok so we took the bus back to Gangnam Station (with no money on our T-money some more FOL had to pay cash on the spot 2,000 KRW each) then we split ways with Kai Kee and Qiu.
3 of us were really mad hungry by then because the only thing we had was kimbab.
Off to Yeolbong!
Yeolbong 열봉 is a restaurant owned by Se7en and YG's choreographer Jaewook!
They have quite a few outlets all around Seoul and even 1 in Japan.

Exit from Exit 11 of Gangnam Station and walk past 2 alleys on your right. On the 3rd junction, turn right and walk till you reach the first alley and make a right turn.Walk in and keep a lookout for Yeolbong on your left. 
Here's the address in case you need to Google it: 강남구역삼동 817-8번지 1층 (Gangnam-gu Yeoksam-dong 817-8, 1st floor)

When you spot Ippudo on your right, you're on the right track! I wanna try Ippudo next time I'm in Seoul because it's dirt cheap compared to Singapore. 12,000 KRW for the ramen with tamago. Better than $20 ramen in Singapore -.-"

We decided to come here for Dinner No. 2 after seeing this lol super random can!

Yeolbong! Yay!

From the exterior



HUSBAND WAS HERE!!!! /waves/

Choi Brothers and GDYB T.T


I was totally spazzing like a YG Family stan! I'm sorry Yeolbong customers. I wanted to go round and take more pictures but I was afraid people might think I'm weird :/

Here's what we ordered: The small portion of 찜닭 along with this bowl of rice that's so delish! I forgot the name of it :x

You can choose your level of spiciness (mild cos I cannot really take spicy food. Poor Lirong lol!) and the thickness of your glass noodles. We chose the thick one.

This rice is so yummy! And quite big bowl actually.

Even if I cannot meet YG Family, at least let me eat something that they've eaten before T.T LOL
Dies of happiness when I took the first bite. Sinhui, next time we must go and try this!!! Fulfill our wish from 2011 hahahaha!

Signed GD poster. Gimme one juseyo :3

At the counter

With the Se7en standee outside. Be safe in army Dongwook oppa! :)

So barely 5 minutes after we stepped out of Yeolbong, we walked into Jaws Tteokbokki for Round 2 just round the corner of Yeolbong #fatedieus

Menu: Soondae (Pig blood sausage), spicy tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), Odeng(fish cake) and o-muk (mixture of fishcake lol)

Ate till we couldn't eat anymore. I dunno where we found the courage to order so much too lol!
The food from Yeolbong was just nice for us then now more food!
And the tteokbokki was mad spicy T.T
I took 1 bite and cried for 15 seconds cos it was so spicy. The cycle repeated for awhile till I gave up eating it entirely lol.
So when our tummies were all filled to the brim and bursting, the 3 of us went back to Gangnam Station to shop but it was way too crowded and things were quite expensive.
Googled my way to get to the Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall and got lost once (Thanks ah tripadvisor for the wrong address!) before finding the correct train station to get off.

Take the metro to Express Bus Terminal Station and follow the signs till you reach this entrance of the mall.

This is not to be confused with the underground mall at Gangnam Station okay! Totally 2 different places altogether.
Prices here are also cheaper and comparative to Edae.
Lirong and Juyin had a blast buying things while I controlled my expenditure.
Our only regret was we came really late and could only shop for awhile as shops started closing not too long after we arrived.
Nevertheless do visit this place if you're around the area.
Should be able to find good buys here!
End of Day 4. Stay tuned for Day 5's travelogue where we take a chill day at Changdeokgong and Insadong.
Go read Day 3 as well if you've missed it cos I'm being super hardworking and posting 2 entries in a day HAHAH!
Day 1 and Day 2 as well! Kamsahamnida~


ihate2work said...

Hello there, can i ask which exit should i take to go to this mall which you recommend?
What is the name of the mall? Is it Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade?
Thank you so much!

Paula said...

Hello, it is called Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall. It's not outside the subway station. Just follow the signs when you exit the subway. It's pretty easy to find.

Elsie Fong said...

Hi, can i know how long you hang out in Everland? Besides, the ticket you bought via the link you gave, you need to go to the particular outlet to redeem the ticket? Can i know which outlet you went?

Thanks :)

Indrianishvi said...

Your vacation in Gangnam on day 4 is really fun. Many new and exciting things that you encounter there. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge about holidays.

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